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  1. Changing the system language doesn’t have any effect on trophies. You’ll be fine.
  2. I don’t know who this dude is, like I said, my friend associates with them. Didn’t say he himself hacks. Please stop assuming things :)?
  3. lol no. I’m well informed by a friend that associates with them on discord. I’d know as much as you if not for him.
  4. Nothing, I edited it out since it wasn’t allowed. There’s a select few people (3 I think) that have the ability to hack all trophies on a lower firmware and use the current firmware to sync them. Some guy did it and has like 250k trophies, he’s still viewable on psntl. It makes the PS4 he did it on useless apparently, so he wasted quite a lot of money and time to inflate his numbers lol. the good thing is that by the sounds of it it’s something that might be staying private rather than public for more people to abuse. I think trophy hackers have their own competition going on.
  5. 7th
  6. The stat counters in the game are completely useless most of the time. Do a bunch more and if you’re certain it’s glitched you can make a thread on the Neocore forums and they might be able to fix it server side. They do help people with problems like that.
  7. No debate here. Let’s lift these flags bois
  8. This was suggested before, it’s still and always will be a terrible idea for many reasons. There is literally nothing going for this other than your lack of determination to pass inactive players.
  9. Plat #78 - Ultra Street Fighter IV (PS4)


    This one was pretty tough for me, especially as a welcome to the fighter genre. Although some trials were a huge pain I’d still give the game around an 8~8.5/10. It certainly had its difficult trials but no single trial took exceptionally long to beat besides Viper 22 (4 hours).


    My total game time displayed was 142:51, about 10-15 afk hours can be knocked off that though but it is what it is. I certainly enjoyed a lot of aspects from this game though besides the tedious grinds. Definitely one I’m happy to have done, I’ll be doing the ps3 stack and it’s vanilla version for sure but I’ll need a break for now.

  10. lol is this an indie dev, 6 months with no progress on a game breaking glitch is a joke.
  11. ye, you can always download something you’ve purchased regardless of whether it’s been delisted or not
  12. I don’t think tapping a jar for 20 minutes alters an opinion on a completely different AAA title. You have to be pretty delusional to think like that. Just sayin’
  13. I guess sarcasm is hard for some
  14. Its actually a really powerful tactic and an almost guaranteed way of making the hackers flee