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  1. Most of the trophies will be unlocked naturally. The one thing you shouldn't do is destroy or corrupt any shard throughout the whole game. After beating Legion and Salvation, a black portal will appear below the Skill Tree in the Sanctuary. At this point, do not go through the portal yet, you should focus on finding all perks, and all seven Elder shards. Mince you have those, backup your save file, then proceed to destroy or corrupt all seven shards. Once this is done, go through the portal and beat the boss. Once you finish the game, backup your save, and do the opposite of what you did before (destroy or corrupt), and go through the portal again, beat the boss, and that's it.
  2. Got the Platinum fam. Thanks to everyone.
  3. So there are 7 shards?
  4. I don't know. I was just reading a guide where it says how to find all 6 shards. I hope the deva didn't forget to include a 7th shard for that trophy. Wtf
  5. It seems there is only 6 shards in total. 4 fragments and 1 complete shard in each region. 3 regions in total.
  6. So I would have to refuse gaining such abilities until the very end if I want to do the back up save method.
  7. Does using the shards give u more power or something? It seems the Plat can be done in the same way as Salt and Sanctuary with the backup save. Can you acquire Plat in normal difficulty?
  8. I haven't started the game. I want to know if difficulty affects the Platinum, and if there's a suggested point of backup save in the case of needing to make different decisions for different trophies.
  9. Has anyone figured it out yet?
  10. This is one of the stupidest trophies ever. Is like the only trophy preventing to acquire the platinum in one play through.