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  1. Bruh, switching between resets it in the trophy activation thingy, so don't swap bows until you have completely finished one
  2. So I've heard that if you start the scrap stuf 2 weeks before shut down you are fucked. If I started this game now would I be able to get the platinum?
  3. So I am trying to platinum both Cuphead AND Furi this year. I WILL give my personal review plat wise and difficulty wise for both games and compare them. do note, it may be a while before I get back to this topic as I have only bought Cuphead today and have played Furi on and off for about 2 years or so. I have Beaten Furi but not got the plat yet
  4. Jantric may or may not like persona
  5. So i have used an ability for one of the trophies. I it in one of those cyper space levels from what I remember. Am I stuffed or would I be good to keep going
  6. Is it ok to play the one level over and over and over again. I really don't want to play the WHOLE campaign again. Veteran was tough but i don't want to do all 30 mission again.
  7. WOW So stupid. I stopped playing because i thought it glitched on me. I was just farming trouble makers for 5 hours while watching game grumps. So I have to spend money for it? I'm going to do it. Plus DLC won't be that expensive. Thank you very much
  8. for the final world I was level 55 and basically the best way to win is the have leaf bracer and once more on and second chance if you have that. then when you have used your magic and your health is at one use limit form. Your health and magic will be restored so you can go in for more damage.
  9. How is the critical run going so far? If you need any help I can give you any. I just got the platinum using critical mode.