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  1. Hey all, I could use some help with the passenger takedown trophy, will help out with any other multiplayer trophies you need!
  2. Hey all, This is the last enigma that I need for the trophy but I can't seem to locate it anywhere. The guide I am following states that it is on the 25th floor of the Landmark Tower but I can't seem to find it. Can anyone help narrow down where on this floor I am supposed to look?
  3. Wouldn't "The "Token Experience" trophy be considered missable since you have to start and finish the game with a black character on the mastermind difficulty? My understanding is that if you change the skin color or difficulty during a playthrough you won't be able to get this trophy.
  4. After trying to get it with reaper (i got 19 but then the match ended) I finally got a 23 player kill streak with bastion and got the undying trophy. I was just curious what players everyone got their Undying trophy with?