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  1. I had quit for a while, but since my wife got into it we got play all the time. It’s nice actually having a reason to go outside in the summertime.
  2. I was actually excited to see this as one of the free game this month. At least I can play classic Q*Bert which has been one of my favorites for almost 30 years. I’ll never be upset about a free game of Q*Bert.
  3. It's out there for everyone to play. It's not like it's some secret. It would only be shameful if you told people it was difficult.
  4. PSN: noahriggs Let me know if you want to Peggle or make fun of my puny trophy collection
  5. That's a thing I can do? I knew it would be something stupid and obvious.
  6. I am supposed to be able to go back and talk to Shen to get the "Victory" dialogue, but I don't seem to be able to go anywhere after killing Diablo. Am I missing something stupid and obvious? I see that some of you have achieved it, so it must be possible. What do I need to do?