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  1. Oh thanks a lot for the reply Is anything missable?
  2. How difficult would you rate the platinum trophy?
  3. Not a single trophy hunter in this thread said he or she won’t play the game because it has no platinum trophy - quite the opposite.
  4. I can’t believe this game doesn’t have a platinum trophy ☹️ What a letdown.
  5. I’ve almost finished the game and I’m three leathers short from crafting the last upgrade. So you really shouldn’t craft too much ammunition while playing the game 😟
  6. For me it was worth it, I love the story and the gameplay. I don’t think we can answer this question for you...
  7. Does anyone know how to access the raid? I downloaded the update but I can’t find it ingame, I’m too blind and/or stupid. EDIT: Forget it, I’m an idiot. It launches on Thursday, my bad.
  8. Oh so you mean that you can’t search for random players and do the raid with them? That’s disappointing... I only have a group of 4 players and we were hoping to just find the other 4 players through matchmaking.
  9. I hope you get it soon Don‘t give up!
  10. Got it after 55 matches 😅
  11. I have 53 matches and no trophy yet... so annoying.
  12. Yes and that's probably the reason why the developers haven't found this glitch before, but I don't think that matters. They just have to patch it and that's it. Banning players over this (players who maybe even spend real money in the game) would be ridiculous.
  13. I agree with you. I don't think the developers want a shitstorm because they start punishing people for exploiting something *they* should've tested properly.
  14. Is this trophy hard? There is no guide so I have no idea what I should expect.
  15. Yes you can do that, but you need 50 Fatalities (not Brutalities) on one character to get one head.