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  1. I just finished my second playthrough (startet new game with new chronological order) and got all ending trophy and platinum. Here is how i played: 1st playthrough in normal order and duo mode with everybody getting killed and - chose beyond - replayed last chapter and let Jodie die after meeting Nathan the last time - replayed last chapter and chose life and alone - replayed epilogue and chose zoey - replayed epilogue and chose jay 2nd playthrough: new game in new order and everybody saved - chose beyond - replayed last chapter and chose life and ryan After that I got all endings trophy. Didn't have to replay epilogue another time. Hope that helps edit: I think it is saved in the options save file, what endings you have seen so far and this file is not erased when starting a new game.
  2. Be sure to visit all the locations listed here: http://dragonage.wikia.com/wiki/Traveler_Achievement There are some locations in Orzammar and Redcliffe (for example the House where you find the NPC for the Blackstone Irregular quest) and Denerim (alien orphanage) that can be missed by chance. Also easily missable are the 4 sidequest locations on the main map, they only pop up after you accepted those sidequests and you have to ge there almost immediately or they become inactive and you can't travel there anymore if you do other quests first. It worked for me with this list of locations, the trophy showed up as described at the last fight on top of Fort Drakon (awarded once you reach the top floor and fight the archdemon). Hope it helps.