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  1. navi_geitor Dead or Alive 6 good night, sorry for delaying me in answering, but in dead or alive 6 if you can increase the ranked games, and it's very simple, you just have to look for a partner that is the ideal sea of ​​your same country or near where one lives and just start configuring in connection type, while your impulse partner is closer you start with connection 5 and go testing, I did it with connection 4 and practically coinciding with my partner in all impulse fights.
  2. navi_geitor Dragon Ball: Raging Blast good afternoon, I have two ps3 and I had an online session with my two ps3 with my two dragon ball raging blast games, one with my main account and the other secondary to support online support, when I unlocked the online trophies I had practically the same savedata from my main account on both consoles of my ps3, that is why in one I had the 10 titles online and in the other I played with my other console and obtained the 30 titles in a short time.
  3. It's been almost a month since I started trying to play this game, without a doubt the worst thing that the creators could do was the two trophies of the 2,000 points to reach level 11 and the diamond cup, so far I have 500 points, for me this game is more difficult than the rayman origins due to online challenges, I hope that now in November the murphy glitch of the 500 meters, because those over 4,000 meters is almost impossible, I have only managed to reach 1,800 meters , but my best record was the speed runs that I made over 2,000 meters. Regrettably I see that they play very few in the version of the vita and of those there are too many pro players, especially those who make 32 kms. or more than 20 kms. that ensure the diamond cup and are true teachers xD, a lot of patience for platinum and if a challenge comes out please spread by this means, good friends