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  1. Sheesh! These Images are fiiiiire, thx a bunch!!
  2. Wow, these wallpapers are bonkers! Could you do some similar stuff for vegeta in his SSG/ Limit Breaker mode? that would be nuts! thanks in advance
  3. aight, did so! online atm & got plenty of time to work on it. we are currently 4 ppl so two more would be much appreciated!
  4. Hi! As far as i know ( ) this trophy is easily boostable with at least 6 ppl. Feel free to add me : Niiiggl I'm online atm and will stay for another 3-4 hours at least, so plenty of time to work on this trophy!
  5. Anyone else having massive trouble like me for getting this crown? Honestly, i know the exact size and im sure i already reached it 1-2 times but ffs, i still cant get a golden crown from it. using 1 tempered investigation over & over via cloud data but it doesnt seem to help at all. its the only crown im missing and im trying it for over 3 days, several hours each. this is SO frustrating to deal with, i even start to think its bugged or smth >: