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  1. is anyone online for the rdr sesh right now?

    1. cadiped


      sry, still fairly new to this website, didn't realize this wasn't for sending private msgs... (which I sent right after...)

  2. I have been describing this game as a 'Laura Croft Adventure' to my friends. I would love to co-op on it sometime, but there's never anyone on... well, ONE time since I got it I saw someone on, got in the game, and an emergency came up and I had to leave =( most DEFINITELY worth checking out, I am NOT a tomb raider fan, but this was very enjoyable, even in single player...personally, I enjoyed the single player mode, then again, this game is in my favorite style... (top down angled view) --- Edit: Hmm... I need a profile pic...
  3. Legend of Zelda - Four Winds...
  4. personally, I LOVE shooter 2, and the mp play is even better... anyone needing trophies or just play time, hmu =)