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  1. Are the trophies still bugged or did the developers fix everything? Is there a new patch?
  2. Oh my god, I did it. Thanks for helping me, I couldn't have done it without the tips here 😊 And although this mode is very annoying and (in my opinion) unnecessary, it didn't change my mind about the game; I still love it.
  3. Any tips for the mission The Malik Dossier? I'm having trouble rebooting the 3 servers while fighting waves of enemies and microwave drones πŸ˜“ I always get killed.
  4. I like the game a lot and I think 40$ isn't too expensive. I bought Maneater on the day of the release and didn't regret it. I know that you want the 100%, but nobody is forcing you to play the DLC.
  5. Thank you both, I will try this today after work - it sounds really helpful 😊
  6. Wow, this mode is really kicking my butt πŸ˜₯ I can't even get past the β€œInto the Void” combat section, I tried it five times already. I want the 100% 😞
  7. I have the same system, every milestone is a platinum trophy 😊 I choose games that I like, the only thing bothering me is that some of the pictures are ugly.
  8. Do you still boost the Overwatch trophies? I need help with some of the DLC trophies πŸ˜₯
  9. A different partner is not the reason for the glitch, a friend of mine got the trophy today and he played all chapters except one with a colleague a few days ago and today he played the last chapter with me (what an awful mission, I never want to play that again on nightmare πŸ˜…) . He even switched between being the host and not hosting and had no issues with the trophy. This means I also think that maybe mixing offline/online modes causes the glitch (the same happened to me with the collectibles). Or maybe (if different people have tried different solutions) the trophy is just broken and some people get lucky πŸ˜“
  10. "By popular demand" ... this is going to be a Lady Dimitrescu DLC and I can't wait for it 😍
  11. Thanks a lot for this information, I just supported the project on Kickstarter 😊
  12. The one thing missing for me on psnprofiles was always the feature to create personal lists and now I can do this 😒 I just discovered your script, I can't believe it... I am so happy and so grateful, thanks a lot 😊
  13. I agree with the person above me, I think the game is worth playing. It's a lot of fun, especially the hacking and recruiting 😊 It's my favorite Watch Dogs game so far, I liked Watch Dogs 2, but I didn't like Watch Dogs 1.
  14. I like AC Valhalla a lot, my total playtime so far is 218 hours. I can't wait for the Siege of Paris DLC and I was so happy when they announced at E3 that there's even more content to come in 2022! I hope you enjoy the game as well 😊
  15. Yes 😊 Thanks for that, I wasn't sure if I should try it, but this thread helped me to go for it and I wanted to share my result.