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  1. Are there much bots per game? I would be willing to attempt this knowing that there are bots taking up player spaces.
  2. BFV was actually not boycotted for me personally. I just didn't really have any interest in the series when BF1 came out. I decided to take a punt at £10 for the BFV and see what it was all about. A bugged trophy which shouldn't even be bugged in the 1st place (3+ months now...) is silly and just frankly incomptent. You're more than welcome to lick their boots however.
  3. 2 more maps left to do. I'm nearly there... maybe. EDIT #1: The trophy is still bugged. I completed all 8 of the launch maps via conquest and nothing unlocked. I guess they're just gonna leave the game as unobtainable in terms of the platinum. #BoycottBF6
  4. I will do. The tracker for the map is no longer showing as the "bugged" version so we may be in luck. I've got 6 maps left. I will report soon.
  5. I'm about to boot up BFV and try complete the map and see what happens. I really hope this is it. EDIT #1: The map based trophy will require you to play another round on each of the maps again as the bug seems to be stat related which has been reset on their end. I'll try knock it out ASAP and update.
  6. This is confirmed. I unlocked Scorch and have won at least 5+ games. The wins counted but the hero win didn't count so... gonna have to unlock another cheap hero now for the final credit.
  7. Nah mate. It's rather just... something so small like this could be easily fixed in a day if they just put the original map back in rotation.
  8. #56 - Toy Story Mania! (PS4) "Perfect Aim" "Earn all trophies." I actually won't say much... other than special thanks to PS Now and Sony for the free platinum. I was made aware of how easy the platinum for this game was sometime ago but didn't really have the ability to play it nor could find a copy to begin with. Had a little curious peak at the PS Now library because of the constant advertisment appearing on my XMB and oh man... you just knew that the trial was asking to be used for this. The game is boring and the sound effects are frankly boring as well. I can't even begin to think of how any child would feel playing this after about the 2nd or 3rd time. Difficulty: 1/10 (It is very easy though some of the trophies were made slightly difficult on this connection...) Enjoyment: 3/10 (It was fun for like... a whole 5 minutes at most and then the push for the platinum kept me going.)
  9. #55 - Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout (PS4) "Ultimate Fall Guy" "Acquire all other trophies." I'm going to be straight up and honest with you all on this one - this game is a test of patience while praying to the wonderful RNG Jesus for the best rotations in games and of course... the right people on your team. FGUK is a fun title that was given away as a freebie for the August PS+ collection and oh man... so glad they did that. I was unaware of the game prior to the download and my expectations weren't really there considering there was none to be held of but... they've done a great job with it. The game does have some issues however with the server issues still being persistent but this is probably to be expected when you've got a ton of players on both platforms (PS4 & PC) hammering the absolute shit out of the servers. The game itself however is very fun when you're playing the solo games... as for the team based stuff? Purely dependent on whether or not you're on the right team. Trophy Hunters have been caught in a bit of divide over the infamous "infallible" trophy. This trophy requires you to win not just one game but five of them... sounds easy huh? WRONG! You need to win five games in a row. This is not a drill. This is actual stuff. The developers have insisted that the trophy would be impossible (or rather, in translation... very very difficult to obtain) and while the trophy has definitely earned that title... there have been some "tricks" released out there in the wild on how to do it. I personally am against these however solely because the game hasn't even been out one month and people were demanding for it to be altered. Regardless! I managed to earn the trophy quite early on in my hunt for the platinum, leaving me with the task of cleaning up the remaining lot. Season 1 is now completed (for me at least) and while the motivation is now gone to play the title (having nearly won 30+ games at this point trying to get as much kudos and crowns for the cosmetics)... look forward to checking it out again in the future with Season 2. Difficulty: 7/10 (This is my own personal rating based on my own skill. The game will challenge even the most hardcore of platformers out there!) Enjoyment: 8/10 (I did enjoy the game very much though the connection issues made certain sessions 'meh' and the lack of variation settles in quite quickly.)
  10. I am going to assume that you want the platinum handed to you on a silver platter, is that it?
  11. This is the latest update on the bug. It would seem that multiple reps have now posted in relation to it so... chances of it getting fixed seem warm. I wish they'd announce when the next update is due, at least some kind of time-frame would be neat.
  12. I completely agree with this and not because the trophy has been earned thankfully, but rather because that trophies are not supposed to be easy and simple to unlock. That's the whole point of an achievement. They're difficult and brag-worthy in a few cases and this trophy is just one of the many additions to that "brag" worthy list. I do believe some kind of additional mode that is solo-only would be a great addition for the people that can't stand the team-based games but really and truly - the overall trophy "unlock" condition shouldn't be changed at all.
  13. This is unfortunately somewhat true. The trophy is quite challenging but the ideology that you've got to win 5 in a row while depending on your team to come out on top in the event game(s) is just unpredictable.
  14. I've still got a few left to go... but thanks for the wishes.
  15. Certainly going to be quite the rare platinum regardless of what they do because by the looks of it - all of the legendary stuff will cost crowns and getting 1 win nevermind 5 in a row is difficult enough.