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  1. Hi again! Quick Update: I double checked if I had actually every gold medal - was the case I completed every consumption event after - still no gold medal trophy. Then I just reloaded a file which had a few events left to complete, I did them all and suddenly the screen with "ready for platinum?" appeared, including the trophy. Maybe the file was somewhat corrupted since my PS4 froze yesterday? I got literally no clue about that, but in the end the trophy popped for my anyways, thank god! Thanks for all of your replies, have a nice day!
  2. Hi! Yes, i was refering to the PS4 version. I will definitely try out completing the rest of the consume events and update this post when I've done them - there should be just 3-4 more to go. Havent thought about that, but since they dont reward any medals at all, I still am kinda sceptical.. I was scrolling through multiple forums to see if there is any bugs related to the Au Trophy, havent seen anything like I am experiencing so far, very strange. thanks for your reply tho, I'll update once the consume events are finished!
  3. Hi, as stated above the Trophy for achieving a gold medal in all of the Events didnt unlock for me.. Honestly I just wanna go for the plat ones now, since it really is fun to me. But considering the gold ones didnt even reward me..
  4. Sheesh! These Images are fiiiiire, thx a bunch!!
  5. Wow, these wallpapers are bonkers! Could you do some similar stuff for vegeta in his SSG/ Limit Breaker mode? that would be nuts! thanks in advance
  6. aight, did so! online atm & got plenty of time to work on it. we are currently 4 ppl so two more would be much appreciated!
  7. Hi! As far as i know ( ) this trophy is easily boostable with at least 6 ppl. Feel free to add me : Niiiggl I'm online atm and will stay for another 3-4 hours at least, so plenty of time to work on this trophy!
  8. Anyone else having massive trouble like me for getting this crown? Honestly, i know the exact size and im sure i already reached it 1-2 times but ffs, i still cant get a golden crown from it. using 1 tempered investigation over & over via cloud data but it doesnt seem to help at all. its the only crown im missing and im trying it for over 3 days, several hours each. this is SO frustrating to deal with, i even start to think its bugged or smth >: