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  1. ...I am truly sorry for your recent misfortune. May God have mercy on your soul. 






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    2. Darkette


      ez time to beat, at least when i’m on the hunt for an ATM machine irl i’ll remember this god forsaken disaster of a game

    3. CelestialRequiem


      @Darkette you should go for beating my time in Transformers: Devastation. 🤓

    4. MidnightDragon


      @Darkette A real world ATM will be easier to find.

  2. Guitar Hero/Rock Band due to the difficulty alone. I would like to mention a bunch of fighters and shoot em ups but the difficulty tends to lessen a lot with newer releases so it’s hard to mention a specific series lol. Doing every Lego game is also really impressive due to the amount of time it would take to do every one of them. Most people forget about Lego Rock Band, although it’s hard to really class it as a lego game at all. Final Fantasy is a pretty crazy one to complete with FFXIV on PS5 now being a thing too.
  3. It would work but for expert you will need to change the frequencies around a lot. It’s fine if you can pause it and test a frequency by looking at the arrow, but i know RB3 negates your score after you pause several times throughout a song so i’m not sure if RB4 does the same. If that’s the case then you’ll likely have to compile a video of frequencies which may be more effort than it’s worth
  4. There’s 1 default flag, 1 S rank flag, 6 from infiltration missions and 10 from DLC. It’s known information that you only need 2 online flags in total.
  5. It wouldn’t really look bad in the case of late popping the trophy since you only need 2/20 flags to be gotten from the online mode. It isn’t unreasonable to think someone would hold off on getting 18 flags offline until now either. The only thing i wasn’t aware of was if you could avoid a trophy before the 2 online flags, but i don’t recall you needing to join a guild or hire a unit before accessing the online so it should be fine. This isn’t really relatable to the Army of Two situation since you didn’t sit on an unused mask for almost a decade. Just make sure you get approval from the CRT before you do anything.
  6. Big thanks to @Sergen and my friend Aexzia for assisting my Graven Deep dungeon on eso last night. A sweet thing to return to after a 3 week trip! The dungeon is easily the hardest one in the game for a regular veteran clear even after the nerfs since the mechanics make it hard to find a decent matchmade group. Most people don’t bother to look things up and just wing it, which isn’t helpful at all for this lol. Queuing for 40mins and ending up with people that argue before the first encounter was pretty annoying too.


    Both sergen and aexzia have the trifecta pre-patch, which requires a Hard mode veteran run with no deaths and under a certain time. Obviously doing this regular vet clear with their experience made it a joke and saved me a lot of trouble having to rely on randoms and guilds. 😊

    1. CelestialRequiem


      I'm sorry, did you imply you weren't focusing on video games for three weeks? 


      Only degenerates are allowed on this website, I'm afraid. 

    2. Darkette


      @CelestialRequiem I suppose i fit right in then. i feel like a massive degenerate being trophy sober for 3 weeks 😳

    3. Joe Dubz

      Joe Dubz

      This is great news, @CelestialRequiem... No wonder I feel right at home here!!


      Also, congrats Darkette!! Looks like you only have 1 trophy left between you and reclaiming that 100% 😀

  7. If you despise your (in)ability to sing, you don’t have to. You can just use youtube sound frequencies on your phone or laptop and put the microphones up to it. The only thing that needs 2 mics is the triple harmony trophy, the rest is all doable with one. To find a frequency just search the hz i’ve noted. If i put “252hz”, just search exactly that and you’ll find a video with the sound. That’s all you need to know, so onto the solutions: Double harmony w/ 1 mic (Last Night) - 403hz then 350hz at the first drop Expert 3 stars: Basket case - 310hz When I come around - 278hz Welcome to paradise - 228hz, 310hz for topmost yellow line Triple harmony w/ 2 mics (The Static Age): 393hz for blue and yellow 300hz for orange Live freaky, die freaky (City of the dead) Song 1: 393hz Song 2: 290hz Song 3: 430hz Song of the Century 5 stars: 252hz/230hz > 278hz > 230hz > 278hz > 252hz > 252hz > 252/230hz > (278hz x3) FOD 3 stars: 252hz medium Boulevard of broken dreams 3 stars: 235hz American Euology - 278hz (use to farm for 4-5 overdrives) For song of the century, a “/“ means you switch to the next frequency midway between the line. Every “>” signifies a new line.
  8. Platinum #193 - Green Day: Rock Band


    Difficulty - 6/10 (guitar only)


    Fun game with good songs on it, but the trophy list wasn’t the most exciting since the career/challenges are pretty mundane. I did script the drums and frequency/fan the vocals as i did with all the other guitar games, so my rating for these are based purely off of the guitar trophies only. The only actual difficult one was “Past the point of delirium”, the rest were fairly doable with some practice. This one alone took me multiple hours since i’d always miss a note randomly. i must have gotten 99% about 20 times before the successful run lol. All in all the game is nice and has some real catchy songs (especially coming from someone who wasn’t interested in the band at all going in).


    I’m still a noob at the guitar but i’ll get better. Next up will be the beatles which has more difficult guitar trophies, but I won’t start it for a few weeks since i’ll be away. Thanks for reading!

  9. Decided i’ll return to trophies a bit and clean up my profile. Managed to pull off one of the harder trophies in Green Day today so that’s given me some motivation for the guitar games. Still probably done with trashy UR’s and sub 1’s for the time being though. Also i thank the few people that’ve messaged me about leaving and struck up a conversation with me while I took a short hiatus, it’s much appreciated! 😊

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    2. Mori


      Welcome back :)

      GG on Green Day, rest will follow eventually.

    3. MidnightDragon


      Welcome back.

    4. Joe Dubz

      Joe Dubz

      Glad to have you back!! Keep killing it out there :pimp:

  10. I am aware that you don’t NEED to back it up, I mentioned it as an added measure as I’ve had blue screen instances where it didn’t actually save.
  11. I believe only Coda is best to do with the DLC because of phasing mode. People say it’s a worthwhile trade-off to do the extra zone since you have guaranteed phasing. Pretty much everything else in the base game list you want to do without the DLC.
  12. I’m not sure if it’s the same for this game, I assume it is, but In Space We Brawl has the same feature where local users could autopop it for the main but only using the same version the local user finished it on.
  13. For a fast time I guess is what most people would use it for, but you could also just let other people use the dummy account as their local user since I doubt people will want to keep it private.
  14. These are all related to Online modes/menus so they should all be unobtainable now: League Champions Conference Champions On a Roll Victorious Promotions For All Lead By Example Power to the Max Clutch Undressed Locked and Loaded Real Competition Champions! Call for Backup Prince of Wales The Champ is Here Moving On Up You’re The Best On Fire Changing Skins Mad Scientist Chosen One Collector Master Collector What Are You Buying? Wheelin’ and Dealin’ The Stars Have Aligned Going to the Bank
  15. I echo @Squirlruler’s sentiment. Guitar Hero for sure, it offers some of the hardest platinums on psn, and the consistency of the difficulty would be pretty good if Warriors of Rock and GH5 didn’t exist. Sadly Metallica and smash hits aren’t possible anymore though. Rock band fits into this category too, but RB2 stealthily became unobtainable last year. I’m not sure what else tbh, a lot of really difficult games end up being one-offs, and if it gets a sequel it’s severely nerfed. Outside of difficulty, it’s always nice seeing people do the entire CoD collection, Kingdom Hearts and Lego (most skip Lego Rock Band). I always admire persistence.