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  1. I dont know if it unlocks quicker this way but I removed all the skill points from my pro, and levelled up in each 3 positions to 80 ovr, then applied my skill points in the way shown in the guide and it popped up. Obviously still took a loooong while but I felt that at 82/3 ovr I wasn't getting anywhere with improving my exp so tried that way instead.
  2. It didnt pop for me when I reached it mid game bcos I quit out. Started a new game and tried to speed run to finish the mission quicker as I thought that was what I needed to do. I got caught, did the usual shoot-everyone-in-sight-out-of-frustration then restarted the mission and that's when the trophy popped for me.
  3. its a Christmas miracle! thanks you two
  4. France 1 - 1 Belgium (p) England 2 - 1 Croatia aet
  5. Never thought I'd see England in a World Cup so soon in my life reach a semi final and have a strong chance of winning
  6. Friday 6 July Uruguay (p) 1-1 France Brazil 3-2 Belgium Saturday 7 July England 1-0 Sweden Russia 0-1 Croatia
  7. I have never been more nervous in my life watching a football game. Im so happy we won that. If it we had lost to a good team I would have taken it but after all Colombia's shithousery im glad they lost.
  8. My oh my... Japan doing a madness
  9. Exactly, plus its not exactly like Neymar, Pogba etc are the ones causing the price-tags. They know that is far too much money to equate to a player but football is a business now and the players are just a cog in a massive system
  10. Football really is coming home
  11. Oh yeh I don't rate Higuaín but he can be useful as a focal point for attacks like the way France use Giroud/Gignac. I feel like theyre trying too hard to get 100% out of messi rather than maybe only 75% but also getting help from Aguero, Dybala etc.
  12. They've got Aguero, Higuaín and Dybala sitting on the bench and they play Pavon and Di Maria lol its mind-blowing
  13. Saturday 30 June France 1-0 Argentina - Kazan, 3pm (Match 50) Uruguay 1-0 Portugal - Sochi, 7pm (Match 49) Sunday 1 July Spain 3-0 Russia - Moscow (Luzhniki), 3pm (Match 51) Croatia 2-0 Denmark - Nizhny Novgorod, 7pm (Match 52) Monday 2 July Brazil 2-1 Mexico - Samara, 3pm (Match 53) Belgium 3-1 Japan - Rostov-on-Don, 7pm (Match 54) Tuesday 3 July Sweden 0-1 Switzerland - St Petersburg 3pm (Match 55) Columbia 1-2 England - Moscow (Spartak), 7pm (Match 56) Was catching up those at the top but failed miserably in that last gameweek so my chance of winning is gone
  14. Well what an awful round of predictions for me ahaha anyone doing decent?😂
  15. No better sight in football than crying fans. 0 points but happy to see the germans go ahaha