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  1. Platinum image reminds me of the Opera browser 🙃
  2. Yes, but it's more simple in terms of mechanics
  3. Glad there's a platinum trophy, this game didn't get much attention back when it was announced(2017) but looks interesting!
  4. Unfortunately we got lazy images like in Need for Speed: Heat Good number of silver though 🙃 New singleplayer gameplay
  5. Such lazy images, disappointed
  6. Too many bronze/10 Love the images, gonna pick up a physical copy to trade in later 🙂
  7. Are there a lot of keyboard & mouse users in regular multiplayer?
  8. Red Dead 2 - Take From the Rich , rob or loot $250. Bought this game at launch and i'm only at chapter 3... the backlog-life is crushing 😅
  9. It consists of 40-70 hour games 😅 Bought Red Dead 2 at launch and i'm still on chapter 3
  10. I'll wait for a year or two, that way i'll be limited to playing PS4 games and clear my backlog(hopefully) 10 PS3 and 25 PS4 games just sitting, purchased but not played. Don't wanna add PS5 games to the shelf yet 😅
  11. If you put in time and money, then you earned the trophies. It doesn't matter what games you "used" to increase your PSN level and rank on the leaderboard as long as you don't cheat using tools that break the system. Everything is understandable and respectable as long as it's not a "hack."
  12. GameStop has lot's of PS3 games that aren't available on digital stores, all under 10$
  13. Where my angry game journalists at? Why no outrage?
  14. I'd say PS3 because you'll be able to get any kind of game for it. Like Spider-Man & Transformers games are all gone from digital stores. Having a console gives you the option to get Delisted games via discs 👀