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  1. Entry#4 - Destiny sparrow, just for the lols.
  2. Entry #3: I would like to have Geralt medallion because "Place of Power, it's gotta be!"
  3. Second entry: Ghost from Destiny just because of the resurection power it has. Also does people know what does itens means?
  4. It would be Nathan Drake's ring, it is a cool relic to have.
  5. Brazil 2x0 Belgium
  6. Brazil 3x0 Switz.
  7. Today was Spain x Ronaldo...
  8. Quote 8: [After Chloe destroys a truck with an RPG] Chloe Frazer: Seems like I am always saving your ass. Nathan Drake: Well, it is an ass worth saving
  9. Quote 7: Nathan Drake: Can't reach this. Come on over here and I'll give you a boost. Victor Sullivan: All right. Nathan Drake: C'mon gorgeous, jump up. You got a great ass, Sully. Victor Sullivan: Thanks.
  10. Quote 6: Rameses: You insult me. Nathan Drake: You're a pirate! Rameses: And a good business man! Give me some respect!
  11. I just want a 20% coupon to get HZD...
  12. Quote 5 [They must stick their arms into three holes and pull three levers at the same time.] Victor Sullivan: Yeah, I kind of like this arm, Nate. I use it all the time.
  13. Quote 4: Victor Sullivan: [after all three open a cover to a well] Well, well, well. Elena Fisher: What? Nathan Drake: Cause it's a well? [Elena shakes her head]
  14. Quote 3: The part where Nate and Sully have to navigate through a busy construction site. Sully: Sorry, fellas — first time driver here.
  15. Quote 2: Victor Sullivan: I'm sweating like a hooker in church! Nathan Drake: You took a hooker to church?
  16. Quote 1: Nathan Drake: Tenzin! RPG? RPG! What's Tibetan for RPG?
  17. It works on Brazilian store as well.
  18. What and when is that Golden Week sale everyone is talking about?
  19. Thanks for that. Hope to get Ruiner or Superhot!
  20. Brazil will take this time, I am going for the money!
  21. Fix the title, it should be: Ps Plus (Future and Past games) sale..
  22. Did it worked for you? It looks like a scam, the credit card site is very suspect, this guy YouTube account comment looks like a bot-fest.
  23. I think it would be fairer if newly created accounts could not participate in the draw. Let's see if Neymar helps me there.
  24. Got the 50 Posts, put me in!
  25. BF3 aka the best one.