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  1. The only thing “unfair” about ML in Wolfenstein 2 is the cutscenes. Even then, it’s only the first one that drags on. You barely even care about the rest as you play. There’s nothing stopping you going in guns blazing in Wolfenstein 2 either, in some situations it’s an advantage to stealth, the issues you’ve stated just sound more of a personal problem than anything else.
  2. Yeah there’s always active lobbies, it gets a lot more populated later on in the day though. That’s usually when you’ll see nightmare/cata sessions, although cata missions are definitely on the scarce side. As long as you’re well set and don’t waste people’s time, you can add people that host cata for a better chance. With all this being said, I wouldn’t start this game if you don’t have friends or something to get it done with you, it’s too much hassle having to find people for various different things and the AI are next to useless on higher difficulties.
  3. Actually really enjoying Zen Pinball 2 even though I suck at it right now (‘: 


    I guess it doesn’t help that I’m starting with the ps3 version with no save exploit, gonna have to git gud for this one. 

    1. Spaz


      Pretty giant undertaking. 


      But with Nuclear Throne under your belt, shouldn’t be an issue. 

  4. Alike the vita, the PS4 recently got exploited in a way where a hacker pretty much put any trophy he wanted on his profile. If you go on PSNTL, you can actually still search up “In_Her_Own_Words” and that’s the person with the plat.
  5. Easy is fine.
  6. “In one go” usually refers to doing it in a single sitting.
  7. Plat #59 - Starhawk


    Enjoyment - 6/10

    Difficulty - 2/10


    I didn’t even plan to do this so soon but the server closure pretty much bent my arm. This only took around 30-35 hours and I have no idea why the rarity is what it is. I only gave this a 2 since I glitched my way through Mercenary which completely trivialised that trophy for me. The story on easy took about 5 hours, if that. So not much enjoyment to be had considering the rest was self boosting. I guess prospector was fun for a good 5 minutes. Having to do 7 more wins due to it glitching was kinda weird too. But yeah, if you’re looking for a sub 1% plat, which takes little to no effort at all, get Starhawk on disc.

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    2. ee28max


      Well done! 💯

    3. Mami Tomoe

      Mami Tomoe

      Good job, I think the gameplay was pretty awesome. I think the rarity is so low because when the game released they banned a lot of people for boosting in this game so everything had to be done legit. After awhile the game got old and they didnt care anymore.

    4. Dark


      @Mami Tomoe I actually really liked the gameplay too, it’s a lot different to anything else I’ve played. Ah that makes sense about the banning, I’m sure it wouldn’t have been so easy to boost with populated servers either. Thanks for clarifying 

  8. None of these trophies you mentioned would I recommend in prospector. @-Johncnstntn- has already suggested the best way for Annoying Little Fly. The rest are all self explanatory for boosting in mp. When I self boosted these I kept the maps on whatever the default one is, if you do that then you’ll find the repair tool on the right side of the opposing teams base. I’m sure you can figure out the rest.
  9. Gradius 2 is actually named Vulcan venture in the UK store, but it’s still gradius 2 in the NA store strangely.
  10. Wow, great find and congrats on being first. Looking forward to the video
  11. I don’t think it does but I might be wrong. I actually did all of mine solo, and unchecked public every time. I noticed something strange with the enemies though, the majority of the time they’d glow blue but sometimes they wouldn’t. I’m not sure if that’s supposed to happen but it was rare enough for me to think it was strange. It’s possible it doesn’t count towards wins when it’s like that, but it’s probably not worth testing since everywhere I’ve read people have only needed an extra 5-10 wins for it to pop.
  12. It’s glitchy too, currently on 53 with no trophy. Edit: Got the trophy at 57 wins, for whatever reason.
  13. This exactly. Only reason I haven’t participated in moto racer 4 sessions yet.
  14. I suppose you could purposely cheat a game and not hide it. But then you’d have to see the ugly red flag box on your profile, so not sure. Can I ask why? You’re pretty high up there as it stands.