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  1. Step 1: Get back with your ex. Step 2: Have them buy you the PS5. Step 3: Break up again. Step 4: Enjoy your new free console!
  2. I need a long break from AC after what Origins' trophy list did to me. I've barely just started trophy hunting, but it broke me. I'll get around to Odyssey...someday. I wasn't too interested in HZD until I heard your thoughts and read your review as well! That's definitely changed my mind. It's a game I certainly need to check out some more. With the rate I'm playing Bioshock 1 at, I'll be 50 before I get around to Infinite. 😂 You already know I've played the rest of the games on your list (with the exception of Titanfall 2, but its turn is coming). All have been super solid games so far! I can definitely relate this. While Yakuza is a fantastic franchise, it does feel a bit like a reading game at times. Dialogue often easily takes 5+ minutes, so I also tend to lose focus here and there (even more so because the dialogue is in Japanese, and, well, I don't speak Japanese) and get bored.
  3. To me, it's almost like comparing apples and oranges. Sure, both fruit, but very different. I found Part 1 to be a "heartwarming" kind of emotional, where you see Joel and Ellie's bond flourish throughout the game. They kinda hate each other first, and by the end, they're inseparable. Another heartwarming moment is the giraffe scene we all know and love, in addition to Joel comforting Ellie at the end of the Winter/David section. It was wonderful to see them come such a long way (literally and figuratively). In Part 1, I would stop and admire the peace and quiet of some sections, Ellie's lighthearted jokes, and the scenery. Part 2 is still very emotional, but in a completely different way. Rather than in a touching way, it's full of hate, fury, and the need for vengeance. Part 2 is gut-wrenching, harsh, unforgiving, dark, and mature. Both games perfectly execute the story based on their respective themes and tones, in my opinion. Unlike admiring the quiet sections of the first game, all I could think about in Part 2 was that this wasn't just "quiet". It was the calm before the storm. So, I can't compare them too much. They're so different, but also so similar. But if I had to pick, it'd be Part 2, over and over. It's a masterpiece.
  4. Afterparty is on my wishlist! I very unexpectedly enjoyed Oxenfree, so I’ve had my eyes on Afterparty since release. TWAU is also great, and it's my favorite Telltale. I hope the sequel doesn't take ages to release. Bloodborne is in my backlog waiting for its turn (thank you, PS+). I’ve never played a “Soulsborne” game, so it’ll be an interesting experience because I'm pretty impatient. I’ve also heard a ton about Catherine: Full Body, so I think it might be worth looking into! Yakuza is such a fantastic franchise. I definitely need to dive into Kiwami (missed it when it was on PS+... 😅). Still not done with the side businesses in 0, though. I didn't think it'd be such a "busy" game with tons of activities to do post-story, but I'm glad it is. God of War is in my backlog! At first, I wasn’t sure about how they reinvented it. Something like “don’t fix it if it ain’t broken”, but I’ve heard nothing but immense praise. So I look forward to playing it
  5. I saw a thread about people’s interim GOTY earlier. I’ve only played one 2020 release (The Last of Us Part 2), so I don’t have many options to pick from, and others haven’t played any 2020 releases at all. However, I’ve played a couple of games that weren’t released in 2020 which are my favorites of the year (for now, at least). So, excluding 2020 releases, what are your top games of the year so far? (Any console) Mine are: Yakuza 0 (A crazy fun game, easily up to 150+ hours’ worth of playtime, a great story, and a regular sale price of $9.99 to boot. What’s not to like?) God of War III Remastered (Kratos destroying shit in an awesome way. Enough said) BioShock (About 13 years late to the party for this one. Still playing through it, but easily the most innovative shooter I’ve played) LA Noire (In a parallel universe, I’d be a detective. The story is interesting, the cases well-designed, and I loved examining crime scenes and interrogating suspects) Assassin’s Creed: Origins (Loved the setting and the gameplay was fun) Cat Quest II (Can’t believe I forgot this one and had to edit it in. Easily the most cheerful, vibrant, and lighthearted game out there, and it’s full of cat puns. Love it!)
  6. Nice to see you’ve joined! It’s a great community.
  7. There’s so many criteria as to who is eligible, but Sony is being intentionally vague. It’s just $10, but it’s also the message behind it. This was supposed to be “celebratory”, but judging by the thread, it has bummed out more people than made them happy. Happy to report I got absolutely nothing!
  8. Overall, pretty damn good. I’m happy with my PS4. I got mine in 2014, I think? Destiny kind of got me to buy it. I kept seeing all the graphics comparisons between PS3 and PS4, so I got curious about what exactly the PS4 has that PS3 didn’t. Initially, I wanted to purchase the white limited edition Destiny PS4, but ended up getting the regular black because it was a better deal; TLOU Remastered and Infamous: Second Son. I feel like the tech jump from PS3 to PS4 is bigger than what it will be for PS4 to PS5. Since purchasing my PS4, I haven’t touched my PS3. It’s just slow and buggy in comparison. The PS4 is much more user-friendly and is faster. I like the personalization options of choosing your own background (an option I love since I take a million in-game screenshots). I’ve had PS+ for the most part, though there were periods where I’d go without it for a long time due to primarily playing single-player games and not being too interested in Plus’ lineup. That’s changed a little, because I’m currently working on my Plus backlog, starting with BioShock. I get my subscription yearly, so it’s a good value for money. Downsides: the freaking thing sounds like a jet taking off now. I only just realized because I normally play using earphones. But damn, is it loud. I worry it’ll burst into a ball of flames sometime. To be fair, I’ve never cleaned it because I’m afraid I’ll mess something up and have to spend a fortune to get it fixed. I should do something about that, anyway. My PS4 also has a few disc related problems: 1) It sometimes refuses to “take in” discs. Really no clue as to why this happens. It literally just fixes itself, just depends on how lucky I am. Will it be a few days? Week? Month? I took it to get fixed once. It was fine for a week then did the same thing again, so I couldn’t be bothered to keep spending money afterwards. Since this issue arose, I haven’t bought any games physically. 2) Ejecting discs randomly. I’ve removed the rubber stuff at the bottom, but it still happens here and there. Pretty frustrating in the middle of MP matches. My pros are more than the cons. I don’t regret purchasing my PS4 at all, and I’ve sunk a ton of hours into it. PS4 is when I started branching out from playing just GTA or Call of Duty, and I’ve discovered a variety of great titles, not to mention some of the phenomenal PS4 exclusives I’ve yet to play! I hope my PS5 experience (whenever I get it) will be just as good, and that Sony keeps delivering fantastic games.
  9. I don’t care about Ratatouille games or their trophies, but boy, was this fun to read. You have a certain “no bullshit, here’s how it is” attitude about these games.
  10. My comment was aimed at those not wearing masks due to ignorance, selfishness, or both. Not to those with medical conditions. I’m a bit surprised you’re not “pro-mask”. I’d imagine if I can’t wear a mask myself due to medical reasons, I’d want everyone else to religiously wear one (to reduce transmission between people, thus, reducing my chances of catching COVID). Maybe the area you live in has everything very tightly under control? Because this is a very similar situation to those with autoimmune diseases who have to depend on others to wear masks, so they’d stay as safe as possible. If you can’t wear a mask, and healthy people around you aren’t either, you’ll all have a high chance of contracting the virus. This goes back to my first point of people spreading it to each other at a high transmission rate, when it can be much lower and make the entire situation more manageable.
  11. That's not really just it, though. You're right about that people not wearing them won't be protected. The issue is a bit deeper than that: 1) If everyone wears masks, COVID-19 will be under control. A ton of people will be able to go back to work and have a somewhat steady source of income. People refusing to wear masks are further spreading it. I personally don't care if they get sick. It pisses me off that they get sick and spread it to other people, who spread it to others, and so on. This makes the entire situation so much worse, harder to handle, and things will take longer to return to normal. Whenever that is. 2) People not wearing masks still risk spreading it to those with autoimmune diseases that likely do not have a good chance of surviving the virus. Yes, masks are protective (and drastically minimize your chances of catching a virus, but not 100%), but shouldn't humans also be sympathetic to one another? Considerate? Responsible? Compassionate? This is pure selfishness. It's more about the first reason. If everyone wears masks, the virus will be more under control and easier to handle. People not wearing masks that end up infecting so many others are making this so much harder than it needs to be. Wearing a mask isn't obstructing freedom, and it doesn't make it harder to breathe. If it's hard to breathe to them, I wonder how they'll feel once they actually catch the virus (because they will). So, the decision of others to not wear masks (when they are government mandated because they live in an area that has a high number of active cases) very much affects everyone else. It's not only about them. (Note: I can't tell if you're pro or anti-mask, but I mean in general, too.)
  12. #26 - Cat Quest II Pawlatinum You are pawsome! Meowzah! Where do I start with Cat Quest 2? There’s so much I love about it that there’s a million things running in my mind! Do I talk about its fun, bright atmewsphere? How about that it’s a great, easy game to play in between serious titles as a refreshmewnt? Or... (and here’s the best part) how about that you play as a freaking CAT?! Yep, in Cat Quest 2, you play as a cat (and a dog, more on that later). You live in a fictional () world where everyone is a cat! With cat puns in literally every sentence spoken by characters, it’s hard not to giggle. It’s a short, open-world RPG of two kingdoms that seem to have been at war for an eternity: Felingard (the feline empire) and the Lupus Kingdom (you guessed it, the dog kingdom), each ruled by King Lioner and King Wolfen the Labrathor, respectively. Much like its predecessor, Cat Quest 2 is a charming game with its cute aesthetics, cheesy but cheerful music, enjoyable side quests, vibrant world, and cat + dog puns galore! This time around, you get to also explore the Lupus Kingdom. As a result, the sequel is a bit longer than the first. I reaaally enjoyed Cat Quest 1, which I accidentally discovered while demo-surfing the PS Store. I like to call it “Skyrim (because the boss fights are dragons), but short, easy, and full of Khajiit” because that’s really what it’s like. So I knew I needed to get Cat Quest 2 eventually. With the addition of local coop mode (I used Shareplay’s Play Together feature to make it online), everything’s double the fun! Your pawtner, player #2, takes the role of their ruffingness, a dog, while you play as your meowjesty, a cat. Thanks to @ImmortalFox- for lending me a paw! Together, you’re tasked with ending the war through purroving to both species that cats and dogs can, in fact, live in harmony. Gameplay mechanics are easy to get the hang of. Simply level up through gaining XP by defeating monsters, and completing dungeons and side quests. Use earned gold to upgrade your gear and spells. Trophies: No missables. You’ll get nearly all naturally through story progression, and most are easy. You’ll have to go out of your way a bit to clear all 73 dungeons, since some of their bosses are slightly challenging and high levelled. Complete all 67 side quests (which are very fun, so I’d do them anyway even if there was no trophy). Obtain all 101 pieces of equipment is one you’ll also have to go a bit out of your way for because some are in golden chests, which are sometimes tricky to find. There’s more, but trophies are easy and fun to complete, so you can let your hair down without having nightmares about a trophy list for once... Purrsonally, I love the heck out of this franchise. Some of the witty puns really deserve to be mentioned. Characters named Barkthan Drayke the Treasure Hunter (whom you help retrieve treasure), Doge Knight the Hero who lives in a Bat Cove (complete with him singing his nananana theme), Pawdon Rufsey the Chef, Hotto Doggo whom you visit to upgrade your hotdog (that’s what he insists on calling weapons), Kit Cat the Armorer, an entire quest line about finding (and saving) Purrivate Mewan, and that’s just off the top of my head! The developers also poke fun at how lighthearted the game is, and add themselves as quest-giving cats in the game. One of the quests is a “glitch”, so you have to repeat it twice, and the cat developers show up to apologize. I thought that was fun! Overall, I can defurnitely recommend Cat Quest 2 to anyone. It’s a super fun game that I had a blast playing. Sometimes, you start to feel like you have to purrsevere through games because you’re getting so burnt out, and Cat Quest 2 is a breath of fresh air. I needed something light after playing through The Last of Us Part 2’s heavy story, so I went for Cat Quest 2. It’s impawssible to dislike, and I’ve pawready purlanned to purrchase Cat Quest 3 when it purrleases. It’s a pawsome and ameowzing franchise that I can’t wait to see more of. Until then, I’ll pounce on to other games while I eagerly wait for more! (P.S. Recently bought during the MP Sale. If it's off the sale now, it's worth picking up next time!) Difficulty: 4/10 (some dungeons are challenging, but doable if you upgrade your gear and spells) Enjoyment: 10/10 Time: 18 hours. Defurnitely recommend!
  13. :platinum:#27 - Cat Quest II.


    Possibly the most cheerful, charming, and lighthearted game on PS4! I had a blast playing and giggling at pretty much all the cat puns and other references like Pawdon Rufsey the Chef, and Barkthan Drayke the Treasure hunter, among many others!


    Defurnitely can't wait to pounce on and purrchase Cat Quest III when it purrleases! xD

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      @AK-1138 Haha, good point! But you know what? I actually love the Pawlatinum pun more. Gave me a good laugh (along with the entire game). xD

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      Concatulations! 😊

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      @AK-1138 Let's hope Cat Quest 3 has a awesome plat name then. xD So much potential!!

  14. As stated in the title, Microsoft could be removing the pay-to-play MP games. The 12-month tier of its Xbox Live subscription service has been discontinued (not a mistake, as it was confirmed by Microsoft). The one month and 3 months subscription options are still available, though. There is speculation that it was discontinued to push players to buy the more expensive "Game Pass Ultimate", which would be a massive price increase since it sits at $180. As a result, Microsoft could simply remove pay-to-play MP games. Again, this is just rumors and isn't written in stone. If it turns out to be true, how do you feel about PS+ going forwards, or about paying for PS Plus to play online when multiplayer is free on Xbox? I think it would be interesting to hear the community's thoughts, even if this turns out to not be true. A place for discussion.
  15. Was this game created using a rotten potato? It looks awful.