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  1. That’s quite weird then. Updates in the past have reset progress in the PvP aspect so that could be true for CG’s as well. Just keep trying and it will pop eventually!
  2. Did you ever have it crash and corrupt your profile settings in that time?
  3. @CuteBoringLove what is it you’re smoking my guy? I pointed out that all your points are just complaints rather than problems. How did I highlight only one? I didn’t ask whether you cared or not, you’re the one that pointed out grabbing in non-objective based games is an exploit and I was simply saying how stupid of a remark that was. But yeah dude I’m being defensive about being called toxic - as it totally applies to me having not played the game in months.
  4. Just wanted to express my gratitude to @NeM2k2 for their work on this! Currently have UT3 getting wins for me while I’m afk. I expected to run into a whole bunch of issues setting it up but it ended up going smoothly for the most part. I do look forward to seeing how your MKvsDC project gets along (if you’re still working on it that is).
  5. How is the last one even an exploit? It’s a core mechanic to grab, it’s even called “grab player” in the menus, not “grab object”. Most of the things you’ve described aren’t real issues. If your platinum is being stopped because someone holds out their arms at the finish line, then maybe you don’t deserve it. Only in slime climb can that even have a potential impact.
  6. Didn’t see you mention me till just now. I’d say V6 is a fair bit more difficult than SMB due to the Gravitron and the fact it’s almost double in length. The only platformer I’ve done that would be harder than it would be Splasher. If you enjoyed SMB then you will likely enjoy this. Such a simple yet great game imo. Another nice thing about it is that you can choose the order of areas you go to first, and that is another reason why I think the handful of difficult trinkets in a no death run wouldn’t be a big increase in difficulty. You could just prioritise them first which would be a lot less stressful than leaving them for last. Its been years since I’ve done the game now but if I ever decide to stack it then I’ll consider doing an all trinkets run too. It mainly comes down to my motivation since I’ll have to familiarise myself with a lot of the game again.
  7. Dude, have you not even got all the trinkets yourself? Explain to me why that would make the no death run “20/10”?
  8. There’s maybe 2 difficult to get trinkets, it wouldn’t be that much difference. Muscle memory would kick in fast since it’s just a couple of rooms to learn. Crypt is still miles harder. A better comparison would be shit like 200 super trackmasters in trackmania, or all diamonds in Trials rising. I feel like the former would surpass crypt by a fair margin, but certainly nothing on V6 would do that.
  9. For some reason I expected more from the trophy hunter community than typical salty cod players, but @Vox-Media takes the cake for being as offended as possible at being bad at the game. These screenshots are me just playing bo3 normally, and having this guy accuse me of hacking because of it lol. Not as if I even did that well on the second match either :l 



  10. Disco has been the most helpful person I can think of when it comes to Pinball games I’ve played. With fx3 he’s one of the only people making a summary of the dlc tables with a quick and to the point guide on what to do for them. Lift the obviously cheated Roughdawg4 flag for Star Wars pinball and approve some bland ass report for one of the most well known and helpful pinball posters on .org. Seems legit to me.
  11. This Painite nerf must have been really recent, seems like I dodged a bullet. The next best thing I’d say is to do passenger missions from Robigo Mines to Sirius Atmospherics as they gave me easily between 80-100m an hour. Just spec a passenger build for the python and you’re good to go. I doubt any trophy hunter has a rich amount of commodities to just unload for you. The build for this is in the description of the video if you need it.
  12. Mainly, yes. Although I don’t think this is all down to account age. I made this current account in 2017 and I did Wolfenstein late last year, and blur just recently without any issues. I’m not sure if this is the same with the older cod games, but so far the account creation theory has only actually been a theory. It’s not something to purely go off of. If you haven’t started any of these games then I’d just recommend trying it without syncing first.
  13. Likewise my man. Glad we’ve stayed cool throughout all the bs we’ve seen in party chats lol..
  14. haha I appreciate the mention, but in terms of difficult games my profile really sucks at the moment. Just an UR fest.. 😳 @VirtualNight because he is pretty much begging me for a mention, and because his profile is genuinely really good with difficult games from most genres. His motivation is a mystery to me.
  15. Nothing fun about it, whoever says otherwise is lying. It wasn’t as tedious or boring as other games I’ve played though. I also did the entire game with a friend while in parties so it didn’t feel all that bad. I don’t really recommend going in solo either.