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  1. Taking a neutral stance on it by not agreeing to it nor disagreeing to it makes more sense to me, in which case this thread can be deleted if it exposes anything. Game access doesn’t equal cheated trophies, which is why I can’t see it logically having a place in the rules alongside the current ones. Although not as wrong morally, people gameshare and exploit that with phantoming, or having a group of friends deactivate when they’re done so another can activate. I imagine a lot of money can be lost like this, especially with small indie companies. Straying off topic, but regardless of whether it’s easy to catch or not it would be best announced if it’s going to be made flaggable. I actually feel that all rule changes should be announced when it only takes being unaware to be burdened with a flag. If it’s detectable in whichever way then I’m sure the people who stack every region of every 10 minute vita game will want to know this.
  2. @B1rvine Thanks for the reply. The points you’ve made do make sense and were already obvious to me despite not being directly written as such. I guess autopopping wasn’t the best word. Similar to how a modder could give you edited weapons on borderlands or something. Consciously taking it and using it would be flaggable yet it would not be an autopop, so I could’ve used better wording there. I think anyone that intends on applying homebrew of any kind to utilise features that don’t impact trophies would know this, the only bullet point you made that hasn’t ever been transparent to people is piracy. It’s good that you’ve mentioned it here. In our DM you did give me a brief hint that people had been flagged for piracy, even though you weren’t involved directly in it. @Sly Ripper May have indicated this privately but if it hasn’t been stated publicly in the rules then people are going to do it. I’d say flagging people for this in particular without it ever being stated in the rules is rather devious, which I assume might be why the recent disputes were lifted. If flags for this are being accepted consciously then it’d probably be better written in the rules sooner rather than later. I guess a more important question would be: if you were to apply this rule due to sly’s apparent heavy stance on it, would you remove people that had previously pirated, or those going forward from the rule? I can’t see the former one being a good idea.
  3. The list of offenses under CFW all end in “trophies being earned or edited”. Does this mean by legitimate means under these circumstances also or does it refer to autopops? I ask because “resulting in trophies being earned or edited” implies autopop or edited to me. It would be rather redundant for it to mean legitimately earned and then put “or edited” after it. I’ll use rule #1 and #3 as an example. You can use CFW on any console or vita to do things like pirate games, or even more innocent things like themes and better XMB management, but if you earn trophies after that through legitimate means after doing this, can this fall under the rule? It needs to be more clear-cut in my opinion. Another example - rule #4. You can join a hacked lobby by accident which doesn’t pop trophies by the hacker. Let’s just say the hacker just uses visual effects or gives movement speed in the match. You can get trophies legitimately in that lobby, maybe even straight away for joining as character x times, or getting x kills, but you’d still be “earning” which again falls under that rule. Surely this would mean autopopped? In both scenarios you’re still earning the trophies in the intended way, but the misinterpretation of the rules can suggest otherwise. Can I suggest a more understanding definition? You can just change “earned” to “autopopping” and it’ll be understandable upon first glance. I wouldn’t want to see someone else flagged for these reasons as I’m all for clarity. I mainly ask this due to the case of @ChaoticFox9900’s recent dispute, which looks as if it was approved under interpretation of the rule. The references to the rules are at the top of this thread.
  4. I accidentally stumbled across a bug with the game that lets you host multiplayer matches without AI, but you still get the full xp amount if you win. It allows you to semi-afk 1150xp on expert very 1m 30s with load screens just by pressing start every so often. This works because starting a match when the host has migrated bugs out AI, for some reason. 1. Have the vita that isn’t your main host an ad-hoc match, then join it with your main and start the match. Once in, quit the match with the vita that hosted. It will kick out the main by itself. 2. Your main will now be host because it stayed in the match. Press L for options and change it to “Battle Race” on the first map, and on expert. 3. Change the configuration settings on the alt Vita so that holding x will accelerate. Find something to rest on the x button and rubber band the left analog in the top-right direction. This will allow it to quickly fall off of the map 3 times for a quick win. With your main you’ll have to choose character each time since it doesn’t save the previous pick. That’s all. This should work on the PS3 as well, but 2nd, 3rd and 4th will get slightly less xp. With PS3 you can fully afk it I assume since you can use a turbo for the pause button. This is still a lot more appealing to me as I can watch things without paying much attention to it, so pick your poison. The best active way is the first Sanctuary ring race on expert I believe. 2700xp in 1m 30s is quite hard to beat.
  5. Sadly you’ll need 2 copies if you’re just using 2 PS4’s with one purchase. A PS4 and PS5 can be primary individually so they can boost together this way with one copy.
  6. Is it normal for the PS5 time tracker to just not track any time at all? My UMVC3 has recorded only 0.26h over the past 2 days when I’ve left it on for about 40 hours. 😐

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    2. Infected Elite

      Infected Elite

      yeah it seemed like a cool feature but also seems forgotten about by Sony as this has never been properly addressed. 

      I wish they got rid of those weird trophy card things and brought back themes as well

      but yeah def an oddity for sure.


      Just the one game or do you have others?

    3. zizimonster


      There is a PSNP member who says that if you're not online/connected to PSN when playing a game, the time tracker will be off. However, I have no idea if that's true or not. :hmm:

    4. Darkette


      Themes would be nice, I’m all for customising the PS5 XMB as it looks terribly bland just having the minuscule game icons sitting up there hahaha.

      Thankfully it’s just the one game for me. Every other game has tracked time even if they end up being mostly inaccurate. I’m curious what I did to track them 0.26 hours though since this seems impossible to replicate and just completely random. Guess I’ll be more like you and just pretend it doesn’t exist lol

  7. This is totally fine and not suspicious since people are known for using multiple consoles at once to play games simultaneously for things like this. The rule you posted approves this. It’s just not allowed in circumstances where you play the game on 2 consoles to get a faster time with seemingly an impossible order.
  8. You’d eventually start getting below 10 points, it’d require a ridiculous amount of alts to get to 800 this way. Losing player can quit when they’ve loaded in. I always waited until a player had possession before quitting just in case it gave no points. Just do a normal quit, not friendly.
  9. This and NHL 17 have been unobtainable since a year after their releases due to the limited time events never reappearing. I hope you’re aware of this since I see 18 is on your profile now. In regards to the question, you’ve pretty much answered it yourself. These lists are all very similar to eachother so you don’t really need to make a thread for each game.
  10. Draft Champions is online yeah. Also all NHL Threes trophies can be gotten offline with the exception of the online co-op one. Not to be confused with drop-in threes however, which is a CHEL mode requiring 4 players to start a match. To OP, if you want to start this game because of servers potentially going down soon then I recommend you work on the 100 free packs trophy first. You can only open one every 8 hours so it’ll take over a month minimum and you can’t make it your first trophy.
  11. The missing timestamp trophy was the one that popped your platinum? Yeah that’s super weird then since the platinum date is fine.
  12. Since I get a new question every few days on how I boosted this trophy, I figured I would just make a thread for it. I did self boost this all with 2 consoles but you may find it better to do with more people to lift some weight off of your shoulders. It’s extremely boring and takes about 20-25h of account swapping to do it this way. There might be a quicker way to do this in regards to getting accounts to certain ranks, so do update me if you find more optimal ways. The purpose of this is for impatient people like me who want to do it without waiting for matchup bans to expire. (72 hours) What you’ll need: 2 consoles with a PS Plus subscription About 25 alt accounts (I used around 23) Therapy The process: Step 1: First of all this game wants you to do some rather pointless tutorials before you can use your Dynasty Team. Go ahead and do that like 25 times so you have all your accounts ready to start playing eachother. Be weary that 16 users is the max you can have on a console at a time. Since it’s an Online tutorial it will save regardless of which console it is on. Once it’s done, it’s done. Step 2: Get your alts playing against eachother so 5 alts can get within the 360-399 realm. Once you pass 400 you start losing points so you want to get them as close to 400 as you can. Anything above 360 should be fine. You want to be playing alts similar to your rank so you will need to switch accounts a lot. I suggest making notes so you know who each account has played against. It’s important to know this. Step 3: Now you’ve gotten 5 accounts around rank 360+, you can play all 5 of them in order with other accounts and they will hit around the 370-390 mark! Do this with 8 other accounts for a total of 13 accounts ranging just below rank 400. Step 4: So now you will have 13/23 accounts used. With the remaining 10, you want to play against these 13 accounts in order and they should hit the 600 mark give or take. Yes, this will be a step consisting of 130 matches and many user swaps. Step 5 (Finale) You’ve done the most tedious part, Home run from here onwards (not literally). You’ll want to play the 13 accounts with your main which will take you to 600, then play your 10 newly acquired level 600’s and that will finally boost you to level 800. Congrats!! I don’t even know if anyone will bother doing it this way but it’s a doable method. Just make sure you have something to watch or listen to. It may only be 25 hours ish but it isn’t remotely entertaining. How the points are given: I’ll note below how the point system works since you eventually start gaining less when you hit certain thresholds. Due to this you can’t just keep playing level 0’s for example. Points are only lost from rank 400 onwards. 0 and 0 = +60 200 and 200 = +50 400 and 400 = +40/-40 600 and 600 = +30/-30 Tl;dr version: Get 5 accounts around 360 Use 8 accounts to play these 5 in order for 13 level 360’s Use 10 accounts to play all 13 for 10 level 600’s Use your main to play them all starting from the level 360 accounts Many thanks to @ryuji_sakujo for his thread below. His spreadsheet with the matchup history gave me a good idea on how the points are awarded.
  13. I see. Then I’m unaware of what another cause might be. The only known ways of getting missing timestamps are playing before the PS3 was ever connected to the internet or the battery starting to fail. I can only think that it maybe started underperforming while you were already playing but I’m just throwing out wild guesses at that point lol.
  14. When you booted up your PS3 did it ask you for the date and time? That’s usually indication of the CMOS battery dying and if you skipped that, you’ll get missing timestamps. I believe signing in to PSN fixes the issue but it won’t retroactively fix yours, it’s a bit weird since you say you were already connected to PSN though.
  15. I self boosted the whole thing a few weeks ago without running into many randoms. It’s easy to tell when you match up with a random so it doesn’t really waste much time. Not sure if you intended on doing this legit but it’d have to be pretty active that way due to the 3 day matchup ban once you’ve played someone.