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  1. No, it's not obtainable, at least not for everyone. Just wanted you all to be cautious, cause accidentally letting allied npc to die locks platinum. This bug occured in first area, so even if i restore saves (i got plenty, trust me) i'd have to do all other regions on 100%. I think the reason is that no one stated that clearly when I started playing. I heard that lot's of bugs involve graphic errors, and some minor issues, but nothing like this. I think they got to be responsible for what they sell, and should work on solutions, but we still have maaaaaaany unsolved issues.
  2. There are many people who spent 130+ hours and due to some bug can't complete game. Massive list of bugs in known issues list starts on Day1 and many are still not resolved. Just check before buying or playing and be cautious! Also it would be nice to post your problems there, maybe it will speed up solution.
  3. I also have killed accidentally one npc and now quest is not restarting, so completionist waits for a patch.
  4. I'm also ps5 user, but got bug with one mystery in Rygjalfyke. During 'A desperate Bounty' npc died and now is always dead no matter how i restart game, change sex or quit to animus. I can't restart this quest and assuming 130+ hours of cleaning map I'm not going to start over again.
  5. Is infallible still obtainable using exploit ? in last 5 days not single person earned it.
  6. I'm wondering how it's possible, that when I grab them to get revenge, I can do nothing beside casual grab, but they can grab and move me around, or even hit to bump me of ledge. I can do nothing to them, even if i want to. How to protect myself? How to annoy them?
  7. As many multiplayer games, this also has tons of trolls. Disabling possibility to grab oponent outside team games will be better but we can't count on that. Please tell me, how to hold someone and push or pinch so hard that he will fall? I'm constantly suffering from this, but can't get revenge and currently up to abandon this game.
  8. Just imagine you're pigeon fighting with other pigeons over bread crumbs and game will be easier
  9. Can you point it out? I've looked through this social-counseling post and haven't found such user. Via google found only 4,5 hour live video.
  10. Anyone can confirm if it is still working on EU version ?
  11. I have just started new game plus on grounded, and noticed that my weapons and skills are not upgraded despite that I did upgraded them on first playthrough. Something went wrong ?
  12. Hi, Anyone knows how to activate cheats in versions other than NES?
  13. They added this 1 hour ago, so when I was searching on site for "trophy", "den", "safe" i was receiving 0 results.
  14. So here we go. Patch notes for oncoming update: Maybe I'm dumb, but can't find anything about trophy.
  15. Guys, I've followed trophy guide, and the one with snitch cards was mentioned on the end, like some sort of cleanup ;/ Now on tier 5 it's impossible to do this alone and I'm wondering about workaround: What will happen if I create new agent? Do I have to start collecting from scratch or progress will carry over? Do you have some better ideas? I mean besides gathering group to join me every 30 minutes to look for proper enemy. There are some great hints in another portal, how to distinguish enemies with drop of cards I need: Diamonds - Blacktusks - 3 names per enemy (Carson Riot Frost) Spades - Hyenas - single name (Spike) excluding daisy who drops a diamond card Clubs - Outcast - Names start with 'The' (The Fearless) Hearts - True sons - will have military ranks (Corporal Maxxy)