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  1. Doing Vettel challenges are almost impossible without a good wheel.
  2. This trophy is getting me sick. My best was 1:08:769. I was trying for around 2 hours. Time for a break, i definitely want this one.
  3. Order of release. Unlike God of war series, in AC gameplay changes a lot on every game. GoW is the same until last one. 1, 2, Brotherhood, Revelations, 3, Black Flag, Rogue, Unity, Syndicate, Origins and Oddysey. Damn, that's a lot of games. DLC's are pretty good, and adds more info to the main storyline.
  4. I came here to tell you that i've obtained both DJ Hero platinums (: so this is my veredict: DJ Hero 1 is A LOT HARDER than DJH2. The reason is that DJH2 has powerdecks, that helps you too much doing five stars. Also, Beats and Pieces is MUCH, MUCH harder to do 5 stars than Galvanize. Maybe i can do a mention to Ace of Spades remix because you cannot do rewinds on guitar songs - that makes it more difficult than the others. So you must keep that x4 multiplier the long as you can, because this song is short and the minimun error can take you to the frustrating 4 stars. As for DJ Hero 2, doing 400 notes is not difficult as it looks. The song is not very difficult at all, you need to be concentrated and make no errors. The only thing which DJ1 is better than DJ2 is the online. Yeah i know the servers are closed, but doing online trophies for DJH1 was much easier than DJH2. Fu** those "reach lvl 50" trophies (i'm talking to you, RE Revelations & AC Black Flag). But like someone said, it's only practice and practice and practice. Don't get afraid with Groundhog, that's NOT a difficult song. As for me, doing scratches is more difficult than taps and crossfades. So Beats and Pieces is the worst headache i had.
  5. Online is closed. This was announced so i don't think there's any chance to bring them back.
  6. Sometimes i've bought sealed games with expired codes and it still works i.e Gran Turismo 5 XL, Infamous trilogy or God of War Ascension online pass. Anyway, there's a section where you must put the code (it doesn't work on the ps store) but it doesn't exist anymore. So that's the reason why even a sealed copy will not work.
  7. Change to a fake location of California, there is no taxes in that state.
  8. First, don't use forums for boosting sessions. You have to use the following link to do this: If you see that nobody's joining, just edit your session and keep updating every week until you get enough people. Second, i got this trophy a month ago, just playing in public. I've found a server playing it with many people, and luckily nobody left until match ended. Just keep trying and don't desperate, this game isn't too old and i don't think it will close early.
  9. In my country (Argentina) there is a quarantine for 14 days. However, the people still think this is a mini-vacation so they are going out to turistic places with their families - not so smart i think. Schools and universities are closed until 31th march, transports are less frequent and hospitals are full with paranoid people.
  10. Ace Combat 3 PS1, Japan edition. I had a lot of NES and Megadrive things, but i sold them all.
  11. Played all of them (even Lost Coast) a lot. Bought the HL Collection years ago. If you never played this game, now it's your chance. HL1 is the best FPS of all times imo.
  12. what fix are you talking about? there was a fix for this old game?
  13. Yeah i've read that, but i want that someone who has the LE can confirm.
  14. I've tried a lot of things. Reinstalled, changing soldier on battlelog, logging out and started the game... nothing happened. Nevermind, i like the game, so it will not be a problem playing it again.
  15. Is the limited edition content on disc? Or in a code? Because i've saw some unboxings and there's only one code for online pass, but as far i know, there is no more online pass needed for any EA game. I know there's no DLC or content needed for trophies, but i just want to buy it used because brand new it's too expensive. And if it is on disc, it would be great have some cars in the garage.