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  1. No one here is acting like an elitist, it’s just you complaining about something you can’t do. Waste of time trying to knock sense into someone that comes into this thread just to spur his hatred to people attempting the trophy. Flee off to your petition board. You’re not wanted on something that’s dedicated to helping people achieve something. You have no idea what masochism is, because despite this being a hard task, is certainly incomparable to a lot of indie games in terms of difficulty. Well done, glad it helped
  2. The people that would petition for this trophy to be altered would be literally unnoticeable with how big the GTA community is. I guess that wouldn’t stop anyone from trying though lmao.
  3. I had mine all unlocked after just beating the 3 volumes on IADI. I didn’t think there was any other way to unlock it.
  4. Gonna take a minor break from the hard stuff and do AC: Origins. Then it’s back to my masochistic self. :’D 

  5. Glitched. Developer has been very busy but I trust him to keep his promise on fixing it as he keeps me informed without me even asking. Don’t expect anything soon.
  6. Congratulations on getting the Masterminds trophy :)

    1. SarcalogosVermis


      Apologies :/ I realise I've made a mistake. Good luck to you if you're going for it though :)


    2. Dark


      No worries, I assume this was supposed to be for Sergen or Potent_Delusions. Thank you, but I won’t be putting the game on this profile since I’ve already done it twice on another :b 

  7. Huge congratulations to you and @Potent_Delusions both for being the first to do this. Truly a great feat, especially when you’re working off of your own knowledge.
  8. So here’s my runs for the dlc. Volume 1: Volume 2: Volume 3: Volume 1&2 are fairly simple, but for the end of volume 3 I highly suggest using my stair method for the big robot. He won’t be able to hit you at all since the fire won’t reach, and the missiles go too vertical to land on you. By far the hardest part in this dlc because of overheating while being surrounded, but it’s alright after practice. Just make sure to sprint to the corner I go to or somewhere you think you’ll be safe. You won’t survive long under the stairs after the robot is down.
  9. Great job on your 100%. Beat me by 10 mins lol.
  10. Looks like you’ll be first to 100%. GG. I’d have a good chance since I only need volume 3 and have all the strats down, but I’m not able to play until tomorrow so that won’t happen lol.
  11. Well that’s significantly easier. The last dlc has an annoying section right at the very end but other than that it won’t be so bad I don’t think.
  12. Just did the first volume of the first DLC on Mein Leben on my first attempt lol. This volume stuff is weird, I’d rather it make me do the whole thing in one run. I feel like practicing volume 2 on a lower difficulty will negate the trophy now. Not completely sure how the game tracks it being complete, since it doesn’t specify in the stats at all.
  13. Maybe you should take your own advice and “let it go”. If people want to go for it then that’s up to them, nothing wrong with it at all. Stating time you saved not going for this trophy can be used for anything ever. Do you count up the hours you could’ve spent doing other things while you work as well?
  14. Platinum #idk - WipEout Omega Collection. 


    All in all I had a great time playing these 3 games. Wasn’t as difficult as I had expected but it still had its share of difficulty nonetheless.


    Enjoyment - 8.5/10

    Difficulty - 6.5/10.

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    2. ee28max


      Well done! 💯

    3. Spaz


      You’re really doing great on the “hard” games. 


      Awesome job nonetheless. Would love to play a Wipeout game, but since I’m absolute shite on racing games, probably never going to happen.☹️

    4. Dark


      @Spaz Thanks! I’m not the best at racing games but I found this really eases you into it. There’s not really any huge difficulty spikes or anything. It might seem steep at first but it comes naturally, especially as there’s a fuckton of events on HD & Fury. Besides Zico on HD, nothing really took more than a few attempts. For the price it is on the psn store now, it’s a steal if you ask me :b 

  15. This is a copy and paste from a post on gamefaqs for the previous mastermind challenge, which will be the same most likely but with an added heist. It’s pretty insane requirements.. ”CHALLENGE RULES:Complete All Heists and Setups in Order:This means that you must complete them in this order: Fleeca Job, Prison Break, Humane Labs, Series A Funding, Pacific Standard. Complete All Heists and Setups with the Same Team:You must complete them all with the same team of players from the beginning to the end.Complete All Heists and Setups on Hard Difficulty:All of the setups and finales, EVERY single one of them, must be completed in Hard Difficulty. Including the first mission where you have to drive with Lester to the Fleeca Bank. Complete All Heists and Setups without anybody in the team dying:If a single player dies while on the Mastermind Run, all the players will receive a pop-up message above the minimap, saying "Criminal Mastermind Challenge has been failed". So, nobody must die.” Source: https://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/733723-grand-theft-auto-online/71484634 Edit: Guess it’s not the same. Same requirements but as stated, it’s just for the new heist setups/finale.