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  1. You should of gotten the complete all house sequences trophy when you received the key after handing in the fragments unfortunately.
  2. I remember there being a really sneaky one that involved the hook shot. It's in a massive room and high on a platform that barely shows on the small map screen
  3. You are now in free roam, you can stick your head in a hole in a new room that has opened up in the ship to go back to act 1. You can start collecting sun dial fragments if you have already seen at least 5 house sequences. 1 per biome.
  4. What is the definition of a secret area?
  5. Sorry mate I was referring the the 4 staircase room. I couldn't see the picture very well
  6. Pretty sure there is one up on the left side. With a cube on that side too. You should be able to see a blue triangle on the map and if you can't see an item it will most likely be a glyph
  7. Does anyone know where the 5th zero archive is? Not the 5th biome one just the fifth on the list? ast-ax-or5 or something?
  8. There's a hidden area. It looks like a straighy path ends abruptly but you can just fall down a fair way and it's hidden deep within the water. Im still struggling working out how to read how many collectables I've got per biome so I dont know what im missing. I seem to be missing the fifth zero archive statue in the first world. Does anyone recall there being a log or glyph after the first boss?
  9. Can anyone confirm if doing a no death run you can just exit to dash if you die or do you need to upload the save to the cloud and keep uploading/downloading it? Bit annoying that after the story you only have chapter select with no option to continue.. I've got all the badges bar one ready for the trophy fix and don't want to have to do them all again.
  10. For the crane you need to interact with the jacket hanging on the ledge after going through cunos shack to the roof. Instead of jumping the balcony, select the option to look around. That will trigger the dialog with Kim. You can easily get this trophy in the first day. Interact with Kim's car and rub your hands over the lever as well as any other car relates options. Talk to the lorry driver about the specific model of truck after you ask what he is hauling. Then there is another option you can talk about the truck about it being pretty neat. The brown car you need to tell kim you think it looks better in blue. I did crane first, Then the brown car, then Kim's car, then the lorry driver last and like I said you need to ask what he is hauling twice. Select the model truck for the first option and then pretty neat for the second one. I ended the conversation with him first before asking again.
  11. I couldn't progress the quest line when I opened the container prior to buying the painting from Cindy so I started a new game. Not sure if there is a way to open it again after even though the dialogue is there to ask him again...
  12. Yeah must be US as I had to create a US account just so I could buy it as its banned in AUS.
  13. These quests appear at night from day 3 to 4. When you fall asleep, you need to choose one of the thoughts and pursue it. These quests can only be completed once per playthrough, so I recommend saving before going to bed. You need to choose political replicas in conversations with the NPCs and put them in the “Thought Cabinet” for quests to appear. Thoughs required are: Don't call it a book club Requires “Mazovian Socio-Economics” (This one is easy and straight forward) Networthy Individual Requires “Indirect modes of taxation” (I recommend you do this one last as you can't complete it until AFTER the tribunal, do NOT talk to the rich man in the container until AFTER you buy the painting from Cindy or it will glitch just leave it well alone during your playthough) Committee of la Responsabilité Requires “Kingdom of Conscience.” (There is two ways to complete this one and both are bugged for me.) The Icebreaker Requires “Revacholian nationhood” (Also pretty straightforward. It glitched on me once when asking measurehead to talk in private. Holding the left stick to the left until you sit down worked for me.. Im pretty sure you can also just visit after you send Kim to bed and will have the same effect) Make sure you save lots! Especially before checks or before & after talking to a NPC. More or less yes. Measurehead is always there. This is a separate quest. You only send kim away while you meet up with measurehead then he returns straight after. Doing these quests with the glitched starting file to make your stats all 12 make a massive difference and make passing checks super easy. Message me on PSN while you are going though the quests if needing assistance as it's too difficult to give an exact guide on here without writing a novel. Speaking of novels buy the Dick Mullen's book from the book store and spam X while reading it to make it super easy to pass time
  14. Yeah the balcony where Cindy is. Talk to Cindy and Manana and exhaust all of their dialogue and one if them will tell you to attend the meeting that night. Go read a book until 2200 or a bit after and you will be able to enter the room. Make sure you save lots though these. One other thing is that you can only do these 4 new quest lines 1 per playthough. So make sure you make a save before you sleep on the 3rd night to play out the others.