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  1. DBZ Budokai HD Collection. It's hard to find it these days.
  2. PSNProfiles says December 31 for some reason. Yea I can see it now in stores.
  3. The game will also have Master Rule 5. So you'll be able to summon Fusion/Synchro/Xyz Monsters to Main Monster Zones, which is nice. Also did the game got a delay? Cuz I remember seeing the release date on March 24th before, but now it says December 31st?
  4. Method 1 works on Prison Architect 👍 And thank god. Whoever decided to make a non-DLC trophy where you have to buy DLC needs to fix that.
  5. Tbh there are many trophy guides that come out first on other website, but it shouldn't stop you in making a guide on this website. I actually wanted to write a guide of this game myself, but I had no clue how I managed to get a Super Finish, so I abstained.
  6. September 2, 2019. Still working.
  7. The thumbnail is also looking nice.
  8. Far Cry 2 and Fifa 10