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  1. Great job. I agree this is a bit tougher than Akumu from what I’ve seen so far. I think the open world sections are the toughest. Kinda annoyed I had to reset my classic run. I was stuck at an infinite error screen loop whenever the Stefano fight began. ._.
  2. Of course. Would be way too easy going in with a fully upgraded character.
  3. No. You can’t NG+ higher difficulties.
  4. If you get everything on that playthrough then you’ll only need to get to chapter 2 for the magnum in new game plus.
  5. Judging from the description I don’t think variants count. You can get most on chapter 3. Just don’t forget that flamethrower :b
  6. You get brass knuckles for beating the game on nightmare or higher and I started on casual just to know shit. The problem is on NG+ you can only choose your current difficulty or lower. So I need to start a new game entirely for it. Make sure you get every weapon in classic and then get to chapter 2 in classic plus for the magnum and the trophy.
  7. I’ll probably be exploring a lot of Classic mode anyway since I’ve locked myself out of the powerhouse trophy unknowingly.
  8. In the inkorp hall there’s an elevator you stand on which you can shoot to go down a floor, about halfway down you’ll see a blue barrier. You basically have to shoot the elevator a little bit so you stay in that blue barrier for a couple of seconds and it’ll pop.
  9. Yeah i’ve found it’s way more precise for the annoying auto-aim, but everything is doable with the d-pad too. I can’t stand 2D platformers with the analog for some reason. You going for for all the trophies? This is definitely one of the hardest platinums out there. The platinum times are insane and pretty much require you to not die throughout the entire run while going at a fast pace. The devs went all out on this one
  10. The 7 saves thing is way too generous imo, especially as you can just back it up lol. Would prefer it if it was a one sitting thing. Either way I’m sure it’ll be fun.
  11. Currently Splasher. Could quite easily be one of the hardest platinum’s on PSN looking at it. Shame it’s not so popular, the game is great fun.
  12. So I pretty much answered my own question. D-Pad for life. The gun shoots in 8 different directions rather than a full 360 rotation. Analog won’t help at all.
  13. Wow. Something real inconsistent going on around here.
  14. No I don’t think they care about content to make up for a platinum anymore like they used to. I know a few indie games, SRBR being one, where they had the choice to add one or not. I think it’s all up to developers now.
  15. Where’s my Akumu ):