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  1. Iron Guts - Earn the highest honors (Far Cry 2 platinum trophy) 0,56%.
  2. You can do any XP you want. But the game only counts 1500 per match (except if you NEVER leave multiplayer).
  3. Do i lose every progress i made with weapons if i've exceeded the 1500 xp cap? I read that Ubisoft made it so you cannot earn more than 1500 xp per match. All points that exceeds this, will not count. But what about the kills? Do they count for the manuals anyway? Because i'm almost lvl 20 and xp is not needed anymore for me. Also i've heard that the game may bug if i earn more than 1500 xp. It is true? I've searched for so many websites and most of them says different things about this.
  4. A friend borrowed me The walking dead survival instinct. He told me this is a wonderful game, but he was soooo wrong. This is the worst game i've played on PS3. I've decided to rush it to get the plat and get him out of my sight. Now i want to do a faster platinum, because this is my fastest plat and i don't want it to figure in my milestones. That sh1t doesn't deserve more than that.
  5. It's not late, i don't own the PS4 version yet. It's sad to read this, now i'm going to do all DLC again (i don't want to pay 60 USD for things i already have). Anyway this is very confusing. Why is premium needed? Why not only the DLCs? Is there a function that is premium only?
  6. This list is only for PS3.
  7. Let's do a list of games (PS3) that don't have DLC trophies, here's mine. -Driver San Francisco -Far Cry 1, 2, 3 -Battlefield Bad Company 1 -Splinter Cell trilogy -Tomb Raider trilogy -Hitman trilogy -Call of Duty Classic, MW2 -C&C Red Alert 3 -DJ Hero 1, 2 I hate DLC trophies because they tend to be expensive (any cod could be a good example) or has more time consuming than the plat (battlefield 4 and hardline).
  8. Thanks for the advise. I got a lot of codemasters racing games only for giveaways. The surprise is that all of them are awesome (except F1 2015 maybe).
  9. Same thing happened with PAYDAY2. PC version requires you to complete all heists on One Down. Console versions are limited to Death Wish (that's A LOT easier).
  10. Hi, i have all DLC from both ps3 and ps4 version but i do not have premium for anyone (they released them for free a few years ago). Can i autopop ps4 trophies anyway?
  11. Just remind GRID 1 was delisted before in Steam. So, that can (and will) happen to this one too.
  12. that's because some of the people who's playing with you doesn't have the DLC. Those maps will only appear if all of the players matched have it. The other DLC maps (i don't know exactly if it's Abandonen or Reclaimed) will only appear if you search on DLC maps. There aren't many people playing them, randoms only search for standard games so your solution is joining a boosting session.
  13. Yeah, that was a living hell. Two tries, people who don't want to help and one of the most nightmares that i've lived in boosting sessions. That's why i'm cleaning my trophy list before doing another new game. Also being careful about joining with certain people. By the way, i don't think you are worried about platinums but look for the plat of Grid 2. Very nice game imo.
  14. The Last of Us. Because his online will die and it's a very beatiful platinum (and 100%) to have.
  15. RE: Revelations only has one online trophy and it's easy and fast to do. Same on PAYDAY2, all of it can be done solo (i have the plat) except for the one that requires a whole team to drop the cash from the bus before it explodes.