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  1. To all the people currently playing the game: Are you playing with Permadeath on or off? If you chose Permadeath "on" please tell me how it is so far 😊 Permadeath sounds kind of interesting because you have to be more careful and can't be too reckless. If your recruits die they're gone for good as far as I know.
  2. If this game really features cross save between PS4 and PS5 then I don't think it'll have two separate trophy lists? I hope we'll find out soon.
  3. It took me 4 hours to win the race on normal difficulty, I have no idea how long it’ll take me to win in classic mode. I’m just not sure if I should press X when I’m rounding the corners or if I should press L2 (but doing that while using the control stick makes my car spin). Or should I just ease off the gas pedal (R2)? I haven’t figured out the right method yet.
  4. How are the online trophies? Are they hard to achieve? Do you have to win some games on your own or are you always in a group and the group has to win?
  5. The two things that bother me are that he looks way younger than Miles Morales now (but maybe they change his look too) and that in my opinion his voice sounds too old now for his teenager face.
  6. The trophies sound interesting enough (a little bit chest focused but whatever 😄) and the game is free as far as I know... so I don’t see any reason to complain. If the game is fun we at least have a few trophies and 100% to add to our list 😊
  7. It is not because of ONE interview, it is because of her constantly and repeatedly hating on the trans community for month on twitter and on her blog. And now even her new book is full of this. So I understand everyone who doesn’t want to support her. But I also understand everyone who just wants to enjoy this game, because people have waited years for something like this. I’ll probably buy the game myself at some point, because it’s everything I ever wanted from a Harry Potter game and I love this universe too much to let it be ruined from such an awful person as JK Rowling herself. I just want people to be aware that she is spreading TERF bullshit and hate online, no matter if you buy the game or not.
  8. These are just Avatars and Sony is acting like they are sending real money to people. Sony really makes this harder and more complicated than it has to be 😅
  9. There's a lot of work and effort behind almost every game, that doesn't automatically mean that every game deserves praising.
  10. Why are you making these videos if you haven't even played the game? You don't know how hard or easy a trophy is unless you've tried it for yourself.
  11. There are people on this forum who enjoy getting platinum trophies for games they like but are not obsessed with trophies and don't care if a game is a 100% game or has a platinum trophy. To stay on topic: I never played this game and look forward to it 😊
  12. I even know someone. A friend of mine has more platinum trophies than I have, has a better completion rate and doesn‘t start a new game before he gets the platinum trophy on the game he is currently playing. And yet he doesn‘t care about psnprofiles and doesn’t use it although I told him several times to try it.
  13. That can’t be a coincident. Now let’s just hope that the developers don’t patch that glitch. I’m still not sure if I should get this game or not, it doesn’t look as good as I’d imagined and there are too little side activities/challenges for my taste.
  14. For me it was the complete opposite. I loved trying out alternative routes for all the characters and choosing things I normally wouldn't choose. It was interesting to see how my new choices affected the characters. I love the game and I loved the platinum trophy and I'd do it all over again 😊