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  1. Can comfirm, worked on PS4 and PS5
  2. I rate the diffuculty 2-2.5/10. To me only MotoGp 18 was less difficult
  3. The episodes are not hard at all, except of episode 16... Used rewind at least 100x for this one :-)
  4. Stuntmasta will not autopop :-(
  5. It works, can comfirm. Did it last september.
  6. Doable with a perfect ride before todays patch, now a 3/10.
  7. Still works!
  8. Hi guys! Looking for a lvl 50 Crew to get trophy! PSN: DDB_DareDevil Thanks for help!
  9. No problems here!
  10. This Trophy was really pain in the ass... right now i Hot the plat.. but i needed way Note than 75% . I almost was at 90% over all..