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  1. Little Big Planet Vita! I thought about buying it for my Vita since well - it is a pretty damn good game on console... unsure if it would be worth the trouble.
  2. Red Dead Redemption 2 (PS4) 2nd Platinum of 2019 - #45 "Legend of the West" (Not sure why BUT they decided to use the title of the platinum as the description as well... slightly lazy) Red Dead Redemption 2... what an experience. Red Dead Redemption 2 is actually my 1st ever Red Dead game in the series (tried to play through the 1st game back in the day on the 360 but could never get through the starting missions... too boring). Thinking about it - it is almost the same experience here too. The starting missions in this game are just as slow if not even slower than the first starting missions in the 1st game, so if anyone is in the same boat as myself - might be worth looking back into the 1st game again. ANYWAY - onto the review of my experience with getting the platinum in this and overall thoughts on the game. I'll split this down very quickly into 3 areas - Singleplayer, Multiplayer & Trophies. So for the SP component - it is absolutely fantastic. The story telling in this game compared to their previous title (Grand Theft Auto V) is above and beyond what you'd expect. Rockstar has managed to (for the probably 1st time in a long long while) make me care and actually think about Arthur Morgan as a character. The characters you interact with and the not-so-nice people you encounter do wonderful all-round in creating this immersive story with a bitter-sweet pay-off. People are going to naturally discover that the game does in-fact play quite slowly. There are a lot of different commands tied to particular button presses so you may find yourself struggling to get around it at first. I promise though... if you loved the 1st game in the series; you will most definitely enjoy the experience here in getting to see familiar faces and areas. MP... well - the less said about that... the better, honestly. MP is more or less looking likely to go down the same route of Grand Theft Auto Online - which started off not so bad and then eventually went crazy with greed for the cash. Rockstar intend to delivery regular content updates to the online aspect with new weapons and clothing options. The biggest problem? Low Payouts and extremely tedious leveling process. Players are encouraged to not grief (supposedly coming with a future update) though the fact there is no such thing as private/friend only lobbies has me questioning their thinking behind allowing others to see people on the map. I would naturally recommend people avoid transactions but for the sake of peace and getting through it as fast as possible - see below in the trophy section for some advise. On paper - the trophies seem rather comfortable and easy this time round... on paper. I would argue that in terms of the collectibles; Red Dead Redemption 2 has got the most to collect with a huge density and variation in tasks and requirements to obtain the 100%. (This doesn't include the fact that you MUST skin and study all animals on the base land to obtain 2 individual trophies) Hunting Perfect "skins" will play a huge role in one of the more "interesting" trophies - won't spoil this trophy for anyone that is yet to tackle it but fair warning... be prepared to do plenty of saving/loading. The worst trophy however - by all accounts - Gold Rush. Gold Rush requires you to obtain 70 gold medals... sounds good, right? It wasn't too bad in GTA V, how could it be any worse this time? Simple - Rockstar have changed how medals are granted and no longer are the days in which you could tackle individual objectives... you MUST complete all objectives in a single run on that mission to obtain the gold or you will not be granted it. Prepare to do plenty of restarting if you intend to do what most people would and play through the game blindly without the need to use a guide on their first playthrough (which IMO, ruins the experience entirely if you're having to use a guide on how to obtain gold medals 1st time). I should lastly mention that not only do you have this new "rule" against you - your character will be at their stock no matter the mission/chapter. So yes - if you have to replay quite a bit of missions from the later chapters for them gold medals - you will be using Stock Arthur which means starting health, stamina and dead-eye. MP wise - trophies are actually not too bad either, which leads me to the wonderful plug (swear - not an employee of Rockstar) of the advise piece. There is a bundle on the store that grants you an additional 25 Gold Bars for €4.99 (other currencies unknown). This bundle will help greatly in the cut-down of some of these trophies - the most notable being the camp/horse trophies. Rank 50 (not 100 this time round compared to GTA Online) sounds reasonable until you discover just how barren the current setup of the mode really is at this current time. My recommendation for anyone tackling Rank 50 - ensure you use the XP Trick listed in the guide in regards to the Checkpoint "Exploit" as you're gonna be grinding quite a bit even with that trick. Overall Difficulty - 7/10 The game has a bump in difficulty solely based on the extreme number of collectible strands and Gold Medals on Replay + huge grind in terms of XP/Cash for MP. Overall Enjoyment - 9/10 Red Dead Redemption 2 is a fantastic experience that shouldn't be passed up by fans of the series and fans of Rockstar Games. Yes - there is a little bit of slowness to the game and it can appear/feel clunky at times but considering how much work and sweat and tears were poured into this game during production... it would be a crime to not give it a spin on your console.
  3. I don't care too much about the world ranking but it is neat to see how fellow nationals are doing (Ireland in this case).
  4. The sniper one is rather decent - just play normally and you will get it without too much trouble. I played Strike to get that and the Sentry trophies.
  5. It honestly does feel so tedious after sometime. I was getting about 1-2 ranks and then taking a few minutes break but that probably isn't possible considering you only have until midnight!
  6. You've got this in the bag if you just keep pushing. I managed to get my 50 just about 1 or so hours ago - super happy to be done with it. I'll start grinding more RDR2 later or tomorrow!
  7. Star Wars Battlefront II (PS4) 1st 2019 Platinum - #44 "Platinum Trophy" (Not even gonna bother place the description in here, y'all know what it'll most likely say!) SO! I skipped on BF2 at launch after the horrible implementation of the star card system which was pretty much EA getting a bit greedy and wanting people to spend out the cash on them crates. 1 year later - I buy the game on sale (cost me about €13 at most, physical copy) and figured it must have gotten better. The answer to that? YES! It has gotten MUCH better than what it was at launch but because the game was built around this mechanic so badly it still suffers from the flaws of the system. Some cards could be considered OP, some cards can be considered absolutely useless and then we break it down to the Heroes/Villians on selection. In the majority of my games on Heroes Vs Villains - you were more likely to win as the Villians so long as everyone stuck together. This is course completely varies because everyone plays the game differently, whether it be strategy or character wise. ANYWAY - I'm blabbing on too much... the game is somewhat fun online but you will get your ass handed to you at the beginning and until you level up your classes/heroes - you're gonna be very weak and well, die... often. The SP was interesting enough to the point that I did actually enjoy the cutscenes for what they were - that said - DICE still can't write a good story to save their lives. Their magic in development has always been the MP (and even that is gone down hill!) aspect of the game. I imagine a majority of people will actually enjoy the SP for what it is worth PLUS - no stupid survival trophies this time round. Speaking of trophies... they're relatively easy. They're not the worst compared to the 1st game such as the 25 stomp kills with the AT-AT but be warned - two of them that are related to heroes/villains are painfully tedious. 1 of them requires 50 kills, while being marked, which essentially means you have to try and take down the other "marked" (target) hero/villain while you're currently the marked target for the opposing team. This will mean having multiple if not the entire team coming down on you... so do that, 50 times, assist kills do not count. The other - 25 hero/villain ship kills again requires you to kill 25 hero or villains in their ship as a fighter class, so be prepared for the difficult grind of having to hunt down the ship as a fighter, not get shot down and also be the one to land the killing shot. THIS IS ONLY JUST THE BEGINNING, THOUGH... you thought getting Level 50 in the 1st BF was a pain in the backside? It required just about 1.6 Million XP in the 1st game to get to level 50... in this game? It will take you just about 7 Million. I wish I was joking. It took me 15+ hours grinding over the weekend with Heroes Vs Villians (Triple XP period ends tomorrow!) to get from 27 to 50, averaging about 50K+ per game... may the force be with you all. Overall Difficulty - 6/10 (as a vet of the 1st title) This could go up or down dependent on your enjoyment and skill. I personally would give it a higher score if it wasn't for the XP bonuses. Overall Enjoyment - 7/10 I didn't think this game was as bad as people make it out to be in the current state. Yes - it is flawed in a lot of areas but once you get into the flow of it and look past these flaws - there is something there to enjoy.
  8. I'm rank 27 or so in RDR2, too. I just need to keep pushing with the grind on that last mission and then just start collecting the medals through Replay but I am unsure as to whether it would just be best to start again on a fresh save for the gold medals or not. How long did it take you to get to 50 using that method? I'm rank 48 now, gonna get my platinum today before the end of the HvV 3x.
  9. Keep Pushing! I am about to hit 44 and then make my final push tonight for 45 before leaving the last few levels until tomorrow. You can easily reach 45 if you keep going.
  10. Just hit 43! Trying to get to at least 45 minimum tonight making the last 5 levels tomorrow with the remaining time that bit easier. GG on the platinum! It will feel good to finally put this one away and focus on RDR2.
  11. UPDATE - have reached Level 41 from 27. Hoping to get to 45 tonight and then grind out the remaining levels tomorrow before it ends.
  12. Haha! That is ironically the other game on my list... only need to get the rank 50 in that and the 70 gold medals but considering BF2 is a bigger pain - that is my focus now.
  13. If you run out of PLUS, you lose ACCESS to the game, not the actual game attachment if that makes sense. Just a random website trying to cause up a stir.
  14. I'd definitely recommend getting in on it ASAP. HvV Is an average of about 50K per game if you play blaster heroes alongside the game being evenly balanced. I don't think I'd have the strength to play this at all if it wasn't for this.