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  1. Platinum #38 - Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves "Master Thief" I never had the opportunity to play any of the Sly Series back on PS2 as my family and I grew up with the GameCube at the time. The game is an absolute gem and it pleases me to have the entirety of the series (yet to play Thieves in Time!) available on the Vita. I recommend anyone that has yet to touch upon Sly to pick it up on their PS3 or if you are like me and still care about the cute little thing, the Vita.
  2. Platinum #37 - Rayman Origins (PS Vita) A must have for either the PS3 or Vita. Rayman Origins is a fun, fast and challenging (in some areas!) platforming game. The platinum itself isn't too difficult once you get the timing down for each of the various platforming sequences though new players to the genre may find it a bit difficult. I would absolutely recommend, even more so for PS Vita users such as myself down to the shear amount of fun and content to be had on the go. It is essentially the PS3 version of the game running on Vita, with only a few slight hiccups in the framerate.
  3. Platinum #36 - Hotline Miami (PS Vita) A fantastic gem for the PlayStation Consoles. I played it previously on an old account on PS4, which was amazing but this time round, decided to play it through on the Vita and I was not dissapointed. The experience is just as great on a Vita and with the ability to carry this gem around on the go is amazing to me. I won't spoil Hotline Miami for anyone yet to play it but just be aware that you're definitely gonna die... a lot.
  4. Platinum #35 - Minecraft: PlayStation Vita Edition An overall easy though somewhat grindy platinum to achieve. I had plenty of help from another user, he was extremely patient and helpful in assisting me with the completion of several DLC trophies. For the sake of him not getting spammed, I will not say his name but you know who you are, so thank you for assisting me dude. The only drawback in this version of MC is the dreaded "Passing The Time" trophy, which was my last to obtain. I had to eventually leave my vita running in the background with a 30 minute time-saving option to avoid it from going to sleep within a few seconds of me placing the console down. To add to this, you also have to take into the account that the battery life is quite short on MC and that I wouldn't personally recommend leaving it on charge all day so it helped to take breaks or rather, in my case, give the poor little vita sometime off after some hour boosting. I would highly advise you to boost some of the multi-player trophies should you plan on obtaining them (managed to earn the majority of them without boosting luckily) , while multi-player is not dead at all, the game can be a bit too laggy so legit means will present quite the challenge.
  5. Platinum #34 - PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale (Vita) All-Star Legend - You've Only Done Everything An interesting take on the arena brawl style multi-player. The biggest issue with this game being that they didn't bring over the best aspect from Smash - The % system. The only way to eliminate players in this game is through the individual super moves. These are easy to gain but equally easy to dodge, so long as you're not lagging. The online component of the game is practically dead, with the last few remaining players being level 999... so yes, you can only imagine how difficult it is to obtain the trophies through legit means, at least, at this current time. I recommend using Spike for any of the online kill trophies as his super at level 3 will kill all opponents on screen. Overall, it isn't the worst smash rip-off but the system they chose for health is mind-numing.
  6. Platinum #33 - Gravity Rush (Vita) - It's all Relative
  7. Platinum #31 - Tearaway (Vita) Platinum #32 - Canis Canem Edit (PS4) I managed to clear off Tearaway from Start to Finish while away in the UK, damn it feels awesome to be earning trophies in the sky above the clouds on a plane! Bully was straight forward enough, nothing too difficult. It was made easier by the fact that Rockstar opted to not force players to gain 100% completion. I can imagine it would have been more of a grind if you had to collect EVERYTHING, so even though the world size ain't too huge compared to games in the latest gen, it still could have been a bit of a drag.
  8. #30 - Overwatch: Origins Edition FINALLY! I have gotten the game sorted out. I played this on the PC (still do, kinda...) so jumping into the game wasn't a completely new experience for me. That said, it was a new experience to play this game on a controller rather than the standard KB/M setup on PC. Overwatch transitions well in most areas to the console with some minor annoyances (mostly just controls related, but other than that... it's pretty smooth on PS4). The trophies in OW are both equally fun and frustrating, with many of them being based on situational luck rather than skill. I managed to unlock almost ALL of the base game trophy set through legit gameplay with the exception of the hardest trophy, otherwise known as Rapid Discord. This trophy requires you to make 4 kills or assists within 6 seconds using Discord Orbs (Zenyetta) which is not only difficult because of how weak Zenyetta is (HP wise) but also that it requires your team to successfully take down targets with your discord orb. This sounds easy at first but when you're playing against properly built-up compositions, you might as well forget it. 😒 I just want to use this post as an opportunity to thank the boosting group that helped me in getting Rapid Discord alongside some of the remaining DLC trophies. The host himself, 'EVM5_' was super cool and extremely helpful in organizing the session(s). Thank you so much for helping me to finally complete this game on my list, making it my 30th platinum trophy! 😇
  9. #29 - Grand Theft Auto V (PS4) Grand Theft Auto V is an enjoyable experience that gives you the player, plentiful of freedom to explore the vast open world of Los Santos. I had plenty of fun playing through the story, not so much the collectibles (swear, they are the bane of trophy hunting for me!) but as per usual, it is not the collectibles, but rather the tedious amount of them to collect. The most annoying trophy for the SP side of the game would definitely have to be 'A New Perspective', which requires you to play in the newly introduced camera option for GTA, First Person. First Person is an interesting though flawed experience for this kind of game, you're more than likely gonna have to idle the hours (15 hours in total required, must be done on either SP or MP). Online? Well... getting to level 100 is a grind if you don't have the patience to grind missions/playlists over and over again. Other than that, you can boost most of the other trophies with little ease if you find the right people. I will most likely take some-time away from heavy open world games to cool down my sanity after spending close to about 150 hours in total for this platinum (100+ hours for online, close to 50 for SP).
  10. #28 - The Wolf Among Us (PS4) One of the few enjoyable series produced by Telltale. The story/characters were all very good compared to anything they've put out lately in terms of getting other IPs under their formula. The sequel (long awaited) has been confirmed for sometime this year which is sure to please those that have been waiting FOREVER to play another story in the same world, consider myself one of those newly acquired fans that will definitely be interested in Season 2.
  11. #26/27 - MotorStorm RC (PS Vita & PS3) I had a lot of fun with this on the Vita. I didn't intend to actually platinum the PS3 version but one of the trophies, well, 2 of them rather (Wall Brawl and Ghost Busted) required either friends on the Vita version or an ALT account on the PS3 version of the game. I had to resort to logging into the PS3 version to get the ALT challenges for those 2 particular trophies. Other than that little bit of an annoyance, it was extremely fun but did eventually get a bit challenging, in some cases, more cheap. I noticed this more in the DLC tracks compared to the original. The game does require quite a bit of patience as many of the events in each of the festivals do require precise speeding/turns/drifts to acquire the 3 medals. This is my first and last ever venture into the series, probably due to the fact that the actual racing series on PS3 is extremely tough compared to what this was and even then, this game proved to be super challenging at times.
  12. #25 - Guacamelee! (PS Vita) A fun little gem of an indie title for the Vita. I really enjoyed the game overall, the metroidvania style setup worked really well for this game. It never felt boring trying to get 100% on all of the areas, probably due to the fact that the controls (at least personally) worked so well together plus the variation in areas was neat. The only thing I would say bad about the game is the cheapness of Hard Mode. Towards the latter half of the game, the arenas felt super cheap to play in on the harder difficulty and got eventually tedious.
  13. I'm looking for 3 others to help assist with the 'Backseat Driver' trophy. Region - UK/Ireland PSN - McDermottx94
  14. #24 - Game of Thrones (PS4) Your standard typical TT production... utter crap. I went into this with very little to no knowledge on Game of Thrones (which as a book and TV series, is actually quite good!) so my expectations weren't high at all. Telltale managed to adapt the bleak reality of the TV series but also managed to add their own spin, by making the whole thing boring. I couldn't get invested in any of the characters, the choice(s) presented to me as the player made no sense as the majority of them made you out to be an asshole either way. I would commend Telltale on actually making this game quite medium-long compared to their other titles, but then again... it is quality over quantity and unfortunately, plenty of quantity here as opposed to quality.
  15. #23 - Sly 2 (PS Vita) A rather enjoyable sequel. I had only one issue with the game, being that the 2nd act of the game (Contessa Areas...) are downright boring to play through and made the middle section of the game slow. I was told by several fans of the series over on Reddit that Sly 2 would definitely appeal to me through enjoyment of the 1st game and they were correct. The 2nd game in the series changes up the mission format by offering new layers of missions and of course, the ability to play as the other members of the gang. The only negative aspect of this additional character ability was the constant need to go back to the SH to swap characters, so if you intend on playing through Sly 2, make sure to complete the missions as the other characters before Sly as in most cases, the characters will only have 1/2 missions per chapter whereas Sly will have the majority.