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  1. Are there any missable trophies? And how long is this game? 🙂
  2. Stupid question, but where do I start the DLC missions Manning National Zoo and Camp White Oak to get the two trophies? I can’t pick it at the Helicopter, I thought that’s where it is. I’m World Tier 3... do I have to be World Tier 5?
  3. I've been following this game for such a long time, I can't wait to play it. But I really want to know how hard the survivor mode is 😅 Sadly I'm not good at strategy games (although I love them).
  4. Thanks a lot for the detailed replies, that‘s a great help 😊
  5. Which class did you pick? I tried Warrior on my second account but it seemed extremely hard for me. I want to try Magic next, maybe that's a little bit easier for me. I'm wondering what other people think and how the Technical class is compared to the other two classes. Can everyone use guns? Or only the Warrior?
  6. EA is hilarious. They remove the Loot Boxes and instead add a machine where you get random items 😂
  7. I agree so much with you. I loved the first one because it was simplistic. I couldn’t really get into the second game. I hope this one is better.
  8. I’m so happy right now 😊 I can’t wait to play it this weekend.
  9. Does anyone know why they took it down from the psn store? 🤔
  10. Why is no one talking about this game? 🤔 It looks interesting. What do you think about the trophies? Are they hard for someone who hasn’t played any The Bard’s Tale before?
  11. How long do you all think the platinum trophy will take? 🙂
  12. My interpretation is the same as yours and I think:
  13. You will get all the trophies eventually, there are some helpful youtube videos online and a lot of very helpful comments here in this thread. I love this game so much I just bought the US version so I can play it all over again. I played through the EU version ten times (you can do it a lot faster than that).
  14. SPOILER for the endings: You have to lower the the gun and not shoot Lucien... but you should kill someone before doing that, so he thinks you‘re crazy and instead of just hugging you and welcoming you to the family he injects you with a sedative and you get the prisoner ending. At least that‘s how I got it! (Sorry if my grammar is scrambled, it‘s late and English is not my first language.)
  15. I think I’m blind, I don’t find the video for the Botanist trophy on youtube I can’t find all the petals, can someone help me please?