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  1. I'm basically gonna get my tablet out and binge watch the whole series in prep for the DLC. I have plenty of time to do so as well. I have managed to past by spoilers too. I'm excited to clear off the trophies as soon as I get the PS4 back, though. I need to finish up Bill and Ghosty.
  2. I have yet to watch Stranger Things. Commence the binge.
  3. #52 - Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified (PlayStation Vita) 9th of 2019 "No More Worlds to Conquer" "Earn all available Trophies for Call of Duty® Black Ops: Declassified." I was away from Ireland in the UK to look for a potential home... decided to pop into the best store (for me personally) to find USED Vita Games and that was none other than CEX. Upon getting in there - immediately spotted this "gem" of a game (hopefully people detect sarcasm in that) and figured, at the price of £15... it would be worth picking up for the sake of collecting the physical copy. I immediately regret that. Call of Duty on the PlayStation Vita is actually not the worst game in the world, though. When you take away the horribly BS accurate AI and buggy movement and somewhat uninspired "campaign" mode, it is a decent title on the go. If you're a huge fan of COD, you're definitely gonna find some fun in the game overall. Hostiles Mode is practically survival mode, killing waves and waves of enemies while obtaining guns and equipment to aid you in surviving. Yes! This mode also has some BS in terms of the stupidly accurate AI shooting at you before you can even poke your body out from cover. It was also only discovered AFTERWARDS (having to get 3 stars in all 5 hostile "missions" in order to obtain a trophy) that if you play one of the campaign missions on Veteran Difficulty... the AI in Hostiles will retain that difficulty despite the game not informing you until you've died or completed whatever waves required for the stars. (Pro Tip - If you plan to tackle the hostiles mode, ensure you've completed a mission on regular difficulty prior to ensure the AI is somewhat easier!) NOW FOR THE REALLY "FUN" "not broken" "totally fair" "great idea by the developer" part of the game... these two trophies in particular: "Double Down" and "Pure as the Driven Snow"... fuck that shit. I normally avoid cursing in these kind of posts but those trophies were definitely made by some asshole that had a rough day at the office and decided to make shit trophies for the sake of it. Double Down requires you to obtain 4 double kills in a sniper-based mission. It doesn't sound too bad at first but then you remember how random and flakey the AI can be. Yes, there are multiple spots in which you can obtain the Double Kills however - sometimes - the AI just decides that getting a bullet in the head/upper chest isn't enough to die on, even on the easiest difficulty. This trophy will be a test of your patience and accuracy and most importantly - perseverance. Pure as the Driven Snow... holy shit. This trophy is a literal mess and will cause many many players to rage (was raging to myself internally at least). You are required to complete one of the "operations" (missions) in the campaign mode without being dealt any damage. You literally have to go from A to B, without getting shot a single time. Sounds like it would be easy at first but then you gotta consider - BS Accuracy AI and inconsistent enemy movement patterns. You will get some enemies moving and doing what they do on every run though some will be inconsistent, camping, sitting in odd spots that you can't shoot them at but they can shoot you from and then you have the potentiality of the game crashing on you. I never had the game crash on me personally but there are reports of the game randomly crashing during the campaign mode - so be prepared for this trophy to either be your last or the one that breaks you. I didn't bother play MP solely based off the fact there are no trophies tied to the mode, thankfully. That said - supposedly meant to be fun and could make for a good way to break the tension between trophies if you fancy it. Enjoyment - 6/10 (Somewhat "fun" when you take away the trophy aspect of the game) Difficulty - 7/10 (I personally have always found Veteran Mode in COD to be the biggest load of BS. Pair that up with the inconsistent AI accuracy and repetitive nature of mission based trophies that require pure luck and skill make for a very difficult experience, surprisingly.)
  4. People are free to spend their money on whatever - but it encourages bad practice at the end of the day. Does DMC have any form of cheats of a similar nature? Kinda curious as to whether they'll sell any for that now as well.
  5. #51 - Conan Exiles 8th of 2019 "To crush all trophies beneath sandaled feet" "For completing all trophies" (Title and Description kinda triggers me...) I'm not going to try and pull the wool over anyone's eyes on here - this was certainly done using the Admin Panel. It is not a good game (not anywhere close to even being considered average IMO) solely because of how ugly it looks. Sure - it is a huge game with a lot of technical aspects in the background such as the travelling across the entire map without having to enter a load-screen but... the game just doesn't play well at all. I can't imagine trying to play this game for 50+ hours in attempt to get the platinum. If you've yet to download it - give it a go and just mess around with it. That said - you've got access (for now) to the shiny admin panel in which you can pretty much spawn in required items/enemies/grant modifications to assist your process very quickly without too much difficulty. I guess we can thank Sony and the developer behind this for the somewhat "EZ" free platinum? Enjoyment - 10/10 (Top Quality Masterpiece) Difficulty - 0/10 (As easy as 123)
  6. The difference being that the admin panel was "free", whereas this is literally just them taking advantage of the situation and giving people the literal ability to "buy" the platinum.
  7. #50 - Gravity Rush 2 (PS4) 7th of 2019 "Ultimate Shifter" "Collected every trophy." I have to say - it is quite tragic that the servers for the game were taken down considering there really isn't any kind of multiplayer functionality other than people liking/leaving hints and stuff in-game. I only started playing GR2 long after the servers were taken down... which resulted in the annoyance of not being able to obtain every piece of unlockable content (they should have created some kind of patch even or just enabled all the items for people whom weren't able to be there originally). That said - enough about that waffle... about the actual game now: Gravity Rush 2 is *not* a bad game. It is misguided and sloppy, though. The controls didn't really cause me too much issues but for some reason to me - it felt like the gravity kicking mechanic in this version felt much worse compared to the original GR on the Vita. The story also fell apart for me from the very beginning - I just couldn't get myself invested into any of the characters unlike the 1st game. The missions were typically "follow this person, go here, carry that, talk to them, find that"... it felt tedious somewhat towards the end and then that leads me to the upgrading power-ups... why the hell would they make the requirement to fully upgrade at about nearly 2x to 3x times the amount of gems you'd have actually obtained playing through the game? (Assuming you got GOLD in all challenges prior to completing it!) You basically will have upgraded all of your power-ups last as a result of this requirement and by that point - you can't really take much advantage of the upgrades. That said - credit is due for the delivery of a rather decent looking game, considering the background it came from. That said - to me personally - it almost felt like the game was straight up ported from the Vita somewhat early through the life-line of the product and simply additional things like better draw distance and load-in were added over-time to make up for the original target platform. GR2 didn't do as well as Sony hoped and can only say that this is their own fault for not releasing GR2 on the Vita alongside the PS4 if they really insisted on a console release. Difficulty - 3/10 (Relatively Simple - Just Time Consuming.) Enjoyment - 6/10 (Not as gripping/solid as the 1st entry. That said - you will get more of Kat and Raven in here.)
  8. Yes. Talented Builder is going to take you FOREVER to obtain if you attempt it solo. 500,000 builds is a task even with 4 players using modifiers and lots and lots of material. You will need to definitely find players for it.
  9. Doubt they'd never upload it to the main server... probably just a case of the developers having to work with Sony on getting it sorted out.
  10. Dead By Daylight - Despite the shit it gets for the unfortunate people that happen to roam in that community, you will definitely feel satisfied once you've gotten the Platinum. One of the best games I have ever played on both PS4 and PC, honestly.
  11. #49 - Realm Royale (PS4) 6th of 2019 "Your Royal Eggsellence" "Earn all trophies in the game." Despite the rather obivous rough edges and well - the fact that the player base isn't exactly booming with the fact they have bots for a major of players with only 32 or so (typically) players on a server of 100 - it isn't really that bad of a game. The microtransactions are complete ass, though. Yes - they're purely optional but the majority of player skins would require the player to buy multiple 1000 crown (the currency) packs. Regardless of the transactions - gameplay is mostly solid with the exception of bugs like getting stuck or the worse bug to have occured to me was the inability to shoot, use abilities or heal/armor up towards the end of a game. The developers seem keen to give this game a fighting chance in the suddenly saturated market of BR games but the likely hood of it reaching any level of popularity akeen to Fortnite or Apex Legends is impossible with the current development/decisions being made by the team behind this not so bad game. It could be better - but the developers aren't going to let it get any better. Trophies are relatively simple - with the exception of "Absolute Unit" which requires you to win a squad game with all 4 players still standing. This isn't the worse since you can just revive people at the forge if needs be but... the issue is rather getting all 4 players to actually jump together, stay together and well - work together in fights. I managed to do this after many disconnections from games where people just seperated completely or didn't even jump off the damn aircraft. Highly recommend using the boosting/cooperative sessions feature for this trophy alone. Difficulty - 4/10 (Rather Simple with only 1 tricky trophy that requires competent players) Enjoyment - 7/10 (Surprisingly fun and solid gameplay - though the microtransactions and development "roadmap" seems a bit off as of currently)
  12. I personally had to get the 10 wins again. I have close to 30 according to that tracker and it only popped that bit close - so unfortunately my previous stuff didn't count. It does appear people did have it count for them, though.
  13. I only need to get the Absolute Unit Trophy at this point. For whatever reason - randoms insist on disconnecting when they die or sometimes don't even jump out of the damn aircraft.
  14. You will need to win 10 to get the Master Trophy. 1 more win of course and you get the standard win trophy.
  15. 2 more trophies for myself - 10 wins and win with all 4 members alive. Potion may still be bugged for people but I managed to unlock it last night without any issues.