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  1. Yeh true, although I still think I'd want to avoid Brazil and Germany especially until as late as possible, the other big countries maybe less so
  2. had a 3-1 on that game, thought it would defo happen but 1 point is better than 0 I guess. Im looking at it from an England point of view right now and I think if Germany and Brazil win their groups we need to deliberately lose to Belgium bcos otherwise we're up shit creek
  3. that first round killed me, gotta make up a bunch of points now
  4. Fair enough mate, was just wondering dw! Feel like you deserve an extra point just for doing it๐Ÿ˜‚
  5. are the others supposed to update their own scores or is someone designated to do it?๐Ÿ˜‚
  6. @bpmotard you've absolutely nailed the predictions so far wow
  7. loads of people haven't updated their scores since the England game
  8. 1-1, nailed it!
  9. 22 June Brazil 3-1 Costa Rica (1pm, ITV) Nigeria 0-0 Iceland (4pm, BBC) Serbia 1-0 Switzerland (7pm, BBC) 23 June Belgium 1-0 Tunisia (1pm, BBC) South Korea 1-2 Mexico (4pm, ITV) Germany 2-0 Sweden (7pm, ITV) 24 June England 3-0 Panama (1pm, BBC) Japan 1-1 Senegal (4pm, BBC) Poland 1-2 Colombia (7pm, ITV) 25 June Uruguay 2-0 Russia (3pm, ITV) Saudi Arabia 0-1 Egypt (3pm, ITV4) Spain 3-1 Morocco (7pm, BBC) Iran 0-0 Portugal (7pm, BBC)
  10. Thanks! Might be worth it, the big teams haven't been great and I think peru played well last time
  11. also guys, bit off topic but how do you get that trophy banner at the bottom of your posts? I tried before and it was just showing a link ahaha
  12. Yep, hoping today took all the boring games away from the rest of the tournament lol
  13. lol I cant figure out how to move my position so I'll just leave it to you guys๐Ÿ˜‚ my points are fully updated now tho
  14. anyone got a link to the spreadsheet?
  15. 0 points for me today๐Ÿ˜‚