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  1. EA is complete BS In the NA East region Currently works at the moment
  2. Hey there - I used this strategy as it seems the amount of experience you can get per battle is capped around 2.4k I think.
  3. Found a way to get Ultimate Agent for way less than the $35,000 needed by buying all the agents [this does not include daily rewards]. If you play a local co-op game when you have pre bought agents and you use them with ONLY the second player, the agents used will count towards your pro count total, but they will not be removed from your inventory. For example, I bought five of everything. Loaded up Dune Sea in local co op. Used everything with only the second player/controller. Would lose on purpose [played on impoppable and sold all my towers to make it go quicker - was unsure if quitting would count]. When I checked the 'Agents' menu, my pro counts went up, but I still had five of every agent. Hope this helps at least one person! Cheers!
  4. I give so much credit to all those that have completed this game already. lol I'm about 33% there [not including story mode or any matches I played before starting to keep track] and I feel like I still haven't gotten anywhere. This is easily the longest and most tedious grind I have attempted thus far; easily topping the RDR2 online grind, getting 1 million geoms in Geometry Wars, and getting 8 characters to level 15 in Brawlout. Cheers again to anyone who has completed this grind and good luck to all those who have yet to start.
  5. I was kind of hoping for a game similar to 'I am Bread' when I read the title.
  6. I actually didn't pick up any items. I joined my boosting partner's server right next wall in the beginning of the game and I was able to jump off the wall onto his head without having to open the admin panel. But anyway - you should be able to access admin panel rights the same way in online as it is offline by going to server settings and click on 'Make me Admin'. You will just have to enter the admin password or something [which was the same as the server password on mine]. Good luck!
  7. Wow. That's terrible. I'm sorry Do you know what might have caused it when you played the first match? Edit: try contacting the developers on their discord maybe. They might be able to reset your stats. (I have no idea if they can do this, but I think they’re fairly active on it.)
  8. You have to change the tactics in the start menu (sorry I can’t think of the exact menu option off the top of my head but it’s where you do subs), while looking at your team in the middle of the game, not by using right/left on the d-pad. There are five tactics each (I think) for defensive and offensive. Edit: I see you’ve already got the trophies. I’m too late x_x
  9. bomb dot com - thanks!
  10. Hey there! Will I still have access to the game after the month ends when the game is no longer free for ps plus members? Thanks!
  11. Haven't seen this anywhere so I thought I would throw it out there: If you start the last story mission and wait 30 min minutes before following Horley, you can get 1000 exp [not including kill exp] and $50+ if no one dies.
  12. If it’s anything like fifa 18, they’ll only close down the champions mode if fut. so fingers crossed I guess.
  13. Anybody else basically waiting till FIFA 20 comes out to go for this trophy? Haha
  14. Super Bomberman R Brawlout FIFA 19 Red Dead Redemption 2 I love Overcooked!
  15. Thanks for the videos! I actually already use your boosting method for when actually playing. I, unfortunately, do not have a turbo controller so I have use remote play as my turbo controller with the script above. You could probably combine the turbo controller with my method to double your output. Also, in my method, I use one of the regular bombers because, as you said, you don't know if the Plasma Bomber counts towards to the totals. Cheers!