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  1. When player get Hat? After first walkthrough?
  2. You can change to taxfree state =)
  3. As always: 1. You was in ingame squad with first try? If no - what you do? exit and try join again? 2. You play on work server, on what crush? 3. You and you alt was in ingame squad? Blue nickname, i mean. 4. You was alone with you alt in ingame squad, or with some random?
  4. If you please, can you upload.
  5. I also can't get this trophy. But get 50 dogtags
  6. Well, on crushlike server still nothing. Hope on wokr servers will be work, but now its too many people
  7. Russia. But i try American EA support =) They tell me: check update for my ps3, for game and rebuild game data
  8. I try - they say: we sorry, but this is not our problem.
  9. No problem =) When you get the trophy? I mean date, when you earned him. I think, game was broke in some year.
  10. When you play? =) I mean - year, month.
  11. Well, we have another lucky guy =) Does anybody try to talk with him? I admire your patience and perseverance
  12. Hope you can get it =) I am already doubt, that people. who recently get this torphy get it legit. No offense.
  13. Bad news, guys.
  14. The Swapper in ~300mb install fine, From Dust in 900mb - not, same error.
  15. Just copy messages from here: Hi everyone, a very strange problem occurred to me and a lot of friends, that's at least 20 people. Games downloaded from ps store are always downloaded with corrupted data. Internet connection was not interrupted, hdd is in good condition, ps3 database restoration don't help, hdd formatting don't. That makes me and a lot of people think that the problem is on Sony's side. So please help. Error 80029564, From me: i have same problem, link for video (problem on 2:07 =) ). Anybody know something?