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  1. As title said, what about if we can hide games that we won't play? I mean, i know that exists some filters but i think these aren't enough. For example, i've completed at 100% Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City. But the game wasn't that i've expected and i never want to play it again. So i wish to hide those RE ORC sessions. What do you think?
  2. Motorstorm RC. His platinum (for any console) isn't rare because can be popped with a savegame (crossplay). But damn, those time trials are very difficult.
  3. So there is no way to play online with the disk version right now? I think new brand games will have caducated codes.
  4. I've noticed that the online pass has been removed from the store, so used copies (or those who has the code used) are useless. BUT, i was thinking... what about if i got both versions? I mean, i think digital copy doesn't need the online pass, right? So, what happens if i have a digital copy installed and then i play with the disk version? Does the online works?
  5. You're right. So, if i win Run like the wind right now, i will be NOT flagged?
  6. i have all incan sets and i can say that i still got them in almost every map. I think the maps don't matter when getting treasures, but playing in differents maps maybe can change your luck. I mean, i've never played Chateau on HA but when i did, i got three new different treasures. I've got three treasures left to win both trophies.
  7. But why then codbo2 big leagues trophy cannot be earnable? I mean, the way you get run like the wind or this, are the same. However you will be flagged only if you get the codbo2 trophy and not the gta one. I think both should not be flaggable only if those are the last trophies that you earn. Maybe this will give an opportunity to get the platinum without any risk of hacking the anothers (or taking any kind of advantage).
  8. what about if PSNP staff just allow the hacking of this trophy?
  9. I've completed the spec ops campaing and a ! sign appeared (exclamation sign) when i go to free mision in the spec ops side. What does this mean?
  10. I got all trophies for ace combat infinity and assault horizon. AC7 seems to be busy from its release. So i was focusing on this game. Is this platinum still obtainable?
  11. I think wrecks are the most difficult of the list. Wins are easier when you put elimination mode with 5 seconds.
  12. With 2 joysticks, start a custom private game and do all the part challenges, vehicle by vehicle. There are 39 in total, excluding dlc. It's easy, except for wrecking rivals if you aren't in a bike or quad.
  13. i have all online trophies. i want the cars and customizable parts. Nevermind, i'm with 2 joysticks in process to unlock it all. But man, who the hell can allow this shit? i mean, only online to unlock game content? now i know why they don't release any more games of this franchise. and that's a pity because it's one of the best arcade racing games ever.
  14. i don' care about the trophies, i know how to boost them. But unlocking all cars and custom parts are a very long task even than boosting lvl 40. As far i know, it can be unlocked only in online mode.
  15. If online will be shut down, then how we can unlock the parts??