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  1. THANK YOU! My god this was driving me insane for the past week. I never hid this game but that was indeed it. After checking my hidden games it was there. What an epic and stupid bug! After contacting Capcom support for about a week they blew me off. Bunch of moronic monkeys.
  2. Here is a video of me browsing my library and the store, the game is nowhere to be found. I am waiting to hear back from Capcom on this but if they are unable to help, the only solution left I can think of is to log into an actual PS4 system and see if the game will automatically download. Again, I bought RE8 digitally day 1 on my old PS4 pro so there was no voucher code.
  3. I am in the middle of contacting Capcom on this issue. I sent a video proving purchase and that the game is not in my library and is nowhere on the store. I think that would be the final straw for me if I manage to get a code that doesn’t work. Re:Verse simply does not want to be played.
  4. Having the same issue except I bought it digitally, is the voucher code seriously not in PS5 cases? If so this situation keeps getting more hilarious. We may have to buy a brand new PS4 physical version to get the voucher code in order to play.
  5. I am at a complete loss. I triple checked my library and the store and cannot for the life of me find this game. I reached out to Capcom and they are not responding and Sony is basically unreachable with their online bot system that is completely worthless. Guess I have to wait for it to be a separate purchase down the road or I would have to buy a brand new copy of RE8 just to get this mythical voucher code everyone is talking about. This is ridiculous!
  6. I have same issue but I bought it digitally. There was no voucher code for RE:Verse and everytime I try to select it in the store it fires up RE8. I even linked a Capcom ID and it still won’t give me the game.
  7. Can’t wait for The Credit Card C and The Jumping Credit Card Turbo.
  8. Dang I was looking forward to playing this but it looks like I will put this off until the bugs get ironed out. If there's one thing I cannot stand are buggy trophies regardless how fun the game is.
  9. Been having a rough time just going through this game and beating it, let alone suffering with the single digit frame rate in some areas. Has anyone tested this on the PSTV and whether the digital or physical Japan copy has better performance?
  10. I am running into a similar problem with the outfits and items. Even when I collect them they are not registering to the archive and Star Lord outfits are missing from locations. I am following PowerPyx guide but it looks like this game is severely buggy on PS5. I wish I played on PS4 first to avoid these issues but it looks like I will be skipping out on the platinum if it’s this bad.👎 Edit: Finished the game and on new game plus, all the costumes that I picked up we’re shown in the archive. However, the item collectibles I found did not register at all so no plat for me. Never came across a game that had this many issues with collectibles before.
  11. Yeah the rope caster doesn’t work either on anything, it’s definitely glitched. Thank god this wasn’t required for platinum, but I am for sure going to make more backup saves, this was a big spook.
  12. This was the quest where you follow a red river, scale a waterfall, and fight a bunch of rebels and a fire claw at the top. After I did this it told me to “investigate the rebel camp.” I went and examined the small lure device in front of the dam of robots, then it had me examine a pile of scrap nearby. The next spot was on the ridge across from this were I read a note on a wooden plank. Then the final spot, which is the big crossbow turret on the ledge near the dam, won’t let me examine it. I tried resetting the area by warping across the map and turning the game off but when I arrive it want’s me to re-examine the small lure via my focus but it won’t progress at all or let me examine the other spots anymore. I noticed the audio for the voices was muted which was odd and the npc that’s with you won’t move either and just stands near the crossbow turret. Not sure what to do at this point. Hopefully I can just skip this quest but if this is required for the platinum it’s GG’s. (no pun intended for Guerrilla Games).
  13. Thanks for responding. I was going to hide a lot of games but since the system is a glitchy nightmare I won’t bother.
  14. There are 5 games I want to hide from my trophy list (all PS5 versions) but when I go to the hidden option on my system they do not show up or only show their PS4 versions. Do I need to wait for Sony to update the trophy system or is it glitched? The games are as follows; Rogue Explorer Infestor Rally Racing Castle of Pixel Skulls Sakura Succubus 4 I also noticed with Freddy Spaghetti 2 when I went to hide the PS5 version it also hid the PS4 version even though I kept it unhidden; but hiding the PS4 version and unhiding the PS5 version worked as intended. There are also games listed that don’t have the option of hiding 2 versions separately like with Hellbreachers, which simply lists it as (PS4/PS5) next to it. The list does not show what versions you are hiding either for most games so have to assume and guess which one it is. Also one last thing to note; why we can’t see PS5 trophy lists on PS4, PS3, and PSVita? Seems like a simple filmware update would fix all of this. Same thing applies to PS5 when it comes to PS3 games, you can’t see them if you wanted to hide any. Not even the PSapp shows PS3 games and your trophy list is horribly organized within the hidden games option. This is such a buggy mess!😡
  15. Glad I decided to continue, I had to wash the bad taste of Dracula X and HoD out of my mouth. The difference in quality compared to CoTM and AoS is day and night (no pun intended). I played these over 10 years ago so forgotten almost everything. At least Dracula X is short and can use passwords to skip most of the game like the Anniversary Collection. HoD almost broke me though, it’s my least favorite Metroidvania and will never touch it again.