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  1. Platinum master!! Over 300, huh 😌

    1. ImmortalFox-


      Maybe one day eh😏 help me get there? 😋

    2. Mayellie


      It would be an honour!! 😆

    3. ImmortalFox-


      Woohooo. Let's do this :D 

  2. Oxenfree is a great option to consider. It has a really good replay value since the story can end in several different ways, and it’s mystery (who doesn’t love a good mystery game?). Another interesting and similar option is Night In The Woods. I played it not long ago. It has an interesting story and tons of funny moments. 😄
  3. Only occasionally, and for games that will not make me pull my hair out. I’m not a very patient person, and I know that tons of platinums out there require a lot of dedication and patience. So if I try to go for a platinum/100% completion, and I’m having a really difficult time, I get frustrated. That to me defeats the purpose of playing games, which is to have fun and enjoy myself. Everyone has different gaming styles and ways to enjoy their games. I fully complete my games and get all trophies if I genuinely enjoy the game and don’t feel like the trophies are too difficult. I can manage grindy trophies and still enjoy the game, but I almost always steer clear of the difficulty trophies! Just don’t have a knack for them. 😅
  4. Hello! Like everyone else, I’m looking for new friends, but ones that I might actually chat with here and there. So please add me if that’s what you’re looking for. 😊 I’m mainly into single player games at the moment, having recently finished The Witcher 3’s main story and taking a break from that to work on Far Cry Primal. My PSN ID: Mayellie. Please no blank requests! 😄
  5. Definitely agree about the homing arrows. It’s a giant dragon flying very quickly, and apparently Euron’s luck has no boundaries in that episode since both arrows hit the dragon within just a couple of seconds. It’s a fantasy show, it doesn’t need to be realistic, but it was clear they wanted to kill off the dragon as fast as possible and get it out of the way to continue rushing the story. Could have at least tried to execute it a bit better.
  6. Hey everyone I think i posted on the forums a long time ago looking for new people to chat with, and I’m here now to do the same. Im pretty much only into single player games (specifically Witcher 3 and Cat Quest) at the moment, so I’m on the lookout for anyone who is willing to have a chat here and there about games in general. I’m more of a low key “trophy hunter” since I only go for plats I really enjoy/aren’t life consuming. My previous ID was mcfries6066. It’s now Mayellie. Please mention you’re from here otherwise I may think you’re a bot! 😅
  7. Yes Have you ever been scuba diving?
  8. 1- I'm fluent in 2 languages, English and Arabic. I used to be fluent in French as well, but I stopped speaking and listening to it for a long time (other than the small basic stuff like name, age, nationality, etc). I wish I stayed in touch with it because there is nothing more frustrating than "forgetting" a language. 😅 2- I've been looking into a bunch of languages lately just because I'm fascinated by them. I'm really interested in Turkish and Spanish for some reason, so I would go with those, on top of the ones I already know. 😊
  9. I've been really into thriller books (especially the multiple POV ones since they add to the suspense) for around a year or so, so they have been in the spotlight for me. I recently bought The Silence of The Lambs and Into The Water. Both are really good books and I can't decide which to start, so I've been kinda reading both at the same time. 😅
  10. Thank you all! I'm really enjoying the site, been digging around and I've already found people interested in the same games as I am which is always great 😁
  11. Welcome! ^-^
  12. Long story short, I like to play games and that's why I'm here. I've been wanting to make some new friends to play with and talk to about games. Been playing ever since I can remember so I have a lot to say 😋I own a PS3 but I just use my PS4 now. I have many games, but to give you an idea, I recently played FC4, TLOU and I plan to start ABZU and Skyrim soon. So Shoot me a FR if you're actually looking to make new friends, rather than just another number on your list ^-^