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  1. Same thing happened with PAYDAY2. PC version requires you to complete all heists on One Down. Console versions are limited to Death Wish (that's A LOT easier).
  2. Hi, i have all DLC from both ps3 and ps4 version but i do not have premium for anyone (they released them for free a few years ago). Can i autopop ps4 trophies anyway?
  3. Just remind GRID 1 was delisted before in Steam. So, that can (and will) happen to this one too.
  4. that's because some of the people who's playing with you doesn't have the DLC. Those maps will only appear if all of the players matched have it. The other DLC maps (i don't know exactly if it's Abandonen or Reclaimed) will only appear if you search on DLC maps. There aren't many people playing them, randoms only search for standard games so your solution is joining a boosting session.
  5. Yeah, that was a living hell. Two tries, people who don't want to help and one of the most nightmares that i've lived in boosting sessions. That's why i'm cleaning my trophy list before doing another new game. Also being careful about joining with certain people. By the way, i don't think you are worried about platinums but look for the plat of Grid 2. Very nice game imo.
  6. The Last of Us. Because his online will die and it's a very beatiful platinum (and 100%) to have.
  7. RE: Revelations only has one online trophy and it's easy and fast to do. Same on PAYDAY2, all of it can be done solo (i have the plat) except for the one that requires a whole team to drop the cash from the bus before it explodes.
  8. Hi. There is still a way to self-boost like Carrier13 said? Or those weekly challenges are not available anymore (like happened with splinter cell)? Is better to boost with a friend or only doing this is enough?
  9. Being a completist don't mean you are "better" or "happier" gamer. It's just a point of view. The game is the same for all of us, is the way we choose to play them that makes difference. But that difference is related to what do you want, i mean if you are a casual gamer you NEVER will want to complete 100% a game, or even play hard games. But that isn't bad, only it's your way to have fun. There are no rules for playing, except having fun (: (and using hacks in competitive games)
  10. I also play games that have their platinum unobtainable - currently i'm playing Resistance 2. I have a secondary account for doing unattainable games, just getting al possible trophies. Also i play games that don't have a trophy list - the best example is Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. I completed the game on Veteran and acquired all intel laptopts. Yeah, the epilogue was very though, but that's not a reason for playing it again on his Remastered version! Of course, in my main account and his respective 100%.
  11. What is a completist? A player who likes to earn all trophies from all of his/her games. In my case, i have only two games that have unattainable platinums, the reason is i never payed attention to this achievement system until i played those games. However i will not start a new account only for that, because right now i have some plats and 100% that are impossible to do (like WipEout HD or Ace Combat Infinity). It is not worth for me. Anyway, i like to have all games at 100%, I'm working to earn almost all unearned trophies before starting another game (except for the shitty DLC of BF Hardline that's a lifetime consuming). So, are you a completist? Do you like to do 100%, just platinum or none of this?
  12. Remember that all challenges must have a "2" next to the progress bar. If you have a "1" in anyone, thats means that challenge isn't lvl 1 yet. The trophy is not glitched, i've done it a few days ago.
  13. Nearly a week. I had two remaining trophies and both came at the same match.
  14. TloU PS4 version will remain untouchable. Only PS3 will be shutted down. All CoD plats can be done legit except for Black Ops II. Just do NOT enter in public matches (since hackers can pop all the trophies), and you can do all trophies legitly.
  15. Thanks for the info. I thought it has, just like BD1&2.