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  1. After 4 years since launch, i can finally play Ace Combat 7. I'm really excited about this game, what a pity the deluxe edition didn't came with the Unsung War. Now it's time to borrow the VR glasses...

    1. CelestialRequiem
    2. Silver-I-Chariot


      Game is fun but the platinum is a bit tedious. Prepare for a huge grind.

  2. is this still doable? i don't understand what's the problem.
  3. I've bought an x360 a few years ago only to play Ace Combat 6 and all Forza, Halo and Gears of War games (all x360 exclusives, or almost if considering the PC ports). After that, i've just sold that console and kept straight with the Playstation family of consoles (in other words, i still have my PS3 and bought a PS4). There's no way i will transfer totally to xbox, the main reasons are my friends, exclusive games and of course, platinums.
  4. No. Both editions standard and GOTY share the same trophy list. Applies for both U3 & U2. However, the remastered version of PS4 (Nathan Drake Collection) has three new trophy lists for each game of the original trilogy with no online trophies, and also a new and free DLC with a harder difficulty (which does not affect the platinum).
  5. Finally i got a PS4 and earned the first platinum: Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped! from the N. Sane Trilogy. What a nostalgic game, ended it so quickly except for the Future Tense DLC (pending relic). Now aiming for the rest of the trilogy and the another pending PS4 games!

  6. Any help for this trophy? I don't have a wheel.
  7. Just finished InFAMOUS 2. Completed both endings. It's a weird feeling playing a game which combines fully action gameplay and a very sad ending (both of them). I'm a bit disappointed there's no a direct sequel to InFAMOUS 2, it would be good to see what happens after evil ending. Anyway, the ending theme, Fade Away is just amazing. Is the perfect song to hear after such endings.


    I'm not gonna lie, i was not impressed when played IF1 first time. But now, after finished IF2 (and FoB), i'm surprised and glad i gave it a try. Amazing experience overall. No doubt i will play them all if they get a remaster.

  8. I've finished the game on good karma and now i want to do the opposite. However, when i choose a new game, it says i can "continue" with evil karma (i've never played with bad karma) or create a new game. What's the difference? May i choose continue with evil karma? Because i read that it gives you an incentive or something, but i don't want to complete the whole game again without the trophy.
  9. Isn't there a method where you must use a Sea Sparrow and keep firing a car? That can be done without cheats.
  10. Got InFAMOUS 1 platinum trophy. As many of you, i had problems collecting all the shards. I had 349 of 350 but after 10 minutes of smashing L3 button, finally i've found it. It was on a blue neon sign, it's very difficult to see if you don't pay attention to the radar.

  11. Finished all online trophies for both Assassin's Creed Brotherhood and Revelations. I'm glad to finish any game with online trophies, because it will be unreachable in some point. However i'm still missing all the Ezio story, so let's start with Assassin's Creed II after InFAMOUS saga.

  12. Platinum DJ Hero 2 151 achievers Platinum DJ Hero 309 achievers i think people didn't like DJ Hero series.
  13. I have this error since two weeks ago in both Assassin's Creed Brotherhood and Revelations. Not only me but my friends. Tried downloading by store, XMB menu and even in-game menu. Also tried disabling all devices with both web and console. None of this worked.
  14. There is no way to obtain Test Your Mettle legitly.
  15. why buy dlc when they are free on hong kong store? unless you are european, these dlc works for american and asian games.