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  1. 21 hours ago, Xenoblast91 said:

    Can you work further on this please? Seems that more than one achievement/trophy is actually crippled by. 

    You are right. I only focused on St Lucia Trials (the single and coop challenges). Not on the whole DLC. Anyway, i don't think they bring the servers back. No matter what trophies it has (if they really care about trophies...).


  2. I have a PSP since 2010 and games are REALLY expensive considering that the games are now old. In my country, physic editions of games are rare to find. But taking a look onto PSN, the games of this console have a high price imo.


    Considering that PSN no longer works on this console and neither online from all their games, do you really pay for digital PSP games?


  3. I've updated my first post, so many things happened but i'm not finished yet.


    It seems that Battlefield Hardline has the most exhausting online trophy list of all. Criminal Activity has an insane amount of kills needed, EA should only put 1k per class, not 10k.


    Aside the game is funny (at least), it looks like the game is dying slowly, so i'm a bit scared about the future of the game and the time i have to do it. I have premium for PS4 version but hell, i definitely will not play this game again once finished.


  4. I came here to tell you that i've obtained both DJ Hero platinums (: so this is my veredict:


    DJ Hero 1 is A LOT HARDER than DJH2.


    The reason is that DJH2 has powerdecks, that helps you too much doing five stars. Also, Beats and Pieces is MUCH, MUCH harder to do 5 stars than Galvanize. Maybe i can do a mention to Ace of Spades remix because you cannot do rewinds on guitar songs - that makes it more difficult than the others. So you must keep that x4 multiplier the long as you can, because this song is short and the minimun error can take you to the frustrating 4 stars.


    As for DJ Hero 2, doing 400 notes is not difficult as it looks. The song is not very difficult at all, you need to be concentrated and make no errors.

    The only thing which DJ1 is better than DJ2 is the online. Yeah i know the servers are closed, but doing online trophies for DJH1 was much easier than DJH2. Fu** those "reach lvl 50" trophies (i'm talking to you, RE Revelations & AC Black Flag).


    But like someone said, it's only practice and practice and practice.


    Don't get afraid with Groundhog, that's NOT a difficult song. As for me, doing scratches is more difficult than taps and crossfades. So Beats and Pieces is the worst headache i had.


  5. Sometimes i've bought sealed games with expired codes and it still works i.e Gran Turismo 5 XL, Infamous trilogy or God of War Ascension online pass.


    Anyway, there's a section where you must put the code (it doesn't work on the ps store) but it doesn't exist anymore. So that's the reason why even a sealed copy will not work.


  6. First, don't use forums for boosting sessions. You have to use the following link to do this: If you see that nobody's joining, just edit your session and keep updating every week until you get enough people.


    Second, i got this trophy a month ago, just playing in public. I've found a server playing it with many people, and luckily nobody left until match ended. Just keep trying and don't desperate, this game isn't too old and i don't think it will close early.


  7. In my country (Argentina) there is a quarantine for 14 days. However, the people still think this is a mini-vacation so they are going out to turistic places with their families - not so smart i think.


    Schools and universities are closed until 31th march, transports are less frequent and hospitals are full with paranoid people.


  8. 1 hour ago, Paco-001 said:

    The game asked me if I wanted to transfer data when I first started the game. Started online match and trophies popped. Did nothing special. Try Battlelog as mentioned in other forum. Best of luck.

    I've tried a lot of things. Reinstalled, changing soldier on battlelog, logging out and started the game... nothing happened. Nevermind, i like the game, so it will not be a problem playing it again.


  9. Is the limited edition content on disc? Or in a code? Because i've saw some unboxings and there's only one code for online pass, but as far i know, there is no more online pass needed for any EA game.


    I know there's no DLC or content needed for trophies, but i just want to buy it used because brand new it's too expensive. And if it is on disc, it would be great have some cars in the garage.


  10. I did a list asking the same so here it is:



    When the timer expires on a Driver Challenge, be at the top of the leaderboard.
    Join a Club, or have someone join a Club that you have created.
    -And So It Begins!
    Send a Challenge to another player.
    -Team Work
    Be a member of a Club that is Club Level 10 or above.
    Win 5 of your own Solo Challenges after sending them to at least one other player.
    Drive at least 1000 miles (1610 km) as a Club Member.



    -Community Service
    Participate in an Evolution Bike Challenge.
    -Any Takers?
    Send a Solo Bike Challenge to 10 or more players.
    -I'll Save That For Later
    Save a Multiplayer Replay at the end of a Race after finishing on the podium with 6 or more competitors (Bikes Only).


    None of the dlc's has any online trophy for both DC and Bikes.


  11. It's not really hard at all. It will give you some headaches in the way but nothing that can make the game impossible. In fact, almost all the game can be played in stealth, so as long as you have some patience, the game will be completed very quickly.


    NG+ instead is a walk in the park. You know very well how to play against all of the enemies in those conditions so it will take you half of the time than normal NG.


  12. 11 hours ago, Lance_87 said:

    Are you guys implying that if i delete my digital copy of the game, which hopefully includes all DLC, i'll lose access to certain DLC if i redownload it?

    No. All the content you bought will be in your account forever.


    The Season Pass gives you access through all content released from November 2014 to July 2015. Some of them were not included and MUST be bought separately. These are:


    -Ignition (free DLC for everyone but needs license from the store)

    -Photo Finish (free DLC for everyone but needs license from the store)

    -AMG Expansion Pack (free DLC for everyone but needs license from the store)

    -No Limits (DLC released later so must be bought apart from the season pass)

    -Finish Line (DLC released later so must be bought apart from the season pass)


    These last two only appears in Driveclub Bikes trophy list (because they released so many DLC for a single game), so as long as you don't earn any trophy of them, the list will not pop. Also, all DLC content from Bikes (as Bikes himself) are not included in season pass neither.