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  1. Yeah Sigma 1 trophies arent showing up for me on PSN as well even though I put the game on
  2. Anyone know if the 20 race wins glitch still working?
  3. Does it save if you left it on the title screen and then quit the game or do you have to play a level first for any of the time spent to count? Edit: You have to play a level for it to save the time you left it on for, can do this by starting the game on hard then dying immediately.
  4. This game has a lot of bugged trophies, ive done trophies multiple times and not have them unlock despite the unlockable appearing in the game showing that I actually did it. The only way to solve this is deleting your save and trying it again, but even with this some trophies still wouldn't unlock for me so I just moved on from this game.
  5. #51432 is one for faejin if anyone needs it
  6. I didn't have this trophy as well by the time i had 98% of the trophies but the method of deleting your save, doing the tutorial again in its entirety from basic movement all the way to robo fortune at the end in one sitting by pressing "Next unfinished lesson" each time, then repeating the robo fortune tuturial and pressing next unfinished lesson, turning off the PS4, then doing the first parasoul trial is a surefire way of getting the trophy.
  7. I think around 40 minutes
  8. Just got it even though I wasted the 8.5 mil by not glitching it, but just used the 100k glitch to finish the 3.8 mil left. If anyone wants to know how I did it: 1. Start game, go into offline lobby (internet off) 2. Quit to title screen (internet off) 3. Turn internet on 4. Go to online lobby 5. Skip opening cutscene (internet on) 6. Now wait for when it says acquiring area information, then communicating with server, then when it says loading in the bottom right corner, disconnect the internet quickly 7. You'll be back in the title screen, repeat steps 1-6 Thanks again for this tip, I put off the grind for this since the release off the game, glad my laziness somehow paid off in this case lol
  9. Finished the plat, grinded 16 hours straight almost for zombie boy lol, had around 28k deaths by the end which is terrible, but if someone as bad as me can do it I think anyone can as long you keep trying. Thanks again for the tips in the thread 👍
  10. Managed to get impossible boy now when I've only completed forest and hospital iron man runs so far. It took about a full month of practice, with some days an hour or two with other days practising for 8 hours to get a better feel for the levels. My level order was: 19-20, 1, 13-18, 6-12, 5, 2-4 I had an attempt where I had 19/20 of levels done and only had level 4 left but still managed to die somehow even though I've only died on that level less than 5 times ever probably. A few hours later, I got the trophy after taking short breaks in between levels to lower stress and adrenaline levels that caused me to fail at 19/20 the last time. Would like to thank everyone who posted here for their tips, it was immensely helpful and would have been difficult to get this trophy without them. I still have salt, hell, rapture and light cotton alley left so i'm definitely going to keep using the tips posted here. Good luck to anyone still trying to get this game done, its definitely very rewarding after getting it done after so many tries.
  11. mine also bugged even after doing 12 towers
  12. #92: Injustice: Gods Among Us Ultimate Edition Platinum Trophy You've unlocked all Trophies! 0.12%
  13. Its seems that it didnt take long for the thread to derail.
  14. https://psnprofiles.com/forums/topic/8505-whats-your-favorite-avatar-on-psn/?hl=avatar There is already a thread like this.