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  1. There's no reason to bring these servers back online. I've earned all online trophies a few months ago before the server closure, and literally NOBODY was playing. No matter the filter options, there are no players to play with. I had to contact a friend to boost all 50 levels. Also, this game has 10 years old, that's more than most of online servers' lifetime.
  2. This was a very good ace combat game. F2P mechanics were sh1t, but the gameplay and the remake of past epic missions in a coop mode was insanely great. I really miss my XFA-27 happy holidays lvl 20.
  3. I got my Formula reaching lvl 40 b-spec, then copying my savegame into a pendrive. Reaching lvl 40 gives you a lvl 24 car ticket, and one of the possibles rewards is the Formula. If you get another car (remember you can't play the Formula Challenge with the Ferrar F1, even if it's a Formula), just restore your backup and try again.
  4. I have a question about COD: MW2 (PS3). When it says "multiplayer reset", does it affect to offline profiles? or only online? I play sometimes in split screen with friends and got some stuff unlocked.
  5. Ok thanks. Offtopic but how can i remove that green line in the center of the HUD? I can't pilot the chopper because that line guides him on that direction
  6. i will start this plat. is this trophy the only-online it has? can i do the rest with two players split screen?
  7. The description is explicit. Complete the last round (the badass one) without getting into fight for your life, that's mean your life NEVER have to reach 0 points. No matter if you self revive.
  8. I'm from argentina, bought the complete edition (ps3) a few years ago and i can download inmortal edition (ps4) now for free.
  9. I had to make that decision a long time ago, when i failed to earn Grand Cross Valor trophy on Killzone 2. That is my second unattainable platinum on my profile, and i was thinking about doing another account. However, when i looked at my profile and saw that i have good and unique platinums and 100%'s (like U2, U3 and TLoU), i kept my main account. Now i have more rare platinums like DJ Hero 1 & 2 (actually unattainable) so leaving behind an entire account for only two games will be a pretty waste of time. Don't worry about the incompleted games, just get all trophies you can or hide them. Having an account with 100% completion will give you nothing. Maybe is satisfying looking all your games completed (or unsatisfying looking the uncompleted ones), but you will be remember your last account all the time you get a new plat if you do that. Remember that focusing ONLY on trophies will break your gaming experience: you are here for fun.
  10. You are right. I only focused on St Lucia Trials (the single and coop challenges). Not on the whole DLC. Anyway, i don't think they bring the servers back. No matter what trophies it has (if they really care about trophies...).
  11. DJ Hero and some of Guitar Hero servers were closed without any warning. They just have announced they closure, but nothing more.
  12. I don't think they bring the servers back. However, you had almost 10 years to get a simple bronze trophy. Better get rid of your other online trophies before this happens again...
  13. I have a PSP since 2010 and games are REALLY expensive considering that the games are now old. In my country, physic editions of games are rare to find. But taking a look onto PSN, the games of this console have a high price imo. Considering that PSN no longer works on this console and neither online from all their games, do you really pay for digital PSP games?
  14. I've updated my first post, so many things happened but i'm not finished yet. It seems that Battlefield Hardline has the most exhausting online trophy list of all. Criminal Activity has an insane amount of kills needed, EA should only put 1k per class, not 10k. Aside the game is funny (at least), it looks like the game is dying slowly, so i'm a bit scared about the future of the game and the time i have to do it. I have premium for PS4 version but hell, i definitely will not play this game again once finished.
  15. Doing Vettel challenges are almost impossible without a good wheel.