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  1. Is the trophy „Blitzkrieg“ hard? I saw you don‘t have it yet and the requirement is to finish the Battle of Lidzbark in less than 25 minutes (which sounds hard).
  2. I watched it on youtube yesterday and it looks really interesting 🙂
  3. Just out of curiosity: How can you give the platinum trophy a 3/10 if no one has it yet? There are two trophies no one has achieved so far and on the steam forum are even more achievements no one has gotten yet. Some people on steam say that this game is very hard to play stealth (which is required for one trophy no one unlocked up to now).
  4. Are there still new and average gamers playing this game or do I have to play against mostly pros when starting this game now? The winstreak of 3 in any multiplayer game mode and the arena run with at least 6 wins sound really hard.
  5. How hard is the platinum trophy (?/10) and how long did it take you? Do you need special skills to get the platinum or do you think anyone can manage it with time?
  6. That's a trend I'm absolutely loathing and it doesn't even make sense. As you said, New Game+ is not a "DLC" 😒
  7. Some of the games are fun and/or interesting, like Stay and 36 Fragments of Midnight. Not all games are trash just because they have an easy platinum trophy.
  8. I play the game with a friend in co-op and we both think it’s kind of repetitive. The sisters are fun and I like the RPG stuff, but the missions are boring and the map is too small and offers little variety. But that’s just my opinion, it probably isn’t my type of game. I wanted to try it because the trailers looked like fun.
  9. And how long does it take to finish it?
  10. Is there matchmaking for Discovery Mode on PS4? And what if someone quits? And how long is the Raid?
  11. 😂😂😂 This made me laugh, even though it's the truth, lol.
  12. Oh he doesn't sound butthurt, I think he finds it as amusing as I do 🙃 I mean yes, it sucks if you can't complete a game and get 100%, but to boycott a game (as some people do) just because of one hard trophy or to go on a rant on how unfair the developers are and even call them assholes because they add a trophy that's not to your liking is unbelievable childish 😅 I guess people whine about things like that if they don't know what real problems are 🤓
  13. It is so much faster with baby kittens instead of humans! I got the trophy on my fourth try Thanks a lot.
  14. I‘d actually be disappointed if a Stranger Things game didn‘t have retro style graphics. I just wish the trophy pictures wouldn’t all look the same.
  15. Is this game creepy? I'm easily frightened and I can't play The Evil Within... but this game looks interesting. I wanted to give it a try but not if it's too scary.