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  1. For anyone looking for help on the Master of Orion trophy, you can do two things to minimize the pain. First, you can backup/upload your file to the cloud if you have that option available. Second, you can quit out as soon as you get killed, then continue. The death won't register (you'll know because you'll still have the hat). I'm normally somewhat ambivalent about doing stuff like that, but this trophy, in *this* game, is complete bullsh*t. The developer forcing us to use the fixed camera angles in the boss fights is 100% cheap and leads to nonsense deaths which would not occur if we simply had the normal camera available (as in the original game, which, for the record, is better). Here are some suggestions for dealing with some of the bosses on the *first try* (they are somewhat easier after you die once because you can start with better orientation, but, of course, you can't die if you're going for this trophy): 1) The second boss is so fast - even on easy mode - and the camera so ridiculous that I almost concluded it was bugged. It seemed pretty much impossible to do it on the first try (on subsequent attempts, after dying once, you can start the fight farther away from him and have time to fix the camera and deal with the terrible, *lethal* frame rate issues). What you need to do is start the fight already holding right, so you're instantly sprinting from him. As the chase begins, you cannot just run away, though. He's too fast, and the camera will trip you up at least a little, which means: dead meat. Instead of just running, then, you have to jump, jump, jump, run a little, jump, etc. It's the only way I've found to get the requisite distance from him. The developer needs to pick one of the following: force us to use fixed angles but slow the boss down a bit to make it a fair fight, or allow us to use the normal camera but compensate by making the boss faster. Either way, it needs a patch desperately. I'm at a loss for why he chose to fix something that wasn't broken in the original game. As it stands, it's sort of like that part in the first chapter of Outlast 2 where you had to run from the chapel and open a sliding door - when the game was first released it was practically impossible, because the enemies were too fast. 2) The fourth boss isn't as fast as the second boss, but you still need to begin by instantly running away from him. He's not terribly difficult, all things considered, but I need to report that he's bugged. He'll often get past the final bars you need to trap him within to kill him, and if you keep running from him back the way you came (in the direction where the fight began), he'll just freeze up right before the blades. He did this to me more than once. In despair, I went and triggered the kill shot anyway by grabbing the rope - it killed him, though it shouldn't have, since he was not trapped in the obstacle. Again, needs to be patched. 3) The fifth boss begins in the cheapest possible way. The woman is flying at you, ready to shoot her electric beam, and you cannot see her. You also can barely get oriented with your foreordained camera angle before she kills you. It's horse manure; infuriatingly cheap. All you can do is begin (yet again) by holding right and run so you're instantly sprinting from her. Get situated, keep running, and do what you need to do to finish the fight. Basically, in the boss fights you're not fighting the bosses. You're fighting the camera, the frame rate, and the input lag. This, among other reasons, is why the original is not just better, but much better.
  2. I've played through the game twice now, hitting every little mask with a "traumatic message" I can see, and I guess I'm missing one or more. I realize that, as of this posting, only one person has the trophy, so for future obtainers: if any of you have any idea on what might be liable to be missed in the "traumatic message" department, please do tell. I always hate when platinum journeys become a hunt for collectibles, especially when there's no chapter select. In the meantime, I guess I'll do one more playthrough and search every nook and cranny for the missing messages. *EDIT: Found it. Turns out it was just a fairly obvious mask on a wall in chapter two (in the long corridor after those doors fly open and all that meat flies back and forth). So I can confirm that there's no masks that are tough to find. Just keep your eyes open and you'll get them all. The other important thing to note is that the collectibles carry over. My trophy popped when I found the missing mask in chapter 2. I should add, however, that something weird went on in the process. I got the Master of Orion trophy prior to this, then started a new game on easy to hunt for the collectibles - yet I *started* with the hat as if I were doing a NG+ of some sort. Of course, on a new game you shouldn't be starting with the hat, so I have no idea what went on there.
  3. Don't know about gold, but for platinum: Snow Go, and it's not even close. Hangin' Out, Pack Attack, Piston It Away, Spaced Out, and Totally Bear are ignoble runners up, but Snow Go... Snow Go took me about 10 hours to platinum, altogether. I watched every video, studied every technique, and it all came down to execution (and luck). Unfortunately, the time is so extremely tight and the maneuvers so extremely awkward - especially near the end - that anything less than pro-level execution won't get you there. On another thread I mentioned this, so I might as well mention it here as well; namely, that it's the only level I've ever missed the relic by .01 seconds on (requirement: 42.88 seconds; my time: 42.89 seconds. Needless to say, I almost imploded with rage and despair). Whoever made the time requirement for the Snow Go platinum can burn in H-E-double hockey sticks. The reason I don't think Hangin' Out even compares to Snow Go is because you can usually see what you're doing wrong in the former, with the knowledge that if you can find some way to fix it (getting over the spiky guys, breaking those awkward one second boxes near the end quickly, etc.), you can make the time. With Snow Go, I had many, many runs where I could see literally nothing I was doing wrong. I'd watch videos of guys getting sub-42 second times and think, "I did just what he did; how the hell did he get 2 seconds on me?" Whereas with, say, Spaced Out, my initial platinum time was a hair under the requirement, but then I checked out a speedrunner's 35-second run of the level, imitated his beginning strat, and then shaved four seconds off my time. I even shaved 1.5 seconds off of Hangin' Out. But Snow Go? The platinum is straight evil.
  4. Completely agree with this, with the caveat that I haven't got around to doing C3 yet. I was misled by everyone claiming C2, together with the third game, was "much easier" than the first game. On a basic mechanical "pick it up and play" level, I suppose this is true. But on the level of going for all the platinum relics? IMHO, as someone who got all the platinums in C1 and C2, there's no comparison. C2 was harder by orders of magnitude, and precisely for the reason you stated: it forces you to use pro speedrunner tactics and maneuvers to get many of the platinum relics. C1 is a game where if you take the time to learn each level, pick out where the time saves are, and so forth, you can do it. C2... is another beast. I think of a level like Snow Go (for me, personally, by far the hardest platinum in the game, and harder than any platinum in C1, including The Lab) - the entire thing depends on how quickly and smoothly you move, cut corners, slide, break boxes, hit elevating platforms, did you slide jump here instead of running?, did you bounce off the ! *into* a spin to break the time box?, etc., etc. Truthfully that kind of stuff exceeds my capacity for precision with these games (although, I should note, in one of my runs I very precisely missed the platinum on Snow Go by .01 seconds). Anyway, I didn't feel my platinums were riding on such things in Crash 1, probably because of simpler mechanics.
  5. Took me about 20-25 tries. Definitely one of the most intense, nerve-wracking experiences I've had with a video game. Still, there's no way I would have done it if I didn't love the game. I thought Insane mode was fun; I loved the rush I got from it. Unlike with a certain sequel, when I died it was usually my fault. Some of my more depressing/hilarious attempts and failures: 1) I missed the jump during the Variant chase before reaching Trager. I'd never died there before. Pure nerves. I launched early and plummeted to my demise. It's really disheartening when you die from a failed jump. 2) For some reason Trager gave me the most trouble of any section in the game. Probably half of my failures occurred during his sequence, and I never die there when I'm playing on Nightmare. I think what happened was that I died there once, then twice, and then it became a "big deal" in my mind, leading me to get more and more finicky every time I reached Trager. One time, during the second, toughest section with Trager, I tried a strategy I'd never tried before based on a walkthrough. Usually I do what Ps4Trophies does: bait him into the room with the body, shut the door in his face on the way out, and then push the thing out of the way and home free. This walkthrough I saw, however, also shut the first door in his face, and I thought, "Hm, okay, more time to run is a good thing." But it's not. Or rather it is, if you actually get more time. I shut the door, ran through the room, shut the second door, started to push the thing, and then within a half second Trager killed me. Instead of busting through the first door, he looped around and went through the hallway. Derp. On another go I went with my usual strategy but when I tried to shut the door behind me I wound up shutting it in my face. That didn't end well. And more in that stupid vein. 3) In the sequence when you fall on the bodies after the explosion and have to run by Walker around the prison cells... yeah, usually I just run up the stairs and hop over the railing to the right and bolt. On one attempt, instead of jumping over the railing, Miles decided to just jump straight in the air in some sort of premature victory celebration. Little piggy died ugly. 5) In the sequence late in the game when you have to sprint down the hallway in Walker's direction and enter a door to your left to head up a vent shaft, I completely forgot it was a "danger" situation. By the time the chase music started blaring it was too late. 6) Not technically a failure because I didn't die, but ridiculous nonetheless: in the dark sewer section where you have to walk along the walls to elude Walker, I made it to the catwalk you jump up onto in order to then jump to the ladder. I jumped up, made a jump for the ladder - fail. Panicking, because the music is blaring and I hear Walker grunting, I jump back up, make another attempt for the ladder - fail. I try to jump back up and fail. At this point I think I'm toast, but then I notice Walker had actually gone up the stairs to get me during my second failed attempt for the ladder. He then started to head back down to grab me in the water, luckily, so I hopped back up and finally made the leap to the ladder. I had a few unlucky/lucky moments like that during my successful run. All in good fun, I guess.