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  1. I had several gigs glitch on, most required just a reload (like a body dropping through floor) but one is glitched for good. My most issues come with completing objectives out of order. Seems game is not able to skip steps. Gig called "Shark in the water" -- stuck on Find Blake objective but Blake is already knocked out and it wont let me ID the body. Sadly it's Watson so I can kiss the trophy goodbye for this playthrough. But don't forget that the house is raking it in and I wonder what the boss has to say about it.
  2. The game is supposed to natively support mouse and keyboard but it does not show a mouse pointer, anyone found a solution how to fix it? I've utfg'd with no results.
  3. 20,000 trophies reached! It took me about 8 years to get there but another milestone achieved. I went for Nioh 2 platinum as my milestone trophy, it took a bit planning to do it but it worked out well. On a side note Nioh 2 second DLC is freaking brutal but introduced fist weapons which are now my main because well, they are cool and effective.
  4. Thank you for the advice! I will take a look how to get her.
  5. Thank you! I am not stressing over it much, I am just doing the basic stuff at this moment and slowly taking my way through the features.
  6. I started playing Azur Lane the other day... I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing but I am having great fun doing it! Lot of stuff to do in the menu tho.
  7. I am thinking that they designed PS5 camera with new PSVR in mind already given it's the main use of it. Please note that playing PS VR games on a PS5 console requires a PS VR headset, DualShock 4 wireless controller or PlayStation Move controller(s), and PS Camera (for PS4) - Yup, you do need to have PS4 controller for PSVR games. I will update the post with this information as it's crucial too.
  8. I didn't even pre-order it yet. Wanted to do so but it's out of stock already, so might be a good thing that I didn't. I think it's going to be bundled in with PSVR2 anyway so no loss there and I don't face cam while streaming so no use for PS5 camera anyway. I really wonder how they plan to go through with this, but if I called them today they would just go 'We don't have any information about this yet'.
  9. Based on PS Blog released few days ago, Sony let us know that PS5 camera will not work with PSVR1. You will have to plug in PS4 camera into your PS5 through some sort of adapter that Sony will give out for free somehow? Here's a direct quote from the article: While no big deal for me personally as I intend to keep PS4 connected, it would be nice to use the power of PS5 to play PSVR games as well. I still need to contact Sony support to ask them how they plan to hand out the adapters because I have no idea how it would work in my country. Are they going to check the profile if you have PSVR games? Show them proof of purchase? Picture of PSVR? So many questions. edit: You also need to have PS4 controller for PSVR games. One way or another be prepared for this. source: UploadVR, PS Blog
  10. I have no idea how anyone from Nintendo allowed this to happen, but I'm glad they did because the laughs. This is how Minecraft guy looks like when he wins a match in Smash Bros.



    You might be mistaken thinking he has his thing out, being really happy for the win (and your mind is as dirty as mine), but he's just holding an item in his hand but the angle makes it look like... well, this.

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    2. Raveniteh


      Hey mate, he might have it for Mario, lol

    3. Raveniteh


      Aaaaaw, no more meat for Steve folks, the dream is over..


    4. NullRay85


      My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined!

  11. I've been playing Vampyr for couple days now, courtesy of PS+ and I must say I highly enjoy the title. I made it to Chapter IV and while exploring location called West-End I can't help to nice that this locations theme is highly similar to Silent Hill music. Adds to atmospehre pretty well.


    1. LukeTheGooner


      the first few seconds kind of sounded like the opening to stranger things

  12. I got Noelle and Chongyun from Beginners pack. I also pulled Venti and Fischl (waifu alert) from Ballad pack. Tried that last pack as well (mostly by missclick mistake) and got Barbara. Not a hero pull but I gave that weapon pack a spin and got 5* bow which makes me really happy as that's a weapon I really wanted.
  13. Gaming song of the day #11 - Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped - Warp room theme




    Seeing as we have new Crash game rocking our PS4's now I'd say it's time to pull out song of my childhood as Crash 3 was one of first PS1 games I had. 

  14. One recommendation I didn't see posted is Pistol Whip. Do you like music and want to feel like John Wick? This game is for you.
  15. So who's playing Crash 4 and how much you like it? I love it, such a good game so far.

    1. Dreggit


      I haven't yet, but I hope that with the practicein fresh level design, the eventual spyro game will just as good!