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  1. This is a bad idea. Having access to sacred fire with power ups ONLY will give an unfair advantage to players. Since every turbo pad gives at least sacred fire, it's fair and balanced. These are good points. Agreed. I've wanted a ranking system and itemless races since the start. You're exaggarating. Beenox literally went above and beyond adding SO many new characters and tracks (for free). They gave us all of the original CTR and CNK content and on top of that, so much more as pure fan service. Who cares if they add a crate too, it was meant to be a joke and give players an incentive to search for hidden collectibles in tracks to unlock it. It's optional. Why can't you be happy with what they've already done for the game? Here's what I think about the remake: It's great, not perfect but one of the best out there in terms of content. It wasn't full price, it was decently priced as well. Yes, the online has flaws and isn't as polished as it could be however overall, CTR:NF was made with love and you're oblivious if you can't see that. You are free to dislike the game but some of these points simply aren't valid and give off the wrong impression. My personal gripe with the game is that it's 30FPS. Here's hoping a superior version will eventually show up for PS5.
  2. Looks easy, having to complete all combo challenges would such be a great fit for Guilty Gear
  3. Interesting watch... made me also look up the Dream drama and these kind of videos are highly entertaining and addictive for some reason. 😂 In reality this is incredibly sad. He lied for over 10 years while he cheated, which is self serving and manipulative behaviour. Definitely not a person I'd want to be around. Very disrespectful to all the other players competing
  4. Ah yes... Ghost 'n Goblins.. this and Castlevania 2: Simon's Quest taught me the true meaning of pain. Kids be thinking Dark Souls is a hard game nowadays
  5. In no particular order Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4 Marvel vs Capcom 2 Crash Nitro Kart SSX Tricky GTA San Andreas
  6. OlliOlli2 - Fast paced, challenging platforming gameplay - Can be completed in under a week - Instant restarts, trial and error - Ultra Rare platinum sub 1%
  7. If the PS3 store indeed shuts down, does this mean we'd be locked out of paid avatars? I don't think you can purchase PS3 avatars on PS4 and the browser.
  8. CDPR is a brand, where did you pull all this wisdom from? Not like you actually know what's playing under the hood so these are all baseless assumptions. They had success in the past but that has nothing to do with their current state. Face the facts, they are evident. Did you watch the video?
  9. Pre-ordering games has become worse over time, the environment we're in now simply doesn't allow us to have faith in the bigger game studios any longer. With such a huge market to exploit, it's to be expected from a bunch of greedy suits in charge. Also, it seemingly has become a trend that delayed games are eventually shit, Miyamoto's quote doesn't hold up anymore, times for sure have changed.
  10. You are on a public message board, I'm not sure if you understand but this is a place where discussions are being held, if you're just trying to be smug posting ''move on lol'' thus preventing the discussion to progress in a direction that is relevant to the topic at hand, then I don't see how that is healthy for this forum. That's the point I am trying to make, your post was as shallow as it gets and contributed nothing. While not supporting CDPR financially in any way in the future, I do hope this leaves a mark on the rest of the industry, and hopefully other big corpos will take note, we can not defend this kind of hypocrisy from game studios anymore
  11. Ah yes, so instead of spending a portion of our time discussing this incident, we should all just move on and focus exclusively on whatever else is going on in the world and playing the backlog. Like I get what you're saying but you realize that's just your opinion right? We're free to discuss our thoughts about the game, the consequences and the industry in general, your "lmao just move on" isn't helping. You could have been discussing football trading cards or whatever else is piquing your interests but instead still felt the need to post this.
  12. Pretty sure blatantly lying about your product and manipulating journalists to boost sales is illegal, hence this is being taken to court and CDPR is being sued right now. They misrepresented everything and you're still blaming the consumer? I didn't pre-order this game myself but that is some flawed rhetoric to say the least
  13. What CDPR has done is unacceptable. Extremely shady practices severely damaged my good will towards the company, and I'm sure many others are with me here. They will never see a cent from me again.
  14. Selling and renting games is such a viable option, I don't even know why people buy digital only consoles. With how much games cost nowadays, you really don't want to be stuck buying digital titles full price.
  15. The only thing you can actually do is not buy the game, as long as the majority still pays these prices they will keep selling it for that much. Demon's Souls is a funny one, it's 80€ here and it is quite ridiculous honestly. Even my favorite franchise doesn't escape from corporate greed, it feels like a reality check doesn't it.