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  1. Glad I decided to continue, I had to wash the bad taste of Dracula X and HoD out of my mouth. The difference in quality compared to CoTM and AoS is day and night (no pun intended). I played these over 10 years ago so forgotten almost everything. At least Dracula X is short and can use passwords to skip most of the game like the Anniversary Collection. HoD almost broke me though, it’s my least favorite Metroidvania and will never touch it again.
  2. Coming off hot and pissed at the Anniversary Collection and going straight into Dracula X and HoD was a bad idea. These 2 games are so atrocious in terms of design and presentation. Dracula X makes Rondo of Blood look bad while HoD has the worst backtracking in the series combined with a dog shit soundtrack. Most notably the music from the caverns and clock tower made me want to shove my head through the wall after hearing it for more than 10 minutes. Without a video guide I would have never made it through. It’s like that uncle from Jackie Chan Adventures screaming “ONE MOORE THING!” over and over because the locked doors throughout the game are so obnoxious to get around and find their respective keys. Not to mention how poorly some of the portals are labeled on the map and having to literally double check every single location was terrible. (That giant marble room was the biggest offender). Looking forward to revisiting CotM and AoS down the road but the prior 2 titles killed all my motivation to keep going for now. What’s sad is that I beat HoD back in the day as a young teen in the mid 2000’s, so I have no idea how I managed that.
  3. Not sure but I am frustrated with how long this is taking to come out. I wouldn’t care if they never announced it at all, but they did so this is different. Been looking at the “To Be Announced” for god knows how long, it’s not that hard to develop a game for PS4/5 unlike the god awful coding of PS3. I’ll just blame the pandemic like with everything else being delayed at this point.
  4. It’s about time this game came out. I know COVID has put a big strain on the industry but the devs could have at least notified PS players that it would come out. Was starting to think this game would never come to PlayStation.
  5. This game passed under my radar back in the day when LBP was still fresh, I assumed it was just a port of the first game but turns out it was a brand new entry. However I never had a Vita so is this game worth playing and is the plat hard to obtain after the DDoS attack?
  6. I know we’re all just playing for the trophies but the first game had solid humor, level variety, and challenge behind it. It was a pleasant surprise in a sea of shovel ware. This 2nd game though feels so bland and uninspired. There’s nothing it had improved on from the first game and felt like a waste of time. Hopefully the developer does a better job if a 3rd game ever comes to be because the office setting was painfully boring.
  7. The Unknown City Episode 1, it was so bad it made me motion sick while playing. That third level was ridiculously huge and felt like the biggest troll ever. Honorable mention goes to Troll & I.
  8. Who cares this game sucks and only exists purely for trophy hunters lol.
  9. This game will be playable now right and not run at a dog shit freamerate of 5fps like on the N64?
  10. The trophies won’t show up on the site or sync to psn. I finished this over a month ago and it caused a delay everytime I sync new trophies. When is the publisher going to update the NA version?
  11. Yes you do. I managed to do it with some practice but some of the times are pretty tight. I was never a fan of speed running so this mode left a sour taste in my mouth.
  12. So yeah I blazed through all the games with hardly any issues but z-chaser is turning out to be the hardest. You have to S-Rank all 12 stages to unlock the hidden stage and I managed 8 so far. Even the first stage is unreal, I did not even slow down at all and I’m always too late. If the boss jumps too much you are screwed. The worst tho is ZX Advents final stage. You will spend at least 17 minutes per try. What were they thinking with this mode only allowing you to pick 2 stages per game???