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  1. I have played through twice now and collected all transformations and it still hasn't popped. At this point, I'm not doing it a third. Hopefully others don't have this issue as if it happens for a lot of folks, this may be an unobtainable plat.
  2. Does anyone know if there is a requirement beyond hitting the 3000 hearts mark? I'm currently at 3175 and the trophy has not popped. If that is the only requirement, the NA trophy might be glitched.
  3. Star Wars Battlefront. Have meant to go back to it so many times, but never have due to other games!
  4. Platinum 100 - Sekiro Tough game but amazing design, locomotion and combat.
  5. I blew 10 points on attack power so ended up having to grind about 8 hours in NG+. I started with the stairs, but grew bored of the loop and changed to the Antichamber. Loop was kill first purple guy stealth for 2100xp and then jumped onto the beam above the ogre and let him kill the 2 enemies for 3600xp and then returned to last idol, repeat.
  6. Metro Exodus. Amazing game. One of the most immersive FPS I've played.
  7. Definitely Bloodborne. Love that game, but totally forgot about it and never finished the plat (which I will have to do now!)
  8. My first platinum of the year (which I finished this morning) is Borderlands 2 VR.
  9. Definitely Devil May Cry 4. Good job, that's a tough one!
  10. Yes I am level 50 and I actually I just did it on my next attempt. Had a high impact shotgun with 275 shots (from an ammo relic), the launcher that King Mong drops and just timed my BATF and issue ability as Zero when he came to the rock. Just need Jimmy and the race track challenge for 100% now. Seems they moved the vault symbol to behind the door after beating the boss as well.
  11. Hi All, Hopefully someone can help and provide some advice on the best way to beat Terramorphous. Obviously with VR being single player only, it makes the challenge even worse. I've tried the rock method people suggest, but even with legendary and epic gear it's taking 10+ minutes just to drop his health 25%. Thanks much!
  12. God of War by a mile. Spiderman is polished but its pretty repetitive and despite its strong story telling, graphical polish and depth of mechanics, the open world design and mission structure make the game feel like a 90s design wrapped in 2018 polish. Spiderman plays it really safe and does not have a single innovative element. God of war and it's single camera shot with no loading is actually a cinematic innovation I hope to see in more games. Spiderman may deserve a spot in the top 10, but it should not even be considered for overall GOTY (unless its genre specific or something) while GoW should be the "game to beat".
  13. Anyone have thoughts on what do to for this one? I keep having the teacher catch me, even when I'm not looking down at the device. Not sure if there is a secret to this one or something.
  14. Disappointed in the trophies. Given its supposed to be one of the few VR games that last more than 2 hours, it looks like another super short VR "experience". Regret my preorder actually.
  15. So then its not buggy, its just completely misleading and not communicated well at all.