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  1. Doubt they'd never upload it to the main server... probably just a case of the developers having to work with Sony on getting it sorted out.
  2. Dead By Daylight - Despite the shit it gets for the unfortunate people that happen to roam in that community, you will definitely feel satisfied once you've gotten the Platinum. One of the best games I have ever played on both PS4 and PC, honestly.
  3. #49 - Realm Royale (PS4) 6th of 2019 "Your Royal Eggsellence" "Earn all trophies in the game." Despite the rather obivous rough edges and well - the fact that the player base isn't exactly booming with the fact they have bots for a major of players with only 32 or so (typically) players on a server of 100 - it isn't really that bad of a game. The microtransactions are complete ass, though. Yes - they're purely optional but the majority of player skins would require the player to buy multiple 1000 crown (the currency) packs. Regardless of the transactions - gameplay is mostly solid with the exception of bugs like getting stuck or the worse bug to have occured to me was the inability to shoot, use abilities or heal/armor up towards the end of a game. The developers seem keen to give this game a fighting chance in the suddenly saturated market of BR games but the likely hood of it reaching any level of popularity akeen to Fortnite or Apex Legends is impossible with the current development/decisions being made by the team behind this not so bad game. It could be better - but the developers aren't going to let it get any better. Trophies are relatively simple - with the exception of "Absolute Unit" which requires you to win a squad game with all 4 players still standing. This isn't the worse since you can just revive people at the forge if needs be but... the issue is rather getting all 4 players to actually jump together, stay together and well - work together in fights. I managed to do this after many disconnections from games where people just seperated completely or didn't even jump off the damn aircraft. Highly recommend using the boosting/cooperative sessions feature for this trophy alone. Difficulty - 4/10 (Rather Simple with only 1 tricky trophy that requires competent players) Enjoyment - 7/10 (Surprisingly fun and solid gameplay - though the microtransactions and development "roadmap" seems a bit off as of currently)
  4. I personally had to get the 10 wins again. I have close to 30 according to that tracker and it only popped that bit close - so unfortunately my previous stuff didn't count. It does appear people did have it count for them, though.
  5. I only need to get the Absolute Unit Trophy at this point. For whatever reason - randoms insist on disconnecting when they die or sometimes don't even jump out of the damn aircraft.
  6. You will need to win 10 to get the Master Trophy. 1 more win of course and you get the standard win trophy.
  7. 2 more trophies for myself - 10 wins and win with all 4 members alive. Potion may still be bugged for people but I managed to unlock it last night without any issues.
  8. 18 Wins happened while the game was bugged...
  9. I'm not sure about that. I have 20+ wins according to the tracker and only 2 of those are after the updated servers... unfortunately - the progress related stuff needs to be re-done.
  10. I believe so - unfortunately.
  11. Scratch that! I just managed to get the 20-piece potion trophy in my latest game... didn't win the squad so not sure about that trophy yet. The 11 kill one is also confirmed working. Unfortunately - most will require you to do again. I had to win to get the Crown Royale (so guess another 9 for the 10 wins!) and the Jack of All Trades needs to be unlocked. The only one that has me made is the Absolute Unit... considering.
  12. That's really weird. I can also confirm that the potion trophy still affects me - unfortunately gotta wait until the next patch for that one. In a squad to try get the win without losing someone.
  13. I just got the Crown Royale Trophy despite coming 4th place - so it did save my previous win by the looks of it. Trying to pop the others.
  14. Knife trophy is working. In a game currently - trying to secure the crown royale.
  15. Servers are back online. No trophies have auto-popped for me, though. Gonna try win a game and see what happens.