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  1. Would it be too long to make the 3 trophies that do not jump autopop?
  2. Someone would know in which store to find it and that it is cheap in the usa it is at 19: 99 $
  3. thank you guys for the great support we had it repaired hopefully this will happen with other games that are not dedicated to repair lol
  4. exact multiplayer companion fine but this mode impossible hopefully fix the problem before they close servers
  5. Someone else has this problem, I cannot enter level 1 mode and I need to do all the chapters in a period of time but it does not let me enter that mode, it keeps connecting and from that part it does not advance ?
  6. I need to defeat 5 super enemies of the lost legion but I can't find them. I can't remember where they come out since I left the game out of the way for years. Anyone know something?
  7. This Japanese list is making it difficult for me since I can't find people. The online is empty. How am I going to be able to do round 30 with a partner and the 4 trophies?
  8. the problem is that I already have all those milestones completed
  9. I have completed 4 milestones and they do not give me the trophy I am already desperate for a solution?
  10. Is there a guide for the new dlc in the ps5 version? is it difficult and long to complete?
  11. Thanks good information
  12. 😐 is very hard trophy
  13. It is undoubtedly the most difficult trophy to achieve platinum. Some tips on how to do it better to do it individually or as more people?
  14. Can someone confirm me if the dark ops and the challenge cards will I have prestige on ps5? I play on ps4 but the day I have cold war on ps5 I would like to have my level that I have on ps4 and keep my dark ops cards unlocked, can someone confirm this or does ps5 use another server and I will have to start from 0?
  15. Thanks 🙂👍