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  1. Platinum #28 Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl (PS4 List) Leave Everything to Me! Collect all the trophies. I did the trophy list again LMFAO. Shoutout to the person I boosted 50 quick play matches with. Pretty sure no one plays this online anymore so that's fun. It is still a relatively fun game I suppose. It runs kind of badly on this console though. Platinum #29 Goat Simulator (PS4 List) All The Goat! Unlock all the Goat Trophies! I was bored one day and randomly decided to check what I had through PS Plus and went "wait that's an easy trophy list. Let me do it". And so I finished the trophy list in a few hours honestly only struggling with the Flappy Goat trophy which probably took 30 minutes. The game honestly isn't even that fun? I can't imagine spending the money for the DLC just to get 100% completion on the trophy list. I am glad it was free. Platinum #30 Immortals Fenyx Rising (PS5 List) The End Obtain every Trophy. I honestly thought this game was going to be mediocre being a Ubisoft open world game but instead I found myself really enjoying it. Probably due to a combination of the art style and being pretty similar to Breath of the Wild. I definitely did not think I would get the platinum trophy but I had to get my 20 dollar's worth out of this game and put in 51 hours. Quite solid for a game I had low expectations for. It is my one yearly open world game and that satisfies me. No idea what platinum I will get next.
  2. Haven't updated on this thread in a while. I even forgot to post some platinum trophies but I'm back now to catch up Platinum #25 Ice Age: Scrat's Nutty Adventure Ice came, Ice saw, Ice conquered Collect All Trophies Ice Age is one of those franchises that has always in some ways fascinated me for no particular reason, and knowing they made a game for it in the last 4 years was especially odd, but I bought it because I am a sucker for licensed kids games. Yes, the game was janky but for what it was its perfectly fine, The backtracking through the whole game for collectibles stage was not fun but it was all easy. I don't think I would recommend this game to anyone except diehard Ice Age fans (if they exist) Platinum #26 Astro's Playroom You've Only Done Everything Found all trophies in ASTRO's PLAYROOM. See you in our next adventure! This is probably one of the best pack in games ever in terms of being fun. Not the best (Super Mario Bros. and Wii Sports come to my mind) but its such a love letter to the PS brand that I am pretty sure I missed some references in there. It's all really fun and makes me hope for some more non VR Astro Bot games in the future. Platinum #27 Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl (NA PS5 List) Leave Everything to Me! Collect all the trophies. I honestly thought this list was going to be harder when looking at it. Instead it was just grindy and kind of boring by the end of it. It is incredibly short considering it only took me about a day and a half to obtain the platinum. The most annoying part was the online where it felt like quickplay was not too active. A lot of the time I was interacting with the same people. I plan on platting the PS4 version at some point as well so maybe that will be easier with that console having a larger player base. As a game itself its very solidly made for basically having a microbudget. I could see high level play being fun (though I do not feel talented enough for it myself.) I recommend this game, but not at 50 dollars or even 40. I would try to pick it up at 20-30 bucks. Next platinum trophy could be Madagascar Kartz... I found my copy of it that I had been missing. Would be fun to go full circle on my PSNProfile and get the last 3 remaining multiplayer trophies.
  3. Another tip I haven't seen said here is to make the stock of the game 1 stock. That way it's a lot easier to luck into kills with the combination of wackier stages (stuff like Space Madness)
  4. Platinum #24 MLB The Show 21 King Of The Diamond! Earn all of The Show™ 21 Trophies. This game is probably one of the only times where for me where platting a game will not be "finishing" the game. Truly, MLB The Show never ends as a live content game and it just got insane for free 2 play people. The developers know what they're doing on that front. Too bad Franchise mode has been the exact same thing for multiple years, they made Road to the Show much worse and less fun and March to October is still the most boring shit ever. I mean it was not helped by the fact my March to October run was not even used for Team Affinity points because I had already maxed them out. It's a pretty easy plat even if March to October is tedious. I do not think that mode was meant to be marathoned in one day but at least the Mets won the World Series. Next plat is something I do not know yet lmao.
  5. I have legitimately destroyed my gaming life. In the past year and a half almost all of my PS4 time is spent on MLB The Show. Either way this has not stopped me from getting some platinum trophies done. I have gotten about 2 since my last update on this topic and I kind of want to get back into platinum trophy hunting. Maybe I will subscribe to PS Now again idk. Platinum #22 SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle For Bikini Bottom (Rehydrated) Neptune's Spatula Get all the other trophies for this game. I have some very mixed feeling on this remake honestly. As someone who loves the original game and the television show itself something just did not feel right about it when I first played it. The game was (and still is) lacking a lot of polish and is probably one of the uglier games I have played with it just looking garish at points. Yet the gameplay is just fine. I prefer how the original game feels and while there's definitely some questionable choices present the game just made me happy. It was an incredibly easy breeze (barring the grinding for shiny objects which was oddly made harder than in the original then patched back to normal? It was something like that which made me think the devs did not actually play the game but that is another story. Otherwise a pretty alright game with a fun platinum. Would recommend on a discount for sure. Platinum #23 MLB The Show 20 King Of The Diamond! Earn all of The Show™ 20 Trophies. I have an obscene amount of hours in this game, I was not playing it with the goal of a platinum trophy. You could tell this is true by the fact that it 1. Took me a year to get every trophy 2. I reached the Silver Level and had beaten M2O by Early June of 2020. 3. I played most of the year without Button Accuracy on for my fielders which is what lead me to not get those 2 fielding trophies until much later in the year/grinding it earlier today. Anyway as for a review of the game, the live content of this game is pretty great and San Diego Studios sure knows how to make a non predatory sports game (especially with MLB The Show 21 but that will be another time) Anyway on my upcoming trophy plans I am definitely planning on doing the March to October run that MLB The Show 21 requires for its platinum, but after that I might try and do some trophy cleanup. Crayola Scoot and that Ice Age 3D platformer maybe? I will probably end up platting Rift Apart when I acquire a PS5 as well.
  6. You get the money for the stadiums so easily though. This seems like it is much longer.
  7. Platinum #20 Guacamelee! Guacamelee! Platinum trophy Your luchador mask is in the mail Lol you know PS Now? I decided to try out the 7 day trial to get some easy platinums. While for most people Guacamelee isn't an "easy" platinum I know this game well enough that I found it to be an easy platinum. The main problem was the slight delay I had received while playing every once in a while due to the streaming. Otherwise still a great game I have talked about before. I wish the japanese version of guacamelee was still up. I would totally plat that. Platinum #21 My Name Is Mayo My Name is Mayo! Unlock all the trophies! Ow my thumbs! Anyway if anyone has some suggestions for some quick and easy psnow plats I'll take them. I have like 5 days left on the trial.
  8. Yes the leaderboards are still up. Yours truly got like top 20 on one of the leaderboards by complete accident. I think it was shark beach 100CC lol. I don;t know how much the leaderboards have changed though so...
  9. Platinum #18 Ice Age 3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs Platinum Trophy Earn all Gold, Silver, and Bronze Trophies within Ice Age 3 Lmao this game was not that bad. It was a very simple and easy platformer that did not provide a large challenge. It had surprisingly decent gameplay and was the definition of a perfectly fine and easy platinum. The egg time challenges were kind of annoying though. Platinum #19 Scribblenauts Mega Pack Scribblenauts Superstar! Unlock all other trophies. This trophy was a huge pain in the ass to do. Scribblenauts Unlimited is the easy part of the Mega Pack with its somewhat short length and easy structure. Unmasked however is where the real awfulness comes in. The grind you have to do at the end of the game is terrible. I hated repeatedly doing feats to gain currency for costumes I would never use. The actions were so boring and it would make me not recommend platting this game. I honestly don't know why they just didn't do two separate lists for this game. Steam has more than enough achievements for a full platinum trophy and Unlimited is essentially a full trophy list already. 20th plat is coming up and it is likely going to be either ratchet and clank into the nexus or ratchet deadlocked. Fun!
  10. Started and finished the ice age 3 platinum (lol) and am on my way to finishing scribblenauts unmasked for the mega pack plat.
  11. Also having issues updating my profile. Right after I finished platting a game too.
  12. Platinum #17 Disney Classic Games: Aladdin and The Lion King King of Everything Unlock every trophy in Disney Classic Games: Aladdin and The Lion King. Lol I finally do my first ever VN plat. This is what should be an insanely hard plat. Until the devs decided to keep the cheat codes in. So why did I even buy this game you may ask? I love the Lion King its a goat movie and Aladdin is very good as well. I really liked the trophy icon. I did play a tiny bit of the actual game. They're like the opposite of being fun. Lion King is a mess that actually makes like no sense but Aladdin is a functional game. Not much to say about this plat. I'm probably going to plat scribblenauts next which is good because there's actual things I can say about that game.
  13. I watched a review of the game on YouTube and it said that you don’t have to beat all the worlds in a row to get 9 and 10 in this game. Is this true?
  14. Platinum #16 Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition Guacamelee! Platinum trophy Luchador #1! Since this game is essentially the same in gameplay as guac 1 I'm gonna copy paste some of what I said. "Anyway this game is really fun. The combat is so fucking fast paced and fun... Story is fun too but I didn't pay attention as much for this playthrough." This game is obviously building up to what guacamelee 2 eventually achieves. I do wish intenso stayed for guacamelee 2 but for when the next gen version of guacamelee 2 happens I expect it in there. I prefer the skill tree system of guacamelee 2 more compared to the shop system in this game. I found infierno pretty easy this game compared to the proving grounds of 2 (which i did cause of course i got the dlc for that game). Overall I really recommend this game. Honestly 1 and 2 are somehow becoming peak indie games for me I never expected that. Also hard mode was really easy, I only did one playthrough. Probably platting ice age 3 next lol. Hoping to save the newly announced ice age game for platinum #20 lmao.
  15. 2017: Infamous 2 2018: Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time