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  1. I'm new on this saga, i've recently completed ACIII and loved it. But i did not understand too much the story so friends of mine told me that i need to play AC1 and Ezio Collection. I will play AC1 on PC because there's no trophies on PS3 version and has more exclusive missions. However, i've noticed that Ezio Collection has been released for PS3 and PS4. The real difference aside from the graphics, are the online trophies. Are they worth to play? I know AC2 doesn't have online trophies, but what about the others? I mean, i loved to play Uncharted 2 and 3 online even when exists the remastered without it. It is the case of Brotherhood and Revelations?
  2. I have both 100% from last year. Some trophies are fun, others boring as hell. U2: -Competitive matches will catch you most of the time; because you need 50 wins of every mode. Also, you need a couple of medals for another trophies, but those will not be a problem because you will get them in the road of the 50 wins. However, there's a last trophy that probably would be the last one, that's the pain in the ass of the 100%. You need to farm 2500 kills in any competitive mode. Fortunately you can boost this, but playing in public matches will help you a lot (yeah, people still playing this mode). Just think that if you have a 6 member team, you will need to farm 15k kills, 2,5k for everyone. For that reason, using both methods will be very useful to not getting tired in the process. With 6 people (or consoles) you can boost all competitive modes. Nobody can joins while match have started so you won't get worry about randoms. -Coop is not hard at all, maybe some trophies requires a few tries but nothing that cannot be done, even those who needs to be played on Crushing. These trophies will need some practice, however. They can be earned with 3 people, some of them with only two. U3: -Like U2, competitive matches will be a time consuming, but fortunately there's NOT a 2,5k kills, so you can relax on this one. Yeah, winning 50 times on almost every mode is required, but it can be boosted and almost all modes are pretty quickly. Another competitive medal trophies can be done in the process too. Maybe they can look too much trophies, but medals are easy to get. Unlike U2, U3 needs at least eight players to start a match, but hey! every player can use their second controller to fill a place, so it only needs 4 players with a second controller. However, a match have place for 10 players, and unlike u2 again, randoms can join the game when already started. And you CANNOT have a same console in both teams - player 1 on one, and 2 on another. So if you want to not get worried about randoms, you will need 6 players (4 of them with 2 controllers). -Grab your pants because cooperative mode is the REALLY challenge for this one, there's a lot of trophies for doing on those modes so be patient and practice a lot because you will need it. Also get two more partners that have same patient and dedication because i'm not lying when i say that trophies like overseer and invincible are very difficult. But don't worry, they are very funny, at least for me. Also there's some coop medal relationated trophies that need to be grinded, i recommend to do these when you finish all coop campaign and arena trophies because can happen that you maybe could get them while playing. -There's a new mode called "hunter arena" that is a fusion between coop and competitive. There are two trophies, two VERY PAINFUL trophies that have the worst RNG you will met. When you kill an enemy player, there's a chance to drop a "treasure". There are two long lists of treasures you need to collect, however... you can get the SAME TREASURE even when you already got it. Also, there's no way to get a specific treasure, so these trophies will be the most grinding for both games and maybe will be the last of your list. Fortunately they can be done with 2 people with 2 controllers. In a conclusion i can say that i had a lot of fun playing this, that's because i've played with friends almost all nights and got very good memorable moments with them. Maybe doing competitive will be stressing, but taking breaks like playing a REAL competitive game between your boosting team for example, will do the things more easier and funny. Uncharted 2 has 10 years from now, so don't get surprised if Naughty Dog announces their server closure. You can grind this, or only wait to get the remastered collection and get the only-offline platinums... or get the most experience playing the online. Yeah, it will not be like when released, but better later than never. PD: maybe you will find some typos or grammar errors, excuse me for that. I do not speak English in my country.
  3. Here in Argentina we buy the games more expensive than other regions, and ALSO pay extra taxes. i.e a new AAA game costs around US$ 60, but we pay it for US$72. Nobody knows why, because we MUST pay in dollars, not in pesos. Also add the 21% of the final price: that give us a total price of US$87,12, that's a 45,2% more than U.S. consumers. I will be happy if only need to pay %10, even when Canada is a country much more advanced than Argentina (what a ironic).
  4. It says "unable to connect host" when i try to join my partner's lobby. Is there a problem with the servers? Because i still can see leaderboards so i think servers are still up.
  5. Who those all that are viewing this topic in search for an answer for "unable to connection host", i can say that i've managed to get all coop trophies. Forget about that error, you need to keep trying sending and accepting invitations until the game finally joins you and your mate. These servers sucks. However, if you reach to join with your partner, you will not get any connection error while playing, so relax.
  6. Someone? I've tried to play with 3 people but i got an error with all of them. How actually are they doing the coop trophies?
  7. Collector & Hoarder from Uncharted 3. I'm really proud of getting those two. I defeated the luck.
  8. I've noticed that the online pass has been removed from the store, so used copies (or those who has the code used) are useless. BUT, i was thinking... what about if i got both versions? I mean, i think digital copy doesn't need the online pass, right? So, what happens if i have a digital copy installed and then i play with the disk version? Does the online works?
  9. I was just reading this post and sorry but i don't know how to read English very well, so i have a doubt. When it says: Cross-save games without an original list - If a game supports the cross-save function, and all lists for that game are auto-popped without there being an original list which has feasible timestamps, then all cross-save lists for that game can be flagged. This means that i cannot auto-pop all the online trophies for i.e Battlefield 4 if i have all done on ps3 and want to play it on ps4?
  10. Ok, i understand now. Thank you all.
  11. As title said, what about if we can hide games that we won't play? I mean, i know that exists some filters but i think these aren't enough. For example, i've completed at 100% Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City. But the game wasn't that i've expected and i never want to play it again. So i wish to hide those RE ORC sessions. What do you think?
  12. Motorstorm RC. His platinum (for any console) isn't rare because can be popped with a savegame (crossplay). But damn, those time trials are very difficult.
  13. So there is no way to play online with the disk version right now? I think new brand games will have caducated codes.
  14. You're right. So, if i win Run like the wind right now, i will be NOT flagged?
  15. i have all incan sets and i can say that i still got them in almost every map. I think the maps don't matter when getting treasures, but playing in differents maps maybe can change your luck. I mean, i've never played Chateau on HA but when i did, i got three new different treasures. I've got three treasures left to win both trophies.
  16. But why then codbo2 big leagues trophy cannot be earnable? I mean, the way you get run like the wind or this, are the same. However you will be flagged only if you get the codbo2 trophy and not the gta one. I think both should not be flaggable only if those are the last trophies that you earn. Maybe this will give an opportunity to get the platinum without any risk of hacking the anothers (or taking any kind of advantage).
  17. what about if PSNP staff just allow the hacking of this trophy?
  18. What about if Sony allows you to delete trophies on your account? Would you delete your incompleted games? Those 100% impossibles? Or just keep 'em all? I know that most of the players have an annoying PES, FIFA, NBA or any sports game that can't be completed because servers closed. In my case, i only have three games that i can't complete at 100%. Killzone 2 (VGC), GTA V (Run like the wind) and Gran Turismo 5 (circuit and photo share). I have GTA V near the 100% and i really think that Rockstar will fix it one day, so i would only erase the other two. By the way... do you think that this will be possible someday? Or the trophies will be earnables in the future (without being flagged)? I know what i said is crazy, but dreaming is free, you know...
  19. I've completed the spec ops campaing and a ! sign appeared (exclamation sign) when i go to free mision in the spec ops side. What does this mean?
  20. I think wrecks are the most difficult of the list. Wins are easier when you put elimination mode with 5 seconds.
  21. If online will be shut down, then how we can unlock the parts??
  22. With 2 joysticks, start a custom private game and do all the part challenges, vehicle by vehicle. There are 39 in total, excluding dlc. It's easy, except for wrecking rivals if you aren't in a bike or quad.
  23. i have all online trophies. i want the cars and customizable parts. Nevermind, i'm with 2 joysticks in process to unlock it all. But man, who the hell can allow this shit? i mean, only online to unlock game content? now i know why they don't release any more games of this franchise. and that's a pity because it's one of the best arcade racing games ever.
  24. i don' care about the trophies, i know how to boost them. But unlocking all cars and custom parts are a very long task even than boosting lvl 40. As far i know, it can be unlocked only in online mode.
  25. I hate trophies related to kill THOUSAND of times another human players. Like Uncharted 2, Resistance 2 or Battlefield Hardline. These are SHITTY trophies. I mean you can put them but not for more than one hundred or so. Because i play multiplayer games but not for a long time because i have another games to play, you know? And even they don't make the games to be too replayable to stay that required time.