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  1. Bump, any ideas where to get this game now?πŸ˜…
  2. Explain me this I dont get how he got first dedication, ive played 31dec and still havent.. as far i know you had to Play atleast 3 games to have chance for dedication
  3. Yeah, used other PS3, but fixed it
  4. After doing last trophy with camera, it was my last trophy to plat i have done it and plat didint...pop any known solution???😐 Edit: This help me
  5. I cant find accualy any solution, my problem is that i have beat my dummy and the trophy didint pop, deleted savegame, whole data, reinstalled after joining game i have still my scores and medals in... Any tips? Edit: On the future if enyone will have same problem, make another dummy try to beat score of your main acc, delete friends 😐that have play this game and beat your dummy again, just got trophy pop
  6. Thanks for the reply, well guess need to wait for their answer
  7. Are they down just for me? Iam trying to connect into trials for 2 days, it's just connecting screen and nothing happens.. can anyone confirm?