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  1. This exactly.
  2. That’s a shame, they removed the achievements I was looking forward to the most. Will still get it regardless.
  3. What’re you even talking about tbh
  4. If everybody thought like this then there’d be no point even having a dispute system.
  5. Don’t mean to be rude but you’re asking questions across the forums that you could test yourself in minutes. It works in all game modes, with all characters.
  6. Haven’t played the game, but picking up a torch zooms out iirc.
  7. It'll never attempt to do that unless you reopen the game, unchecking automatic updates will also make sure of it. I usually just tend to pause the update anyway, it doesn’t attempt to resume the download that way. As for the difficulty, it’s not as hard as wipeout even with the patch. It just has one seemingly luck based championship at the end of the game but that’s all. Haven’t played it unpatched but just by looking at the older times it looked like a breeze in comparison to post patch. When I was done with the game I realised even after the patch they went really soft with the trophy list.
  8. If it’s digital then deleting and reinstalling would probably just come with the patch pre-installed anyway. Your best bet would honestly be just cancelling it as it barely takes any time at all, but filling up your entire HDD would also work if that’s what you’d like lol.
  9. That, and disconnecting from the internet would work too. Never tried the former as it only takes a second to cancel the download.
  10. That’s true, but a lot of people like me prefer to solo. The amount of people that have done every EE including SoE probably isn’t as huge as you’d expect either. If they never patch it then maybe there’s an alternative.
  11. I messaged Activision Assist yesterday and said they’re working to resolve it but never gave an ETA. I know it’s a pretty basic reply but it’s good to see they haven’t back-pedalled with the standard hopeless responses. I think this caters to a lot more people than big leagues in bo2 as it’s not just the trophy that’s glitched, it’s literally the gateworm and access to the revelations EE. I’m sure they’ll fix this one. They fixed it on PC after all.
  12. Man I regret starting this game, guess that’s more online trophies for the backlog. Thankful there’s no prestige raid trophy, which means it’s highly unlikely it’ll be added when it becomes available. Guess I’ll do what I always do with destiny and get me a boss CP. The less time on this game for me, the better
  13. Thats great news
  14. Pretty much lost all hope in expecting this to get fixed now. Guess we’ll have to live with inconsistencies.
  15. Platinum #71 - Super Monkey Ball: Banana Splitz


    Enjoyment - 8/10

    Difficulty - 8/10


    Thjs game was really fun and challenging from pretty early in. The difficulty spike is pretty weird for the base game. No continues was easily the hardest part but very doable when you have the individual levels down. Some levels are pure shit though like the end of 6-10. Doing all the later levels with the shitty motion sensor on the vita was pretty awkward but I got lucky on the final level. So yeh, really fun game but some parts of it get tedious. 

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    2. JorgeSleep


      Well done, mate! 😀

    3. Dark


      Thanks everyone <3 

    4. Spaz


      You go from piss easy games that anybody can complete to extremely difficult games that only a select few will have the dedication to go after. Then you go back to piss easy games again and then to more extremely difficult games.


      There's barely any medium difficulty games like most Call of Dutys, Battlefields, Metal Gear Solid or anything like that.


      If you ever go for Atari Classics Vols 1 and 2, and the Capcom Arcade Cabinet and finish them let me know.