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  1. No debate here. Let’s lift these flags bois
  2. This was suggested before, it’s still and always will be a terrible idea for many reasons. There is literally nothing going for this other than your lack of determination to pass inactive players.
  3. Plat #78 - Ultra Street Fighter IV (PS4)


    This one was pretty tough for me, especially as a welcome to the fighter genre. Although some trials were a huge pain I’d still give the game around an 8~8.5/10. It certainly had its difficult trials but no single trial took exceptionally long to beat besides Viper 22 (4 hours).


    My total game time displayed was 142:51, about 10-15 afk hours can be knocked off that though but it is what it is. I certainly enjoyed a lot of aspects from this game though besides the tedious grinds. Definitely one I’m happy to have done, I’ll be doing the ps3 stack and it’s vanilla version for sure but I’ll need a break for now.

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    2. CriveL20


      Congrats! 😃

    3. Darkette


      Thanks everyone 😇

    4. NaseemJohn


      Congrats man 👌🏾

  4. lol is this an indie dev, 6 months with no progress on a game breaking glitch is a joke.
  5. ye, you can always download something you’ve purchased regardless of whether it’s been delisted or not
  6. I don’t think tapping a jar for 20 minutes alters an opinion on a completely different AAA title. You have to be pretty delusional to think like that. Just sayin’
  7. I guess sarcasm is hard for some
  8. Its actually a really powerful tactic and an almost guaranteed way of making the hackers flee
  9. I don’t want to live anymore
  10. Nice profile pic you have there.

    1. Darkette


      Thanks babe ❤️

  11. Hackers smh
  12. I’m only kidding. Thanks for making this thread, it pretty much now confirms I won’t be attempting this game before closure.
  13. Jump*
  14. Finally got the Dredgen Triumph Seal in Destiny 2. Took way too long honestly. I probably should’ve just went for Wayfarer but oh well. The RNG grind is over at last.



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    2. Lorajet


      Well congrats on the Seal!  

    3. lilpain97


      Nice job I have seen you on this game a fair amount recently 

    4. Darkette


      @lilpain97 Yeah, that all stops now haha. I’ll just be doing my weeklies until I’m at 100%. Kinda burnt out from grinding the same game mode for 4 weeks

  15. Won’t find much of the gambit boss until next Tuesday when it’s cursed. Apparently it’s the same spawn rate as the other primevals now. Sucks that the vanity items aren’t guaranteed though. Removing RNG for RNG. GG bungie. I’ve been stuck needing just the ship for over a week now and I’ve killed the boss twice post patch just to get 2 blues.