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  1. i have all incan sets and i can say that i still got them in almost every map. I think the maps don't matter when getting treasures, but playing in differents maps maybe can change your luck. I mean, i've never played Chateau on HA but when i did, i got three new different treasures. I've got three treasures left to win both trophies.
  2. But why then codbo2 big leagues trophy cannot be earnable? I mean, the way you get run like the wind or this, are the same. However you will be flagged only if you get the codbo2 trophy and not the gta one. I think both should not be flaggable only if those are the last trophies that you earn. Maybe this will give an opportunity to get the platinum without any risk of hacking the anothers (or taking any kind of advantage).
  3. what about if PSNP staff just allow the hacking of this trophy?
  4. What about if Sony allows you to delete trophies on your account? Would you delete your incompleted games? Those 100% impossibles? Or just keep 'em all? I know that most of the players have an annoying PES, FIFA, NBA or any sports game that can't be completed because servers closed. In my case, i only have three games that i can't complete at 100%. Killzone 2 (VGC), GTA V (Run like the wind) and Gran Turismo 5 (circuit and photo share). I have GTA V near the 100% and i really think that Rockstar will fix it one day, so i would only erase the other two. By the way... do you think that this will be possible someday? Or the trophies will be earnables in the future (without being flagged)? I know what i said is crazy, but dreaming is free, you know...
  5. I've completed the spec ops campaing and a ! sign appeared (exclamation sign) when i go to free mision in the spec ops side. What does this mean?
  6. I got all trophies for ace combat infinity and assault horizon. AC7 seems to be busy from its release. So i was focusing on this game. Is this platinum still obtainable?
  7. I think wrecks are the most difficult of the list. Wins are easier when you put elimination mode with 5 seconds.
  8. If online will be shut down, then how we can unlock the parts??
  9. With 2 joysticks, start a custom private game and do all the part challenges, vehicle by vehicle. There are 39 in total, excluding dlc. It's easy, except for wrecking rivals if you aren't in a bike or quad.
  10. i have all online trophies. i want the cars and customizable parts. Nevermind, i'm with 2 joysticks in process to unlock it all. But man, who the hell can allow this shit? i mean, only online to unlock game content? now i know why they don't release any more games of this franchise. and that's a pity because it's one of the best arcade racing games ever.
  11. i don' care about the trophies, i know how to boost them. But unlocking all cars and custom parts are a very long task even than boosting lvl 40. As far i know, it can be unlocked only in online mode.
  12. I hate trophies related to kill THOUSAND of times another human players. Like Uncharted 2, Resistance 2 or Battlefield Hardline. These are SHITTY trophies. I mean you can put them but not for more than one hundred or so. Because i play multiplayer games but not for a long time because i have another games to play, you know? And even they don't make the games to be too replayable to stay that required time.
  13. Any guy playing this game? I need to do short fuse! PS3 Edit: i don't need it anymore. Don't try to add or message me please.
  14. I've not an only fav game, but Red Dead Redemption just got me impressed. Also thanks for doing this giveaway.
  15. I really hate the consoles are very expensive in my country and i cannot play exclusive games of them. So it's a pity for WipeOut 2048 for me. I know that i still can play it in Omega Collection, but platinum on PSVita will ve unattainable. By the way, Killzone 2 it's a pain. Same reason for WipeOut 2048, i bought it too late for doing the online trophies, and i don't have enough time for recruiting people and help me for Valor Grand Cross, so platinum is also inobtainable for me. At least, i could earn all the online trophies for KZ3...
  16. Interesting points of view. I agree when i read that being a completionist will not be an "unique achievement" if this option would be implemented. However, i disagree when you say that me or whoever will not play a game if it doesn't have a possible platinum. In my case i use an alternative account, and keep enjoying the game even if it doesn't have online or whatever that makes him unattainable. That's the case of SOCOM 4, Midnight Club LA, Resistance 2 or DiRT 2. But i think all of us will agree when i say that trophies changed our day-to-day gameplay, and that's the reason why i have a strange value to earn 'em all.
  17. Battlefield Hardline's DLC requires you to kill 10.000 enemies with all of the classes (with a total of 40k). It took at least 350 hours. Also, Ace Combat Infinity required me 1171 matches that is about 290 hours to achieve "Veteran Pilot", reach Colonel rank.
  18. I just want to buy dlc bundle from KZ2 and there is no store that have it. Did Guerrilla said the day that they will do this? Damn this game.
  19. I'm not sure because my game says "BCUS" and in the store, "BCAS". It will work anyway? In AC:B both are "BLUS".
  20. Is this real? Someone tried this?
  21. Gran Turismo 5: i have it at 40% but anyway i don't have the onlines. So any effort to platinum it will be a waste of time (or not, because i love this game but this plat is really very difficult). GTA V: Had the game much before from the trophy disabled 'Run Like The Wind' but i hate online so never played online until i saw this news. Killzone 2: Killzone ever was a game that i want to play, but in my situation i cannot buy everything what i want (even in my country). So i bought the trilogy pack when i noticed the servers closure. But right now, DLCs are delisted so 100% it's impossible for me, and people doing 'Valor Grand Cross' are making a really challenge to earn it that requires a lot of time i don't have. Online trophies sucks.
  22. Hi, i want to buy a code from GameStop - it says "digital download" but it asks me for an adress. The problem is that the adress must be on the US and i'm from Argentina. So my question is. ¿Can i put a fake adress and they will send me the code via email anyway? ¿Or they sell physical cards? Thanks for reading.
  23. Yes, my account is from the US. I tried putting a fake adress but it doesn't allow me anyway because my credit card has an adress that don't match with the fake one. So, what a shit of service, selling digital codes but only in his region... what a joke
  24. No, i want digital codes. My problem is when i want to buy, it asks me for an US adress, however i live in another country but is a digital code, so why it needs my adress if they will send me the code via email? I have tried buying with paypal (american account), but still can't buy from there. It's like they don't accept paypal funds, only credit card (mine is from my country it will not allow me).
  25. Neither