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  1. For this event, I played OMORI. OMORI follows a group of childhood friends who drift apart from one another after a tragic event took place. You play as Sunny, a teenage boy who has locked himself away in his room for the past three years following the tragedy. When Sunny goes to sleep, he enters Headspace, an imaginative and dreamlike place where Sunny can relive his happy memories with his childhood friends. The world of Headspace is silly and lighthearted, but every once in a while, something odd happens in Headspace that awakens Sunny back into the real world. As the game goes on, the player is given the option to either stay in Headspace forever, or help Sunny face his trauma and find out the truth about what happened three years ago. Although presenting to be a rather colorful and lighthearted game, OMORI is actually very dark. There were some parts of this game that genuinely disturbed me. It covers a wide variety of mental health issues such as: depression, anxiety, PTSD, and suicide. This game really touched me and it has honestly become one of my favorite games. The gameplay is fun, the soundtrack and visuals are both gorgeous, and the story itself is heartbreaking, yet still has a touch of hopefulness. I would wholeheartedly recommend anyone to avoid spoilers and go into this blind if they are interested in playing it, so I will try to be as vague and spoiler free as possible! Regarding depression, it's very clear that Sunny is struggling with a depressive state of mind following the incident. He has not left his house in three years, he barely speaks to anyone, and has closed off from all of his friends. Sunny copes with this by entering Headspace in order to repress his trauma and avoid remembering what happened. Depression presents differently in everyone, however, and I think this game did a good job of portraying that. For example, Aubrey, who was once the happy-go-lucky girl in the friend group, became extremely irritable and resentful following the incident, and she eventually became a delinquent. Hero, another friend in the group, completely isolated himself from the group and became consumed in his studies in order to avoid thinking about what happened. As such, it can be said that each member of the friend group developed some kind of PTSD following the tragedy. The topic of anxiety is very prevalent in OMORI. For one, the character Basil is implied to have some sort of anxiety disorder. Whether or not this was developed after the incident is unclear, but Basil constantly appears to be anxious. Many times throughout the game he has to abruptly leave and go to the bathroom due to impending panic attacks. It's also implied that Basil has separation anxiety as his emotions get triggered whenever someone mentions Sunny moving away. Sunny also struggles with anxiety as well, and this is actually shown in the gameplay which is very interesting. Throughout the game, Sunny has to face multiple phobias he has such as drowning, heights, stairs, etc. Being presented with these phobias puts Sunny in a distressed mood. In order to combat this, the player learns skills such as "Calm Down", "Focus", and "Persist" which help Sunny overcome his phobias and anxiety. Sunny's anxiety actually manifests as a monster in the game referred to as SOMETHING, and this is a monster that players will have to battle many times throughout the game. I still have some more I want to say about this beautiful game, but it will contain major spoilers. As I said before, I highly recommend avoiding spoilers for this game since it's such an amazing experience, but if you don't care about that, or have already played the game then feel free to read! Anyways, those are my thoughts on OMORI! I'm sorry for typing a whole essay about this game, but it really moved me! πŸ˜… I've struggled with anxiety for years and take medication for it, so I related to a lot of the characters in this game. Playing as Sunny fighting his anxiety monster felt very similar to how I try to fight off panic attacks in real life. This game is a tad bit grindy and took me a whole 50 hours to platinum it, so I'm not sure if I'll have time to play the bonus game as May is nearing its end haha. But I'm glad to have played this game and participated in this event! Thank you for hosting and bringing awareness to mental health. πŸ™‚
  2. For light blue, I played Gravity Rush 2. I played the first game last year and enjoyed it a lot. Unfortunately I can't say the same for this sequel. While the gameplay and characters were still awesome, the grind required for this platinum made it unfun a lot of the time. Many of the side missions are annoying to get done because the game forces you into stealth mode. Also some are just unnecessarily long for no reason imo. The Gem Collector trophy is what took me the longest.. I don't remember having to grind so hard for gems in the previous game. But this game had me spending an additional week grinding for gems after finishing the main story. Overall, still a good game I just prefer the prequel.
  3. I'd love to participate in this! I recommend these games: - Gris - Martha is Dead - VA-11 Hall-A - Silent Hill 2
  4. I know I'm four months late, but would I still be able to participate? πŸ˜… This sounds very fun!
  5. I got this trophy after ~20 tries. I took big zig zags in the beginning and hugged the walls doing tiny zig zags when it narrow areas like the stairs. I also found going downstairs rather than upstairs was significantly easier. I usually rage on trophies like these, but I tried to remain as optimistic and calm as possible and I really think it helped! I understand being frustrated though. I hope everyone who is struggling is able to achieve it!
  6. Yeah I've won two episodes and still never got the Victory! trophy.
  7. 1) 100% achievable 2) Last summer, I bought 18 DLC packs on sale and it came out to around $80ish dollars for me, so it is pretty expensive. There is currently over 25+ DLC packs, and they continuously get added around every 3 months. You can get survivors/killers for free but it is a huge grind. I have about 2k hours in the game and have gotten around 5-6 characters free through in-game currency. 3) Best to wait for double XP events or during the anniversary and Halloween events in which they give around 9k shards as login rewards which is enough to buy one survivor or killer. Otherwise, you receive these by playing the game and leveling up. Licensed survivors and killers are not able to be purchased with in-game currency. You can also use shards to buy cosmetics or perks, but best to use these on characters whenever you can for financial reasons. 4) I wouldn't say there's a recommended order for the DLC. The adept killer trophies are significantly easier now due to the new MMR system that was implemented last year. My best advice would to be to learn the perks as many of them can be combined to make other trophies easier. For example, the Multi-tasker trophy from DLC Pack 20 is a lot easier with perks like Mad Grit, Starstruck, and Iron Grasp. Thankfully, the prestige system is being reworked soon so it will be a lot easier to get all the perks and combine them for different builds.
  8. I always get first or at least top 3 when I start in the front. If you're in front it should be easy.
  9. Abby was my favorite character. I loved playing as her and seeing her side of the story. It's easy to hate her when you've only seen it from Joel and Ellie's POV. Also, her story was so much more interesting and fun to play, compared to Ellie's story. I didn't really like Dina or Jesse all that much. Lev and Yara were very likable IMO. Really good game, 10/10 from me.
  10. i play based on how i would personally react if i was in that situation then i do a second playthrough and choose all the options i didn't pick initially