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  1. i'm playing it right now and no problems.
  2. Ace Combat Infinity, i love Ace Combat saga and i've invested 290 hours for this 100%. WipEout HD Fury too. The hardest game i've played (except for Gran Turismo 5 but online trophies f**cked my plat).
  3. don't get salty bro, it's just a comment. We are talking of a content that have been made a few years ago, so i can post what i want if it's related to him.
  4. Excellent DLC but pretty annoying trophies.
  5. i've noticed that two versions of Bikes are available: the add-on and the stand-alone. Are there like Freedom Cry for Assassin's Creed IV? One has his own list, and the other just shows as a DLC from the original game. Or both are the same (trophy list speaking)?
  6. Does it has too long online trophies? I don't own a ps4 but i can borrow one for a weekend and take 'em all for both DC and Bikes. This game is an exclusive that i wanted to play from the first day. Does any of the DLCs have online trophies? It looks like all are the same (win the DLC tournament or so) but i want to see an answer from someone who has an idea.
  7. Because i read in flagged games discussions that hackers can pop all of your trophies and i don't want to delete all my profile only for that shit.
  8. I have both, don't look at my profile, i have more games but no time to play all of them (like most of us) both physic and digital (even i have both versions of same game, like cod mw3 or borderlands). The fact is i share the console with my brother and we have a very different taste of games, so when i want to install one, he wants another and the space was cause of many discussions we had. Also i play games that i've got the platinum already sometimes and it's a pity to have to delete them because the free space. Also there are some DLCs and patchs that have a good size amount like Payday 2, GTA V or Gran turismo. So even when i have in them physic version, the size is still being a problem.
  9. Mine's Samsung Seagate ST100LM024 1TB 5400 RPM. It cames with a notebook, but i've replaced by an SSD (WD Green 240GB).
  10. Well, i've deleted anything but the saves, then did the backup on a usb flash (1 GB). Last, putted the new disk and restored the data. But it's stuck at 88% and "1 minute remaining". If i press circle, the system will rebuild the database and all will be fine... except for the protected-copy saved games. They are missing. Should i wait a long time even when it says "1 minute remaning"? Maybe that last minute is stuck because validating the shitty saves. EDIT: i have waited almost 5 hours and the backup finally it's fully restored. All saves, included copy-protected, are back. I hope this help anyone who reads on the future. Just be patient! Looks like encrypted data tooks a lot of time to be copied. Thanks all of you again for helping!
  11. I know. I was a bit confused when you said that USB won't work, while he says that it will work in the same system. I don't understand copy-protection. Almost all games don't use that thing. I remember the Mortal Kombat Armageddon file on PS2 that has that thing and cannot be copied. So annoying...
  12. What about if another profile got plus? Will it work? I only have ps3 and i will not pay for a useless month of ps-plus only for this (because plus on ps3 is useless) so getting the 14-days free on a new account maybe works. dernop was right. Just read the link and see: Anyways, thanks for replies. As for now, i'm planning to clean the disk and do the backup on a pendrive (i guess save games will not be more than 16 GB...) then restore all on the new hdd and re-download all the other stuff. I think it's better this way, because i can play while i'm downloading. However with the backup tool i have to wait a lot, maybe more than a day... who knows. All trophies syncronized and i know all my accounts.
  13. I play very often Call of duty Modern Warfare 3 and Gran Turismo 5/6. Got the 100% of MW3, almost same for GT6 and only 40% for GT5. I love the Survival mode for MW3, also i play often with my brother or friends Gun Game mode in the U-Turn map. Tons of fun. Also i decided to plat GT6 recently, but i'm playing it since years (the server closure triggers that idea). I'm very close to get the 100%. For GT5, i've noticed that has two online (and sadly unattainable) trophies, but i play it sometimes for fun. These two racing games are pretty amazing for both driving simulator and car quantity (and quality too). Another games that i've replayed only for fun are WipEout HD Fury, GRID 2, Ace Combat Assault Horizon and MotorStorm Apocalypse.
  14. The copy-protected saves cannot be copied on a drive or even to the cloud. That's why i ask. Thanks all of you.
  15. I bought my PS3 a long time ago, it's an ultra slim 250 gb edition. In these times, this space was enough for me. But now, i have many games and DLCs that of course will not fit on the current HDD. So, i have a new HDD. 1 TB capabilty and same hardware size. The only thing i know, is that i have to syncronize my trophies before doing this. But i have a few questions to do: -I know the unique method to change the HDD is using the backup tool that comes with the console. But does it also saves your profiles? Can i keep all what i have same on the new disk? -Does saved data still popping trophies if i play with them later? I mean, i have some uncompleted games, and i want to win the remaining trophies but i heard that copied data from another profile will not be recognized from my game, or even will disable all trophies that i've not unlocked. The fact is i do not want to play my games from zero again (and if i wish, i wouldn't have the need to do a backup). I think this question will be answered with the first one. -What can i do for copy-protected saves? Does the backup carry them? I have a bit of them and don't want to lose the progress, even when i got the platinum. -Is 1 TB a size too big for PS3? -Is better to clean the entire disk and only let the savegames for backup for a faster process? I heard that PS3 is very very slow doing this.