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  1. Not sure if it's been posted anywhere but I have a some extra info for this method. It seems that if you put your mercs on jobs at step 7 before going forward the two months they won't glitch and will have their jobs done. I did this for a few hrs yesterday and now have over 400 rubies and tons of souls. If this is new or not doesn't matter just letting everyone who didn't know that is using this method. That way you can build up your rubies and souls.
  2. Trophies will pop and take a screenshot but you will not be able to sync until they fix whatever the issue is. I got the plat already but I am still unable to sync from day one. It seems to be the us version that is having the most issue.
  3. I already have this done us version. I can confirm im unable to sync any of the trophies. Hope they fix this soon
  4. Mine is Edf 2025 Ultra Rare 0.66
  5. Just got Dynasty Warriors Gundam Reborn done yesterday. I actually enjoyed it more then the normaly dynasty warriors. Mind you this was my first gundam dynasty games. Still trying to get my hands on the others.