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  1. do the s ranks count for 100 percent completion?
  2. Only thing that they could have put is an all s ranks achievement but damn this is a nice list Probably around 10-15hours if s ranks aren't required. Otherwise, it'll take 15-20hours
  3. for the combo challenges in order to get the timing right if you just pause between each input, you'll surely get them done in no time. if you have a boosting partner and if you're aware of the Zeni glitch the game is pretty easy albeit a fair bit time consuming
  4. a urethral swab seems more enjoyable than this state of play as a whole.
  5. that was miserable honestly and they didn't even mention the ps plus games
  6. Can someone invite me to their crew please? Psn:BarradasRamos
  7. street fighter 4 is definitely a time sink
  8. DownWell 1.99% FighterZ 2.09% Sonic Unleashed 2.19% Steep 2.66% MirrorĀ“s Edge 2.92%
  9. phew luckily that happened and the plat popped after 73 hours! Thanks a bunch!
  10. Hey everyone. So my journey to the platinum of crash 4 is coming to an end but I am afraid of one thing. I have around 4 gems left ( 4 from normal stages), I have 37 of all 38 perfect relics, all platinum relics, defeated all bosses (normal and inverted counterparts), all platinum flashback tapes, yet I am only at 99 percent? Did the counter glitch or am I being dumb?
  11. Crash N Sane Trilogy(Ps4) COD BO4 (PS4)
  12. this looks so good. looking forward to the challenge
  13. I'm A Golden God!You got 100% on Super Meat Boy, start bragging! 0.79% ULTRA RARE
  14. October 2020 - Black Ops 4 COD -Resident Evil 7
  15. Metro games enthusiast and possibly a speedrun account