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  1. This still doesn’t explain how you did the daily without getting the unmissable zone trophies. Your time gaps for the harder trophies (coda and lowest) are also far beyond the time a human would do this in.
  2. Finally started crypt, goodbye 100%. You won’t be missed.

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    2. Paul


      You will earn the platinum trophy eventually. If one person has done it, so can you. 

    3. Darkette


      Words of wisdom, Paul. I want you to motivate me every step of the way

    4. Mori


      Good luck! I am certain you'll get there eventually. 

  3. Yeah this is literally how I found it myself, Alex said he patched it but I guess not.
  4. Platinum #100 - ESO


    Decided to save this for my 100th since I was nearing it, and glad I did. A game I have spent over 1k hours on now (albeit not purely for trophy purposes), and don’t regret it at all. I did the 100% with 2 good friends being @Sergen and Aexzia and couldn’t have asked for a better duo to spend so much time with while pursuing this.


    I also wanted to get my completion to 100% while popping this as I know it won’t last long with the things I plan to start soon.  It’s not a big deal but it’s always nice to see 0 unearned trophies while I can. My break from ESO won’t last very long as it gets some dlc at the end of the month, but shit happens. The dungeons are my favourite part of this game so a few more before the trophy cap is always welcome. A lot of things I can say about this game but won’t go on. Sergen has said most of what I would’ve said anyway. This game has been a blast, but I can say I look forward to moving on from it now. :) 

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    2. ihadalifeb4this
    3. NTGSruler


      Congratz with the 100th!

    4. NaseemJohn


      Amazing achievement, congrats man. 

  5. Just achieved the “Flawless Conqueror” title for beating vMA without dying or exiting the arena in ESO. Completely unrelated to trophies but happy I did it nevertheless, a lot of things made it tricky to do with my build but it also made some stages go in my favour. Shame the weapon drops always suck ass for me, so apart from flawless it was a useless run.



  6. He was publicly asking just the night before he did it, he also messaged a couple friends to try and do a deal with them via psn. My intention is not to completely shit on the guy, I just don’t think he should be showing off things he didn’t do himself.
  7. LMAO.  I love the savagery.  

  8. Has editing status replies ever been considered or been a thing? I’m semi-retarded most of the time and type too quickly to realise my mistakes before posting, so when I post it and see how unreadable it is I’m always looking for an edit or delete option. Just out of curiosity.

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    2. DaivRules


      Before the last big site update editing some parts of statuses was a thing, but I don't remember if it was for replies or just initial posts. I know the old statuses had a 500 character limitation, too.

    3. Helmet_time


      I completely and totally understand that problem.  I think half my posts are missing critical words or are otherwise somehow gibberish...

    4. Darkette


      Thanks for the replies, I’ll just make sure I read it myself before posting in future. Would sure be helpful though

  9. Grats, glad to see someone took you up on your offer for the injustice trophies. Buying trophies and trying to flaunt your profile is the lowest it gets. You do you though
  10. This still doesn’t justify a nerf in the difficulty. I’m certain it was a conscious decision to remove the restart option and of course the rewind feature. You said yourself you came first in one race, so you can do it. I’ll never be for nerfs on something that isn’t unfair or impossible. It’ll completely devalue someone’s hard work that’s working on it now, so it’s pretty self-entitled to send a ticket just because of your lack of persistence. If you can back-up your save then it’s even better, I don’t see the problem.
  11. Sounds like a L2P issue to me. Just because it’s predecessors were easy doesn’t mean they all have to follow the pattern.
  12. Ah yeah you’re right, I read it differently.
  13. Yeah it’s always been like that, it’s considered a purchase so you’ll always have access to it on that account regardless of whether it’s been delisted.
  14. How is it better to base a rarity which includes people that don’t even care for trophies, than one that includes the majority of trophy hunters? Explain pls.
  15. Finally got Emperor on ESO after over a week of being screwed out of it. Thanks to everyone on my team that assisted with the final push on the 6 keeps. Reds certainly had some shit luck in kyne the past week, but we got there in the end. 🙂

    1. Galactic Hyper Balls

      Galactic Hyper Balls

      I was just talking about that trophy this morning, Salute to you and thy team



    2. Nyky



    3. MidnightDragon


      You're either amazing, crazy, or both. Can't decide which.