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  1. The design is very slick, I like it
  2. I will, thank you for your response
  3. I paid for this game along with few others and didn't have time to start it yet, but now when I go to my PSN Library the game isn't there and I'm unable to download it ALTHOUGH when I go the the PS Store the game is there for me to BUY..... Ummm, hello? Anyone knows what's up? I have a Polish PSN and European version of the game.
  4. 3 EDIT: Oh sorry, I mean in terms of how shi**y this game is yeah it's a solid 8/9 out of 10. World is too big, horrible grind, boring as hell travelling on an empty field makes me wanna throw my controller out of the window, cheesy dialogs, story is a huge whatever, the only good thing about this game is graphics, but it seems Rockstar focused on that aspect so hard they forgot about everything else and that games are supposed to be fun experiences not your second cyber-matrix-boring-farmer life substitute. I was a huge RDR 1 fan and still am, but games nowadays are going in a very bad direction, the PS3 was a king in comparison to the PS4, but to each their own I guess.
  5. If games are no longer fun you have a problem.
  6. Yes! I can't believe I actually bought this, but I was so bored since there are no interesting games for this console for the last 3 years so I was desperate but god man it! PLEASE, Please don't buy this game it is such a crap I deleted it 20mins after installing I feel like I wasted money for no reason... the worst bf I've played, feels like a game for 5 year olds, ugh.
  7. I was actually hoping to see Trophies being removed from the PlayStation System, unfortunately millions upon millions will continue their addiction.
  8. Maybe the site should just remove the bar completely since PS4 users never even had a chance to choose one, and since it's non-existant on the newest gen, I also think our profiles here would look so much more slick and neat without it, what are your thoughts?
  9. Hey guys, any updates on the issue?
  10. @MaxieM0us3 Ok Maxi but some people do mind and I am one of them + I'm not saying/forcing anyone to do it I would just really gladly see it as an option for people to chose, options are good. Especially when you have OCD like me.
  11. Please add an option for people who changed their names to hide the 'clock' icon next to their name it is annoying, my OCD can't stand it + this is the reason why they changed their name in a 1st place so that other's won't see what their s*upid name was, thank you. This really should be an option, I hope you will consider. Greetings. +The same goes to the hidden trophies I don't understand what is the point of showing how many trophies are hidden if this is exactly the opposite of why Sony added this function, please add these two options available at least for people who want to have an option, thanks! (sry for my eng)
  12. is there a way to hide the name change history from my profile? what's the point then, I didn't change my name for other people to see what was my ID before lol, it's annoying, there should be an option.
  13. even if u enjoy it it is a waste of time, you could be doing something that is actually beneficial for your life yet you're still in the same place but with few hundred day less left till death.
  14. My name is Mayo
  15. running and skateboarding psst, I eat ass too... c: