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  1. Entry#4 - Destiny sparrow, just for the lols.
  2. Entry #3: I would like to have Geralt medallion because "Place of Power, it's gotta be!"
  3. Second entry: Ghost from Destiny just because of the resurection power it has. Also does people know what does itens means?
  4. It would be Nathan Drake's ring, it is a cool relic to have.
  5. Brazil 2x0 Belgium
  6. Brazil 3x0 Switz.
  7. Today was Spain x Ronaldo...
  8. Quote 8: [After Chloe destroys a truck with an RPG] Chloe Frazer: Seems like I am always saving your ass. Nathan Drake: Well, it is an ass worth saving
  9. Quote 7: Nathan Drake: Can't reach this. Come on over here and I'll give you a boost. Victor Sullivan: All right. Nathan Drake: C'mon gorgeous, jump up. You got a great ass, Sully. Victor Sullivan: Thanks.
  10. Quote 6: Rameses: You insult me. Nathan Drake: You're a pirate! Rameses: And a good business man! Give me some respect!
  11. I just want a 20% coupon to get HZD...
  12. Quote 5 [They must stick their arms into three holes and pull three levers at the same time.] Victor Sullivan: Yeah, I kind of like this arm, Nate. I use it all the time.
  13. Quote 4: Victor Sullivan: [after all three open a cover to a well] Well, well, well. Elena Fisher: What? Nathan Drake: Cause it's a well? [Elena shakes her head]
  14. Quote 3: The part where Nate and Sully have to navigate through a busy construction site. Sully: Sorry, fellas — first time driver here.
  15. Quote 2: Victor Sullivan: I'm sweating like a hooker in church! Nathan Drake: You took a hooker to church?