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  1. does this work? i want to self-boost with 4 ps3
  2. April, 21st. Still online. Platinum still achievable.
  3. I'm still knocking out the online trophies but reading these posts scares me.
  4. As today, April 7th, the servers of this game are still running. However, there are rummors that will be closed in june.
  5. Are anyone of the DLC trophies only online?
  6. I though you cannot transfer your character from PS3 to PS4 anymore. That was available when both versions have the same things, but was announced that only the PS4 version will be updated.
  7. Multiplayer was a pain in the ass. I don't remember how many time it tooks to me, but definitely a lot. It's not very funny because you NEED to boost almost everything. Auf Wiedersehen Petrovic and Most Wanted are the most time consuming, even boosting both of them (specially Most Wanted). Single player trophies were fun, even the DLCs. It's worth to plat if you really like GTA games.
  8. Although you will need a partner for a few spec ops missions (because these are co-op only), I feel both are easiest solo, because playing co-op makes you very weak and a few hits can take you down easily (that's because you can be revived by your partner). Also playing solo will give you more money, so getting perks and other stuff will make your work less difficult than sharing it. However both modes aren't difficult at all. If you played mw2, these spec ops will be a walk in the park. Also survival is very funny to play, and trophies related to this mode don't require too much effort.
  9. The JP version of Borderlands 1 (PS3) is unobtainable. The reason is that the last DLC, Claptrap's New Robot Revolution, was never released for that region. However, when Gearbox released the remaster for PS4, the list showed up as a bug because they introduced a patch for exporting savefiles. As you can see, all trophies of that DLC (JP version) has 0,00% earn ratio. Also, Dante's Inferno Trials of St. Lucia are still obtainable. The servers came down for a while, but they are back online. You can see that people are still obtaining the DLC trophies.
  10. I'm proud i got rid of so many online games. I don't have many plats as a regular trophy hunter but i'm glad of my profile. PS3 still have a lot of things to do for me.
  11. I haven't started this game yet. Can i try to do this trophy before any other?
  12. Yeah it's still attainable. Both platinum and 100%.
  13. You only can track kills overall. You could track kills per class on BFHstats, but it's closed now.
  14. There's no reason to bring these servers back online. I've earned all online trophies a few months ago before the server closure, and literally NOBODY was playing. No matter the filter options, there are no players to play with. I had to contact a friend to boost all 50 levels. Also, this game has 10 years old, that's more than most of online servers' lifetime.
  15. This was a very good ace combat game. F2P mechanics were sh1t, but the gameplay and the remake of past epic missions in a coop mode was insanely great. I really miss my XFA-27 happy holidays lvl 20.