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  1. OMG, thankyou. I did try playing the next challenge but it didn’t pop when I came out of it. I had to play a challenge and then return back to the ‘worlds screen’ (one with the bubble guy for anyone else with issues). Thanks again to both of you. I did like this game but with 18 months of checking the challenges every day and competing in all murphys dungeon versions, it’s a relief to finally delete it. Thanks, you are a beast at this game, your you tube videos helped me a lot with getting to level 11 in awesomeness.
  2. Pffft, missed it. I got 516.04 and it stated I was in the running for a diamond cup. Tried to get the .05 about another 25 times and couldn’t and hopes on .04 being enough (as the game said I would get a diamond). Just gone back on to check and I got a fucking silver!!!! WTF!
  3. Looking for someone to help with 'Friendship Rules'. PSN PeeWee-ITFC, online most mornings and weekends GMT time.