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  1. Some of the Japanese translation wasn’t correct for something he said. Sony are apparently very specific when it comes to updating games, unlike Steam where you send it and it instantly gets approved, they look at every little detail. This isn’t to say he isn’t lazy, because he is. However with him constantly updating me as to when he can get things done and added to the update, I believe it will slowly but surely make its way over to PS4 soon.
  2. Let’s just hope if something is missed it falls under the “most” category. This is good to know though, thanks for the thread
  3. Honestly, only Bulletstorm as it’s the only game I have hold of right now. I’m not in any rush though, I just think it’s a useful thing to know about for the future. Especially when I decide to go to all my PS3 stuff. Does any of this benefit you in any way?
  4. Found it pretty damn funny how your reply got 7+ rep barely within a minute, but anyway this is good news to myself and what appears to be the majority of people posting in here.
  5. Just got my first double loop on Nuclear Throne which I’ll upload to YT in a bit. Was actually pretty tough, glad it’s done as I don’t need to get that far anymore. Still have harder stuff to overcome though :’) 

    1. Hemiak


      Nice work. This game is on my list to grab eventually. 

  6. I was in doubt as a comment in that video says it was fixed 2 years ago and you started last year. However after stumbling across this I believe you and think this should be unflagged.
  7. “Shenanigans!” from Cloudberry Kingdom. - 0.09%
  8. You have a ton of room for error, I suggest doing it on your “Hard” playthrough as you’ll have all the weapons unlocked at the start. If you feel too slow you can retire the level and start again with no added time on your save. Just make sure you do it before the “game over” screen or it’ll count the previous run. You can refer to ThanatosNinja’s guide on .org to see what level time you should be aiming for.
  9. Yeah I know a few people that did GT5 with a DS3 without too many problems. The thing with Assetto is that the harder things were almost unplayable with the DS4 on release day. Coping with the understeering among other things was just too sensitive, something that is a lot easier with a wheel. Like I said though I think it's been made a bit more usable since. I have one friend (won't name here) that did the GT5 plat with the wheel sometime last year, but doesn't think he's capable of finishing the Assetto trophies. I guess everyone is different. Rarity doesn't mean anything really, it gives you a small look as to what you're expecting but it doesn't define difficulty like some people think it does. I think you also kinda proved that with Injustice if the guy purely challenged you because of the plat %.
  10. I've always liked how you reply with such detail haha. That's fair enough though. I think it's easier to compare the difficulty of games when there's a pretty clear gap. Some are just plain obvious or they've left a scar in your memory from how hard it was, while some can be fairly similar and need to be played almost alongside one another. Whatever though, it varies. I'm the same with the accessory thing too, I'm hesitant to even buy a turbo controller let alone a full wheel setup for the odd racing game I'll play. I think the Xim4 purchase for Crypt of the necrodancer is the ONLY time I'll buy something that expensive for a game.
  11. To the first part, why? I think it's more than fair to consider a game being harder than others when it's pretty evident. Difficulty is only subjective to an extent. To the latter, you probably don't want to attempt it unless you're willing to spend a bunch of money on a good wheel setup. I heard its near impossible with a controller, but it's had patches since so maybe it's more usable than it was at launch.
  12. I'm usually happy regardless if I enjoyed it or not. Too many games, too little time. I guess I feel a lot happier after the harder stuff though.
  13. Maybe one day I'll double loop Nuclear Throne. Haven't invested lots of time yet but my good runs always end because of lack of ammo or some salty boi spawns a truck on my face. One day. 

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    2. Dark


      Thanks, I have a few friends that want to do Warhammer Vermintide soon, so this might be my in-between game if I'm not done by then. :)

    3. Spaz


      Looks like the final Wolfenstein II DLC should release this month.

    4. Dark


      Oh yeah. The dlc's are ridiculously easy so I won't be in much of a rush to get it done. 

  14. Was about to say this. Hands down the hardest because of the special events.
  15. Don't worry I'm still bugging him on Twitter. He sent a patch to Sony already but it failed. So now we're waiting for him to send a V2.