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  1. I too need some assistance with putting out five fires with water. I feel like I’m replaying a lot of dungeons trying to figure it out and getting absolutely nowhere with it. I’m sure it’s a simple solution and I’m overlooking it. In regards to the walking the dog one, go to any dungeon and you’ll see the dog at the very beginning of the level. Simply stand beside her, press triangle and you’ll be tethered to it. She’ll slow you down considerably but take her to the third floor of any dungeon and you’ll complete the task. Edit: Finally figured it out. In Winkydink, break open the fire extinguisher cases. Some of them are actually fire starters. Use it to light items on fire, then switch to your extinguisher and put them out.
  2. Easiest way I found to do it is by going to quick match and playing the fast four format. Let calls count as an ace, so if you aim for the top of the net when you serve, you’ll eventually get a few to fall in. Should only take ten minutes or so.
  3. According to the developers, there’s been a patch released that fixes a lot of the glitched trophy issues. For the most part, it solves some of the level three panda skills from not unlocking, but thirty goals with power and bamboo ball, at least for me, are still relatively bugged.
  4. You’ll have to play the first, too! It’s obviously not quite as good because the sequel added more features such as co-op and a lengthier campaign, but the first one is still well worth a playthrough. Great, cute and fun little games. I’ve started off 2020 playing Concrete Genie, and it’s a stunner. Very happy with it so far.
  5. Are the time sensitive deliveries seemingly rare for anyone else? I go into a facility and there’s never any to complete. I’m early into chapter five (just got the zip lines and have made networks right around both the eastern and central areas. My time sensitive graph is currently at 16 whereas my next lowest is 44.
  6. What I did for this is whenever I took a mark, I'd walk up to my opponent who's standing on the mark, handball it straight to him and then wrap him up in a tackle. I did the same when the objective was to bump my opponent.