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  1. Is this issue fixed?It's on sale and I'd like to give it a try but I don't want to go through this again. (I had this problem a few years ago)
  2. Just checking in to see if there's been any fix for the NA version.
  3. It's been a minute since you posted but It's 2021 right now and the 25k trophy is the last thing I need. I've disconnected my console from the internet, I've started a new profile in game, I've deleted saves from the settings, I've gotten 25k in one go I've gotten 25k in multiple runs. Still nothing. Would you happen to remember how you got this? Any input would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Does anyone know if getting hit by the adds nullifies the flawless challenge?
  5. Confirmed it still works with latest patch!
  6. From the patch notes: The collectable at the end of the level is now moved to a new, secret location (its in the locker room, behind the middle mirror, break it to access the collectable) Edit: Just confirmed this location. After rescuing the President and opening the double doors there's a cutscene where a passing guard stops and shoots at you through a window on a floor above you. Hand the first right you see then head down the corridor to the room marked ''Locker Room'' There's 2 guards inside (on Easy mode). Break the middle mirror (Default R3) and it's in a crack in the wall behind the mirror.
  7. What the fuck? Character Collectible #01 I see the video, I read the guide and I can't find it. It's not spawning on the crate. I've reset the level over 10 times and I have confirmed 10 times that I have not already collected it. Is anyone else having any problems with this one?
  8. Good stuff boys. Glad you powered through it. Happy to hear there's a patch coming.
  9. Listen, there might be a recipe I haven't unlocked yet that is a reward for a quest but I'm not sure on that. The discord seems to confirm my suspicions, but the game is still early in its life. Theres suggestions about releasing a vendor that would sell the required ingredients for cooking and reagents for alchemy, but we'll see. As for the food, I can confirm large beasts eat small bait. Also small beasts do eat medium bait. Can't say for small beasts, large bait.
  10. I just wanted to come here and tell you guys that the trophy to ''Craft all cooking recipes'' actually means master all cooking recipes. Craft 75 of each recipe. The final recipe requires 3x Raw Meat Legendary, 3x Legendary Fish and 3x Legendary mushrooms. Took me about 30-45 minutes to get the 5 Legendary fish requires for the Fishing Trophy, so I can't imagine putting in the time to catch 225 Legendary fish. Shame, I confirmed I have crafted at least 1 of each recipe and the trophy did not unlock. If this also means master all crafting (weaponsmith, jewelery, alchemy, armorsmith, etc,) I believe I am done with attempting to platinum this game. Fun ride, but the grind is just too much for the crafting.
  11. Does anyone have any information on the item buffs for armor? Example : a chest piece I found says 3 buffs available. I imagine this is done via enchanting from the... 3rd town I want to say? Can anyone confirm?
  12. Very well written post. Good job. I took a different route and went full strength/endurance and I 100% agree that using spells is more efficient in combat. That heal spell is a godsend, too. Also,don't spend points on the summon camel ability. I thought it would give you a mount, but all it does is allow you to recall your mount once you have one. Goodluck on the trophy hunting, I think this is going to be a niche game with very little guidance so we need to keep communication up in order to advance.
  13. I'm in the same boat as you. The game goes on forever and I could never find the Bandit Camp. My plan is to level up further, to make managing that map a little easier later on... In one of the scenario missions an actual physical Bandit Camp appears that you can send your troops to attack. Maybe you just need to hold off long enough for that to happen? It's sitting at 0.00% right now, so I'm skeptical. That map is a total shit-show.
  14. Just wanted to let you guys know that as soon as I made a new character on the new league, the trophy popped for me on the beach.
  15. Well, I dedicate this Platinum to you. #69, too. Your post was perfect to the button. If you ever considered writing a trophy guide, I think you'd do a great job with this one - although it being a niche title, I really appreciate your help because I was really about to shelf the game until a guide came out later. Thanks again, dude.