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  1. I'm not a judge or anything but he deserved to be permabanned, there is more than enough places on the internet for clowns like him.
  2. Holy shit, there is so many dumb people in this comment section, it's unbelievable.
  3. Just quoting a comment to show how dumb your take is. "This take is so stupid. Playstation and XBOX are literally dedicated hardware. The dev developed this game targeting this hardware, and could QA on the hardware. It is not weird to expect stuff to work when the devs had the exact spec’d machine as what you play on (and pay AAA price for the game on). They should have delayed or reduced price. I mean, unless people don’t mind I guess, but yeah… if you sell the game on this platform, it should obviously work. It’s not a port, and it’s not commodity hardware like your RAM example." Edit: If someone here want to see an already good discussion about this topic and how brain dead this take im quoting here is, check this
  4. This community is at least pathetic.
  5. Entry#4 - Destiny sparrow, just for the lols.
  6. Entry #3: I would like to have Geralt medallion because "Place of Power, it's gotta be!"
  7. Second entry: Ghost from Destiny just because of the resurection power it has. Also does people know what does itens means?
  8. It would be Nathan Drake's ring, it is a cool relic to have.
  9. Brazil 2x0 Belgium
  10. Brazil 3x0 Switz.
  11. Today was Spain x Ronaldo...
  12. Quote 8: [After Chloe destroys a truck with an RPG] Chloe Frazer: Seems like I am always saving your ass. Nathan Drake: Well, it is an ass worth saving
  13. Quote 7: Nathan Drake: Can't reach this. Come on over here and I'll give you a boost. Victor Sullivan: All right. Nathan Drake: C'mon gorgeous, jump up. You got a great ass, Sully. Victor Sullivan: Thanks.
  14. Quote 6: Rameses: You insult me. Nathan Drake: You're a pirate! Rameses: And a good business man! Give me some respect!
  15. I just want a 20% coupon to get HZD...