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  1. There is people getting the platinum in seconds so I guess it works now. I'm gonna try it later today.
  2. Got the platinum, finally!
  3. Just got a 500,000 prize a few minutes ago. Some weeks ago I got an 1,000,000 prize. But usually I get 5 to 20k.
  4. I hope they keep the same order. Just need this trophy to finally get the platinum.
  5. I got the S10 gold following the demo ghost. You can be 2 second slower than the demo ghost and you’ll still get gold.
  6. This seems to be the best option after the update. The car is now even faster. Thanks!
  7. Only one trophy left to finally get the platinum. Just bought the Ferrari 330 P4, I wonder how much time I’ll have to wait until the other two cars are available again.
  8. How much credits do you need to buy these three cars?
  9. How can you know how many multiplayer miles you’ve done?
  10. Yes I did. Then imported the save file and got both speedrun and crushing trophies. And there was no need to play the epilogue on PS5 version.
  11. I just got crushing and speedrun trophies using the U4 disc that I have. I did all the steps on the PS4 version, started the PS5 version and imported the save game. Trophies popped.
  12. I just checked and I have 7 save files from Lost Legacy. I hope that’s enough to get the platinum automatically. I didn’t get the platinum from U4 but I have 3 saves so I’m going to get some trophies from U4 too.
  13. Uncharted 4 is way more popular than Uncharted Lost Legacy. Looks like Naughty Dog is trying to avoid people ignoring ULL. That's not a problem for me though. I love both games and I'm ready to play them again.
  14. 2 4 3 Lost Legacy 1