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  1. Buy physic Killzone trilogy. Game it's on the disc
  2. I use Brave since launch and never experienced those long load times. I also recommend to use Brave on Android (dunno if it's available on iOS), it also has native adblocker and it's pretty faster than Chrome.
  3. Last time someone got the first online trophy was in november so no.
  4. It's weird for those who are playing modern 60 FPS shooter games since this game is old, runs at 30 fps and the movement isn't smooth as an actual game. However... i remember back days playing this game a lot with my brother, unlocking all the stages reading monthly magazines from new PS1 games.
  5. -Dino Crisis 1 -Dino Crisis 2 -Ace Combat 4: Shattered Skies -Ace Combat 3: Electrosphere -Ace Combat Zero: The Belkan War -DefJam Fight for NY -Star Wars Jedi Power Battles -Star Wars Rebel Assault II -Future Cop L.A.P.D -Vigilante 8 2nd Offense I'm still playing them in my PSP and PS2, but having them in the big screen (i play PS2 in a CRT TV) would be nice. A good and difficult trophy guide also should be added.
  6. That's up to you. I have Premium because it has remastered versions of old games (like Borderlands Handsome Collection, Crysis, Darksiders... etc) and some PS1/PS2 games have trophy support. I do not care about old games in next gen consoles because they are easy to emulate on PC (even with better performance). But i think PS Extra is just enough. It has a lot of games to play (not remastered neither older ones) which most of cases, the price of the game is more expensive than the membership itself. By the way, i do not have that PS Now streaming thing in my country. It is called "PS Deluxe" instead of Premium and i have to download the game in order to play it. No streaming mode.
  7. It only requires to complete the campaign once, and kill someone with the knife. I have played this game a lot in my childhood, it has a lot of things you can unlock via secrets, speedruns and stealth kills. It also has a very interesting mini-games mode that brings you a lot of fun aside from the campaing. Even has two player split screen mode, which also has a lot of content to unlock. Good old times with my brother playing on the Simulator map, rushing the MIL15 rifle and falling over so many times. I know, a virtual trophy shouldn't be a excuse to not enjoy a game, but considering this game has more than 20 years, i felt it should came with some sort of challenges or something.
  8. Why people assume that nobody is playing PS3 anymore? Or even buying content? Do you have any statistic that can prove what you say? Yes, it's an old console, but that's not enough reason to say "yes, shut it down". If Sony try to shut down the store again, the result will be similar than 2021. The best way to "kill" PS3 is just closing servers slowly than closing the store nor trophy syncing.
  9. So, there's no way to plat this game if the digital version does not exist in your account region?
  10. You shouldn't. Almost all of them occur in the same universe (Strangereal) but there's no need to play old games just to understand this.
  11. I'm a big fan of Ace Combat since Electrosphere. That was my very first game i've ever played in my life. So i came for all the rest of the saga and played them all. Got S rank in Ace difficulty in all PS2 and PSP games, unlocked all weapons, skins and aircraft. Bought an Xbox 360 just for play Fires of Liberation and a Nintendo 3DS for Assault Horizon Legacy+. Got A rank on hard in AC3 (japan edition). Played a lot AC Infinity and got the platinum of AC Assault Horizon. Sadly i couldn't buy pre-sale of AC7 so i do not have Unsung War to plat, that would be very fun. And now i have a PS4 and i'm playing this last game. The game looks great, it runs at 60 fps and has some new mechanics like flying in clouds or freezing in high attitudes. I found the campaign kinda hard at first time, but like the other games, it's just a matter of time that after a few tries, i'll pass them easily. As for the multiplayer trophies, do not be scared. I won my first Battle Royale match with no effort. There are rooms that limits the cost of your plane, that means you will not be playing against SU-57 while you are in your first F-16C. Also there's no need to shut down enemies to gain points, just damage them. In fact, the more expensive the enemy airplane is, the more points you gain if you hit them. Once you win your first free for all and team deathmatch, the rest is just playing over and over again until you met the 50 sorties requirement per mode. Remember you only need ONE win per mode (Battle Royale, (aka Free for All) and Team Deathmatch). Matches lasts 5 minutes or so, so do not get frustrated if you lose. No need to boost, really. Rooms are very active and doesn't matter if you win or lose.
  12. I'm argentinian, 26 years old, and this moment i'm living i'ts just insane. I was sick of listening all the haters saying that Messi is not that good, that there will not be anyone like Maradona, and the worst of all, that we will never win any World Cup again. I'm so proud of my team, from MacAllister to Álvarez, from Di María to Martínez, from Tagliafico to Acuña... and of course, from Lionel Messi. I feel this world is a bit fair by now, giving him the most deserved cup, and the only one he needed to retire and also to choose him as the GOAT (Greatest Of All Times). I'm not a big fan of Football, but here these things are lived with a lot of passion. Right now, you only have to watch to the streets, no matter where you live, to see and hear people celebrating the only thing that can make happy to his country: the FIFA World Cup. Now i have to say thanks to the destiny of whatever thing that bring me here, to this life at this moment, so i can live from the flesh, how winning a world championship is. And also remember that Mbappe said that latins does not have the level required to play a final match. I recognize he has a great future, but never underestimate your rival, no matter where are they from. That was a lesson we learned while playing against Saudi Arabia.
  13. So, the AC Chronicles trilogy are those which have three different trophy lists?
  14. So... actually no way to get this game?
  15. I have the trophy playing two weeks as the trophy says, no need to make a backup or so. As you say, no DNF should be made or the trophy will lock until next two weeks. Actually, i think there's no servers shut down, Just only delisting.