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  1. Thanks
  2. a friend has the japanese version game but the dlc from the japan store does not work for him it seems that there are 3 different physical versions of japanese bioshock which is the physical version that is functional with the dlc?
  3. True
  4. Perhaps the digital version has another different listing.
  5. I'm sorry I'm Spanish and I used the google translator
  6. Thank you very much mate and I'm glad you have it 100% greetings mate I hope I can buy it this week:) you are a very good platinum player you have a great profile
  7. Is there to buy the Japanese physical version of Bayonetta?
  8. what day does the game become free to play?
  9. It seems that they do not send to Spain any other place where this game is?
  10. Thanks guys
  11. I don't see it on playasia or on ebay where do you buy this physical version?
  12. is the range s also necessary in this chapter? I am going to resume the game and I can't find a video that has the collectibles, I see it as 100% difficult and I have many doubts.
  13. ¿Do you have online trophies or is it all offline?
  14. new update came out today is it already repaired?
  15. In this classic version does the glitch of the definitive version work that you repeat Charlie's race repeatedly and always achieve 1% to reach 100%?