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  1. Can't you guys read? It's called Cyberpunk 2077 for a reason...
  2. I am not against change. I'm against stupidly unnecessary and detrimental change, which this is. All they had to do was remove the cap for super high-levelled people, and adjust platinums for rarity, so the rarer an obtained plat is, the more you progress. They did neither. 👍
  3. :platinum: #31 - Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition


    My first TR proved to be super fun! Adventure and action? Check. Really great tombs and puzzles? Double Check. Mysterious ancient island for ancient history nerds like me? TRIPLE CHECK! ^_^


    I played this for the first time in 2018 and had ZERO plans to plat it due to the loooong MP grind. However, my very kind friend @Fox offered to lend me a paw, so we could use a faster 2 player grind method. While it was still long, it was much better than what I'm imagining the solo grind to be. So special thank you to him! Literally would not have this plat otherwise. xD


    Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed my first TR game. I was really interested in the mystery behind this long lost Kingdom of Yamatai, and the mythology behind it. While the Uncharted games are a bit more fast paced, I definitely see where they draw inspiration from. TR is an iconic franchise, and I look forward to trying Shadow of the Tomb Raider. Plus, it made me happy to play as a female protagonist! :wub:

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    2. MidnightDragon
    3. Last-_-Judgment


      Congratulations! 😊 Such a great game and I completely agree, I think TR is a nudge over Rise. Rise felt to me like an expansion of the first game. I think it's an excellent direction they took with the franchise as it felt new and refreshing despite taking some ideas from Naughty Dog. Glad you enjoyed it 😁

    4. Mayellie


      @Last-_-Judgment Thank you! I can't say I even remember what happens in Rise... the gameplay and direction were great, but the story to me was literally forgettable. 😂 Here's hoping Shadow is more exciting! xD

  4. #31 - Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition True Survivor Unlock every Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition trophy. Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition is my first ever Tomb Raider since I never got around to diving into the franchise on earlier consoles! I first played this back in 2018, where I completed the main story and got most of its singleplayer trophies, but ignored the MP. My favorite part of the game is solving the tombs because, duh, tomb raider. There’s definitely more emphasis on general adventure than tomb raiding, which I wasn’t expecting. The puzzles are somewhat complex, and sometimes took longer to solve than what I’m willing to admit… This TR’s story involves Lara and her crew on a ship searching for an island off the coast of Japan in search of secrets behind the ancient kingdom of Yamatai, and its powerful ruler, Himiko, the Sun Queen. After very conveniently crashing onto that exact island, Lara and her crew find themselves in a sticky situation where everything is not what it seems to be. Mystery? Check. Ancient history for (somewhat factual) ancient history nerds like me? DOUBLE CHECK! I was invested in the story for my first playthrough a few years ago. When I got around to playing it a second time, especially now that I’ve tried the second installment of the reboot, Rise of the Tomb Raider, I noticed some pros and cons. Pros for TR over Rise is the story is soooooooooo much more interesting. I’m pretty crap with video game story memory, so I don’t even remember what the hell happens in Rise, but I remember feeling pretty bored and wanting to hop onto my next game. Cons include some cliché dialogue here and there, with a sprinkle of annoying and bipolar side characters. Trophies: singleplayer and multiplayer. The former is straightforward and mainly comprises of killing enemies a certain way. They’re easy, but the issue is some trophies will be easiest to get in specific parts of Lara’s adventure. Meaning, if you went to Shantytown, where there are tons of enemies standing by ledges, and progressed without getting the “pull X enemies off ledges trophy”, then, you, my friend, are FUCKED! While there is free roam post-story, not many enemies respawn. This renders pretty much the entire list as missable. Kills don’t stack either, so they must be in a single playthrough. You need to get all collectibles too, but if you like to get the most out of your games, this should be a slice of cake. Second part is multiplayer, and is by FAR, the reason this is a 5% PSNP plat! Firstly, the MP is totally and 100% absolutely dead, which means you’d have to boost to get some trophies. The good thing is those trophies should not take longer than 30 minutes to boost, and you’d need only a total of 4 people. Secondly (brace yourself), you have to reach level 60. It’s a looooooooong grind. There’s 2 strategies to this trophy: solo grind, and boosting grind. With solo grind, you’re basically begging to be tortured. You need 1.7 million XP to Level 60, and solo matches grant you 20,000 XP… so to anyone who completed it solo, you’re legendary! Luckily, I boosted the grind. My very, very kind friend @Fox lent me a paw for several hours over 2 or so weeks so that I could use another 100,000 XP per match method that was still grindy, but MUUUCH better than solo grind. I literally would not have even returned to this game’s plat if it wasn’t for his help! Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed my first TR game. Returning to it after playing Rise of the Tomb Raider helped point out its age, though. I was really interested in the mystery behind this long lost Kingdom of Yamatai, and the mythology behind it. While the Uncharted games are a bit more fast paced, I definitely see where they draw inspiration from. TR is an iconic franchise, and I look forward to trying Shadow of the Tomb Raider. Plus, it made me happy to play as a female protagonist! Difficulty: 5/10 Grind: 8/10 Enjoyment: 8.5/10 I recommend!
  5. Super happy! Grabbed Coffee Talk as soon as I saw it was on sale with no hesitation. It released early 2020, and I’ve been waiting for a sale since. I tried the demo and really loved the concept of a chill, relaxing game that incorporates some coffee making/barista elements with characters that have touching stories, and you help them by having conversations and serving a warm drink or two. The lo-fi OST was the cream on the hot chocolate! I can wholeheartedly recommend Cat Quest for that price. Played both 1 & 2 and they’re fun, charming games.
  6. This looks like it should be lifted. It’s very much doable to get from Level 25 to Level 50 in 10 minutes. Bethesda’s RPGs are exploits and glitches galore, and I thought everyone and their mom knew about leveling up glitches like this. Plus, OP says they’re the fastest achiever anyway (I’m aware there’s no way CRT could have known bc it was a different account), so that helps their case. I don’t really comment on Dispute Threads, but I’ve been seeing more and more “too fast” flag reasons often. I don’t feel like that alone is a good enough reason for a flag, especially for a game as glitchy and exploity as this. If it was within 10 seconds, sure, but 10 minutes is very plausible. There’s a difference between “very fast” and “absolutely, impossibly no-way-in-hell fast”. Don’t know why this would be flagged. Just my 2 cents.
  7. I don't think I'll be trying this out since I'd love to experience TLOU2 as a true survival game sometime in the future, but this glitch is great for anyone who doesn't prefer that and would like to get through the game quicker. Would be great if the guide author updated the guide to reflect this glitch (if it doesn't disable trophies) for those who don't tend to check the Forum often. I'm sure this will be very helpful to plenty of players. Thanks for sharing!
  8. :platinum:#30 - Paladins.


    Someone call the fire department because I'm on FIRE! Another plat so soon already! That's a first for me. xD


    Oh, man... words cannot describe how happy I am to FINALLY get this one! I had already popped all but one god-, or in this case, devforsaken back in 2018. This satanic trophy stopped me from getting that shiny pixelated bling that holds absolutely no real life value and that I probably shouldn't be obsessed with for a long time! The trophy in question is tied to an in-game mode that got removed right when I first started playing... can't you tell I'm a suuuper lucky gal? :P


    As a result, it had to be boosted. And for years, I put it off because I'm not a boosting fan. Barely anyone shows up! But I got sick of feeling so taunted by this plat I so, very sorely deserved... and JUST DID IT (insert Shia LaBuffet meme). I do think it's very stupid for devs to not remove a trophy (if that's possible) that's tied to an in-game mode that was suddenly removed, rendering the plat nearly impossible. My chances of getting this trophy naturally were -149.74%. I already had at least 120 hours in, and it was clear it wasn't happening. 😅


    But hey, it's done now! I'm done with this unapologetic Overwatch rip-off. I can sleep peacefully. My dreams are no longer plagued by a giant Paladins trophy the size of Godzilla chasing me down the street screaming "YOU'LL NEVER EARN ME!". Life is good now. I'm at peace. ^_^


    Yeah, so to the devs: suck it. I got the plat anyway. -_-

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    2. Last-_-Judgment


      @Mayellie Awesome 😊 Platinum No. 31 incoming! 😉

      Think you're gonna need a couple of fire departments to hose you down 😂

    3. Mayellie


      @Last-_-Judgment Maybe Niagara Falls will be more appropriate. xD

    4. Last-_-Judgment


      Thats perfect. Ya get cooled off, and you can take some great photos 😂

  9. #30 - Paladins Champion of Champions Unlock all trophies in Paladins We meet again, Paladins. I started playing you back in 2017. I had no high expectations, as other free-to-play games I had tried, I found quite boring. Every now and then, I'd take a look at my list of platinums and know I was being robbed of one I so, very sorely deserved... and it was yours. For years, I had all but one trophy popped. I never thought I'd be writing about you in this thread due to a specific trophy (more on that in a bit), yet here we are. Sooo, SUUUUUUCK IT, DEVS. Let's get into the breakdown, shall we? If you've never heard of this, it's a free-to-play rip-off of Overwatch. Like, really. I don't know how Hi-Rez got away with this thing without having lawsuits thrown at them through their windows, finding lawsuits in their shoes as they get dressed for work, and even lawsuits in their bathtubs. Everything from the similarities in "champions" (heroes, in Overwatch), to their voice lines, to HUD placement and look is uncannily similar. Despite having Overwatch since launch, I only recently started playing it, and that's when I was totally shocked by the similarities. While Overwatch does feel much more stable, polished, better, and has a variety of extra game modes in Quick Play, Paladins is pretty damn good for being a free game. It's tons of fun whether you're playing for or for'nt (is that a word? I'm making it a word ) trophies. I wasn't a trophy hunter when I first played it in 2017, yet I went out of my way a bit to get most trophies anyway because they made me experiement with certain champions I wouldn't have tried otherwise. Trophies: People who have earned Paladins trophies can be divided into to sections: those who got certain trophies prior to mid 2017, those who got them 2017-2019, and those who got them after early 2019. Prior to mid 2017, there was a game mode called Survival. As the name indicates, PvP with no respawns. There's a trophy tied to it which is to be the last person alive in a match - both your teammates and enemy team dead. Not bad, right? Just git gud... WRONG. In mid 2017, just a few days after I started playing, devs removed Survival, but kept its trophy. Excuse my French... but what kinda fuckery is that? The chances of getting this trophy in other modes' matchmaking decreased to -148.34%. Me, being the lucky gal that I am, hadn't earned this trophy, which meant it was only obtainable via boosting. I put it off for years because I knoooow how much of a pain boosting can be. But I finally bit the bullet and JUST DID IT (insert Shia LaBuffet meme here). The trophy is still difficult in boosting because, ideally, you'd need 8 people to get it done in 20 seconds. With 5 people, it can take up to hours because the timing has to be just right with the champions' ultimate. So that's the first trophy to beware. Second trophy to beware is to Collect All Talents (cards). This was absolutely no issue for me as I had already naturally obtained it back in 2017, despite it being a little glitchy. However, I've read there was a major overhaul update in early 2019 that made this pretty grindy. So this is something to watch out for if you're going to start up this trophy list. Third trophy to keep in mind is Bounty Hunter - Kill an enemy player that is on a 15+ killstreak. This one's tricky because you can't control how much your or the other team sucks. I was lucky enough to get this naturally because I have a good amount of hours in, but it's boostable. Overall, really fun and unapologetic rip-off of Overwatch, with a small, yet potentially time consuming trophy list. My suggestion is to not start this if you're a 100% completionist, just in case. Instead, I suggest just playing it for fun. It's quite good. My nightmares are no longer flooded by a giant Paladins platinum trophy the size of Godzilla chasing me yelling "YOU'LL NEVER EARN ME". Now, I'm free and relieved. Finally, screw you, devs, for this devforsaken trophy. I got it anyway. Time: No damn clue. At least 130 hours total, but not sure how long the plat itself would take. Difficulty: 5/10 Grind: 7.5/10 Enjoyment: 8/10 Relief: 10/10 Found out this is my rarest PSNP plat too! 2.37%. Pretty happy!
  10. :platinum:#29 - Erica.


    Well. Where do I start? I had no high expectations, so I enjoyed my first and second playthrough of this mystery, murder, "pick-your-own-path" kinda game. However, the trophy hunting experience was MAJOOOR overkill.


    In my opinion, one of the best ways to destroy a decent game is to bombard it with a horribly unnecessary selection of trophies, which Erica successfully does. I felt the trophy list was designed to prolong a game that doesn't have enough replay value or content to warrant 5-7 playthroughs. Even with picking different paths, so many scenes are repeated. This game even caused me a gaming slump because whenever I thought of turning on my PS4, there were 2 words in mind. “Ugh, Erica.” :S


    I recommend it for the story if you want to try something new and short, but the easy platinum comes at a cost: your enjoyment and sanity. 😅

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    2. Mayellie


      @xxEliteCDxx Thank you!


      @ZoutjeNL Thanks! Yeah, to be honest... you wouldn't be missing out on much. There's better stuff out there. xD

    3. MaximumOverdrive


      Well done! 💯 

    4. FearlessElle


      Congrats! 😀

  11. #29 - Erica That's a Wrap (no Cardi B comments, plz) Unlock all bronze, silver, and gold trophies. Well, hello there, Erica. Your game went on Plus a few months ago. Because of that and the fact that a single playthrough of your decision-based interactive film/game only takes about 2 hours, I thought I’d give it a go. I’m a sucker for “pick-your-own-path” games, and an even bigger one when they have mystery, crime, and murder elements to them, which yours also has. Sooo, whaddya know? I decided to give your game a shot. And in a way, I wish I shot myself instead while playing it. In Erica, you play as the titular Erica Mason, whose life early on gets entwined with murder, mystery, and loss, with her father’s murder when she was a child. Her traumatic memory of that event is brought back into her life when, as a young lady, new gruesome clues about his murder are uncovered. It’s up to Erica to unearth the shocking truth behind her father’s murder, which leads to something even bigger and super secretive. Gameplay-wise: think Telltale, but even less gameplay, and with HUGE emphasis on Touch Pad controls. Like, really. The only way to play the game is using the Touch Pad to imitate on-screen actions, such as flicking a lighter, turning a tap, and picking something up. For decision making, it ranges from selecting which prompt Erica will say from a couple of different choices by dragging along the Touch Pad. For certain decisive decisions (hehe ) in the game, you swipe up, down, left, right, etc. You get the gist. It’s a very easy game to pick up. But I still missed traditional button controls because it's easy to accidentally pick the wrong choice. Story-wise: it’s not bad. I didn’t have any high expectations like Until Dawn or anything, so it was good. As you move along your playthrough, you’ll uncover clues, documents, and overhear conversations to understand what’s really going on, and that things aren’t what they seem to be. The story isn’t fast paced, and it would take a few playthroughs because no single path holds all the answers, so it has a little replay value. Trophy-wise: Okay, HERE'S where it all goes downhill and seriously goes to shit. In my opinion, one of the best ways to destroy a good/decent game is to bombard it with a horribly unnecessary selection of trophies. In this case, almost the entire godforsaken trophy list. There are a few collectible trophies, and all of the collectibles are locked behind certain paths and actions, so you wouldn’t be able to get them all in one playthrough, which is fine. But what REALLY presses my buttons was the rest of the list. 😠 Sure, while Erica is a decision-based game, it seriously does not have enough replay value to warrant 5-7 playthroughs. For the majority of a playthrough, I felt I was seeing the same scenes over and over. If I picked a different path, I still didn’t feel like it was that much of a different playthrough. There’s a trophy to see all major endings, which is 5, I think, but I think there are only really 2 “major” endings. Maybe 3 if you’re being generous. There really isn’t a big difference. This made for one of the worst trophy hunting experiences I’ve had so far. It was MAJOR overkill. I’m sure I would’ve had more fun removing all the seeds off a strawberry one by one, throwing them in a haystack, looking for them, and once I’ve found them, repeat this process 100 times. It’s such a crap list. “But it’s only a 2 hour game”, isn’t even a good excuse for this godawful list. Erica’s list even caused me a gaming slump because whenever I thought of turning on my PS4, there were 2 words in mind. “Ugh, Erica.” Overall, good story, terrible trophy hunting experience. Time: 12 hours (felt like 1200) Story enjoyment: 7/10 Trophy hunting experience: 1/10 (the golden 0/10 rating still goes to Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture ) I recommend it for the story if you want to try something new and short, but the easy platinum comes at a cost: your enjoyment and sanity.
  12. I became a Switcher just 2 or so months ago after feeling tempted to purchase the new Animal Crossing. While that was a big factor, I also wanted to explore other Nintendo exclusives that my PS4 wouldn't be graced with their presence, ever. I wanted a game that would last me at least 70-80 hours, so I'd get a bang for my buck since I'd prefer if most of my gaming spending went towards my PS4, as it's still my main console, despite my ever-growing backlog. After a little digging, I settled on The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Even though my gaming journey started and flourished with Nintendo, I somehow never got around to playing any Zelda games as a child. UNACCEPTABLE, I needed to rectify that! So far, I'm only a few hours in, but I'm enjoying it. I like how calm the atmosphere is, some of the witty dialogue, and I'm interested in Link's adventure with the mysterious Sheikah Slate, an old man who certainly knows a lot more than he lets on, (defeating?) Calamity Ganon, and where exactly the titular Princess Zelda comes into play. I'm also super happy that I now have another portable gaming console (my previous ones were the PSP, Nintendo DS Lite, and DSi). Probably an unpopular opinion, but I think the Vita sucks. I dislike how it always felt a bit too small, even though I already have average-to-small size hands. With the return of some of my university classes, I plan on taking my Switch sometimes to get some BOTW in during breaks. The only "meh" thing I can think of, and it's a little on the picky side, is the analog sticks and + and - buttons placements on the Switch Lite. There are teeny tiny + and - buttons above which I use frequently. I can't wrap my hands around both sides of the console and be able to reach the buttons without letting go. Add that to the analog stick placement which is just below it, and I almost feel like my thumb has to hurdle over and travel to the + and - buttons. I'm not sure if anyone else feels the same way. Considering how small in comparison the Switch Lite is to the regular Switch, I wasn't expecting this. It's certainly not a big deal, but it's something I do take notice of in BOTW specifically, since + and - aren't really used in Animal Crossing. Overall, I'm a happy Switcher so far! I'll return to this thread once I've explored BOTW some more to comment on it. Oh, also, what the hell does the Z in ZR & ZL stand for?
  13. HEEEEEELL YEAAAHHH Now (or soon), I can watch Geralt chase Princess the goat, dress up as Yen with Lambert, and kill chickens in an even better looking game. CD Projekt Red is one of those studios that actually care about consumers and appreciate their support, compared to other money-grabbing thieves *cough* EA, Activison, and Control not getting a free upgrade *cough*. I wasn't expecting this for TW3 because it's already a couple of years old, but I'm very pleasantly surprised! Really happy with their approach, and will definitely continue supporting them and their games.
  14. I pronounce it as POWGI. Some people on the other hand, pronounce it as POWGI. I think that’s incorrect. I’m very certain that it’s POWGI, and not POWGI. POWGI just sounds wrong, whereas POWGI sounds correct. I hope this helped!
  15. I guess everyone is falling for Fall Guys...