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  1. I hope the challenges are like "100% Synchronization" of the first games, and I hope and wish they are not "to get the gold you have to do it fulfilling all the objectives, and in less than 30 seconds". I can understand getting them by taking our time, but don't turn the following games into challenges like the Shadow of the Tomb Raider DLCs. I really hate the challenges of that style.
  2. Yesterday I got platinum and I have to say it's not difficult, you just have to keep an eye out for the missables trophies. One thing to keep in mind, I finished the game thinking that it would leave me just before the final boss, but it was not like that, it gives you the option of new game + and that's it. Then I return to my main save before final fight, I finish completing the map, get all the chests, increasing the attack with strength elexir for nightmare difficulty, eliminate all the enemies ... the fact is that I only had a few enemies left with which I hadn't fought and I only had 3 left from the final fight, which I had fought but as I had reloaded the save they didn't appear in journal -> enemies. That is why I had the time attack unlocked, so seeing a guide on the internet that said mode has fixed the characters, that is, it does not currently use your current characters (when I finished the game and tried time attack, I thought that the game had saved the Adol's stats that I had at that time in the story for combat), I got into fighting the boss rush before the game on nightmare difficulty. To my surprise, the all monsters trophy unlocked at the moment I entered to battle the first boss in time attack, so my question is, does the game save general stats? I had already fought the 3 that were missing in a reloaded game (the 3 from the final battle) even though they didn't appear, but didn't unlock when I fought Vakh Medios (my last enemy). Could it be that the game when entering time attack understands that you have fought against the last 3?
  3. If you live in Europe, you can't play streaming ps3 games from ps now NA. I tried months ago with free trial in an account for get dlc trophies for Saint Row The Third and they gave me a message that was "you can't start this game" or something like that.
  4. I hope that s**t will mean we could synchronize trophies for example and only affects buys. I never expect anything from "Sony geniuses" but they always manage to surprise me.
  5. Yes, I turned off a good amount of times. Don't worry about it
  6. Finally got platinum. If someone wants get this game, DO THE METHOD FOR 1.09 PATCH. You will get out of problems and headaches.
  7. You have to delete the game and re-install, you can't downgrade it installed. yesterday I started again the game 1.09 and I got 3 trophies that I had glitched.
  8. Fifa 13: 0.74% Fifa 20: 1.03% Fifa 12: 1.11% Dragon Ball Raging Blast: 1.21% Fifa 19: 1.48%
  9. The new website is simply horrible and I am sure it was designed by a monkey, it has no explanation: At first when you enter it is a botch looking like a seedy WordPress, on top of nuclear white that you can see. The usability is rubbish, before 2 clicks you were where you want, and now all dizzy, making unnecessary scrolling. Where the hell is the wish list? I have seen that there are people who have found it, it is not my case. I go where some have it and it's not there, just purchased games. They have fulfilled the enormous bullshit of removing those from PS3 and Vita, and they do it because Sony manager fucks him that there is no retro, trying to erase them from existence. Deleted the problem deleted the matter, when what they should have done is put back fucking offers of those games next to those of ps4. The search engine's filter is conspicuous by its absence, typing the products no longer come out interactively, they have removed the images and videos of the games They have removed the articles related to the game. And worst of all, you are looking for a game that was on your wish list, entering to see if it has a favorite mark or something like that, and upon entering it releases "internal server error", great job. Total fucking disappointment, rubbish.
  10. I think is fake, what is the point of doing that? the servers cost the same, show games don't matter. I saw a lot of fake news with PS5, I can't trust anyone until seeing with my own eyes
  11. I "played" this s**t with sound off, listening other things, and I don't go to pay nothing because today you pay and tomorrow they will add more and more... This is the last time I will play a "free" game, 100% destroyed
  12. The same with me, I am not going to play anymore if they don't fix that. I have too the problem of side mission of Vito about steal a truck. Hangar 13, SOLVE tTHE PROBLEMS OF YOUR FUCKING GAME, you can't make buggy a easy trophy, noooo.... you have to screw it up with the worst trophies. People wasting time for try to find ways to solve the problems and them only releasing updates that destroy all
  13. Better create a rank of rarity and platinum trophies... In my opinion, if the people want UR trophies, with that rank, their efforts could be shown. The same with a rank of platinum, those ribbons for me is a way for elitists have a chance of say that your profile is bad because you played Megamind, My name is Mayo and bla bla bla. Is hard of make a hard ranking anyway cause a games like Fifa with 2% when they arenĀ“t difficult or mainstream (a lot of FPS shooters are UR and VR), and a lot of indies that are UR because are shit games that need 20 hours, without platinum and only the "chosen players that liked that game" got the trophies. Also, games that are difficult but their public is skilled in games and patience like JRPG with time estimated time of 100 hours,but cause that public, have 20% of rarity (one example, I am playing Danganronpa 2 and this is not a game of "20% rarity" in terms of difficulty, is tiring get the platinum, but because have a public that love this type of games...) Anyway, do a ranking of difficult catching the result of subtracting the percentage obtained from 100% (if the platinum has been achieved by 30% of the people, 70 points of difficulty, 5% - 95 points). Isn't the best way but is better than nothing. If you wanna play ultra hard games , do it, if you wanna get easy platinums, do it. If you wanna stay in the top of the ranking, play that shit games while you play your UR game, put in the cabinet your best trophy and end of the story.
  14. Well, I saw is in Puerto Valor in the entrance, but this f***ing guy that gives it, don't show, I completed all and only need the costumes of this Is the guy in another side, was missable? I am searching and he doesn't stay in nowhere
  15. now is in Ps Plus, does the glitch still work with that digital version?