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  1. Hi all, I would like to try to get this game's platinum, but no one is playing this game online. I will make a gaming session, but as the game has no players, I think that in this particular case is interesting to make both, this topic and the gaming session. My idea is to have a group of players to usually play it all together, for example 1-2 hours per week (like playing only 1 day per week), or something like that. Watching the requirements of the trophies, it is needed to play, al least, for 30 hours.
  2. Good luck with it. I'm from EU and I've been asking them on their official discord channel. No reply since my May 1st comment...
  3. Maybe they removed the 1.01 version. Downloaded right now and it's 1.00.
  4. Well, you can send a message to the devs with this info. They'll check it for sure.
  5. Kyurinaga's Revenge. Way too hard to plat. Need to do a run through 10 stages and 2-3 bosses without dying, all in a single run, from start to end.
  6. I'm stuck on Archeologist trophy. Got 19/20 scrolls, only missing the second scroll on Stage 4. I played this stage 20 times looking every piece of the level but nothing found. Nor hidden entrances neither breakable things. Anyone knows where it is?
  7. Completed the game today, I used the following configuration: - Tar - Tranquility - Retreat Orders - Sudden Fire First 2 options related to make game easier and a little bit slower. Retreat orders is for moving balls backwards. It's the least important as you wont be able to make ir backwards until the last minute. Sudden fire is for breaking those balls that are unique. For example, if there is a combination of Blue-Red-Blue, I hit the red one to make a pair. You have to focus on those 3x combos, you need every powerup you can take. Fireflies is the best one here. Tried with @Bankingter via Share Play, but lag makes it impossible, al least for me.
  8. Got It! Started at 58/78. Got the trophy today, at 77/78, just as planned.
  9. Yesterday started trying to collect this trophy. Started the game 2 days ago, made top 200 in Pagani Passion with 2 hours remaining. I think I'm not bad at this, came from Driveclub. Will the other online trophies be unobtainnable?