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  1. Just because CRT believe him doesn’t make it legit. They haven’t played it, that’s the whole point of a dispute isn’t it? To get the community that actually have knowledge on the game to input what they think about it. This is a one time scenario that has only seem to have happened to RD. if he could at least have a video of it happening to him so we could reproduce it, then it’d be believable. I think this is fair since other people wouldn’t really have the same opportunity if they were in his position.
  2. and to devalue the trophies you actually struggled with, don’t forget that .
  3. An inferior being. Some say it’s a rank below funwhore little trophy hunter. Watch out, friend...
  4. Thanks for the rep m8 but I completely disagree with everything you’ve said in this thread.
  5. That’s exactly what a “funwhore little trophy hunter” would say /:
  6. Ah. Guess it needs to be working for good or we get nothing at all. :l
  7. If I spam L1 and X really fast on GH5 then I can actually get past the announcement and have all the modes show up. It lets me search from there but I’m not sure if it will actually match me with people. I don’t have anyone available to try this with, but this could be a way of getting this game to work, just very unreliable. I’ll try the others.
  8. A friend tried it recently and it didn’t work, so nope. Gonna have to re-enter the portal each time unfortunately.
  9. Well, I haven’t done one of these in a long ass time.


    Plat #112 & 100% - Vermintide 2


    Difficulty - 8.5/10

    Time - 175h (give or take)


    Damn what a fuckin ride this was, we thought the base game was the hard part but the weaves were something else. The trophy for doing weaves 1-80 takes a whole lot of time and effort. You really need a good and coordinated team to get through it. Next season the weaves get changed a bit and I think getting to 80 will be easier with the new wind rotation, but not easy by any means. The schedules for my team weren’t the best, but I feel we didn’t do too bad at all considering we aren’t seasoned vets at the game. I gave the first game a 7/10 but tbh the difficulty of this one completely shits on the first. Can’t really understand anyone that’d think V1 is harder after doing the weaves. Good luck with weave 63 this season if anyone attempts. By far the most unbalanced weave. If you can get through that and all the game stability issues, you’ll be fine with the rest.


    Finally, thanks to my team for sticking through the whole thing and being easy to communicate with on mic. @BrandedBerserk @Danny_Johansen @Potent_Delusions

    1. Meepy-


      Congratulations on a job well done!

    2. ihadalifeb4this
    3. MaximumOverdrive


      Well done! 💯

  10. Update 1.11 is live, fixes a lot of bugs with the game which were very noticeable in the later weaves. Also fixes the “Against the Grain” challenge to work properly, and “Ride Together, Die Together” is now obtainable again. It seems they’ve nerfed a lot of the ridiculous spawning which we’ve noticed a lot in weaves 63 and 64, but we’ll find out for sure soon. Shit can be unplayable with some of the hordes, even if you pull just one area’s worth. I can go forever about bugs within weaves let alone how unoptimised it is for PS4, but I’ll just link this which explains it all. https://forums.fatsharkgames.com/t/xb1-ps4-update-17-1-11/38095
  11. @Shorah- Cage breaker bugged for us the first time but we assumed that was because of opening the top cages in the barn first. It worked the second time when we did it in order. It starts when the first cage is opened. “Ride Together, die together” is unobtainable at the minute unless you do it on cataclysm difficulty. FS know about it and are fixing it in the next update. I assume they’d fix cage breaker in the same patch too.
  12. That’s the positioning yeah. In the way you described, it is: Bardin Saltzpyre Shade Kruber some people prefer to switch shade with Kruber but we found shade to survive much easier where we put her. Less hordes and she can take out the gunners for us without focusing on 2 switches etc. Our Kruber has better horde survivability so we put him there. Usually the majority of the middle area’s hordes are coming to Bardin, so the person at the back right torch generally won’t have too much going on.
  13. Pattern is random unfortunately, I just knew the locations and which were pressed since we were communicating. It was a good order we had. Since there’s 5 switches we had to place someone in a position to reach 2 of them, which would be the left side torch and the book above it. I think the book was first, so he only had to focus on 2 switches for the first 10 seconds before jumping down to the torch. Place your tankiest character next to the brick wall switch down below if you can. That’s where I was, it’s by far the most annoying location as there’s spawns all around you, and the gatlings are focused on you. Make sure a shade takes out the gunners and focuses on one of the top switches, it’ll help a lot. The special spawn rate seemed pretty ridiculous in there with the plague monks and all, the terror event buff is something they aren’t nerfing for that map either according to PC patch notes. It’s very doable when RNG is on your side and the bs locations are out of the way first. It gets easier after the first couple of switches too since you and your friends will move to help at others.
  14. This isn’t even a thing to consider when he’s done the MP trophies first. It means he would’ve downgraded after doing them trophies which would make even less sense.
  15. On PS3 and Vita for everyone besides roughdawg, it just shows a maxed bar and doesn’t update score at all. Even saw someone test to see if the values were tied to the save and he confirmed they were not. It’s completely and utterly server-sided, how you managed to get that picture is beyond me.