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  1. Platinum #133 - Crash 4


    Difficulty - 6.5/10

    Enjoyment - 6/10


    My first impressions of this game were that it would be pretty difficult and that the platinum relics were tight to beat, however that ended up not being the case. The initial playthrough was enjoyable and N’verted had some pretty interesting effects, but I found myself pretty bored after the first 2 playthroughs so my motivation to play was quite low. I realise that I should’ve probably combined N’verted with N’sanely Perfect Relics since it doesn’t change all that much, it may have made me more interested in continuing for longer. 


    Going for fast times was actually quite fun in the end, I just wish there were more crash only levels as I didn’t care for the other characters. The trilogy and then this game are quite good platformers to start out on as the difficulty is more welcoming than other platformers. I was a bit hesitant on giving this a 6 since I spent nearly an hour replaying Rock Blocked for the platinum relic, so I went ahead and gave it a 6.5 which felt more appropriate. Overall an enjoyable game, just not a fan of searching for all the boxes and playing with the other characters.

  2. Thanks for this, good to know I’m not logging in every single day for nothing.
  3. Agreed, every other EE was actually pretty easy to beat but this one was quite a ramp up thanks to that submarine boss fight.
  4. I can think of quite a few but one I really would’ve loved to have trophies would be Resistance: Fall of Man. One of my first and favourite ps3 games to this day.
  5. Thankfully you’re right since they have a trophy for all them requirements regardless. Was worried this would be a free plat for a sec.
  6. If you put as much time into getting better as you did complaining in metaphors, you might actually make some progress. The trophy is the same for everyone so I’m not sure what makes it unbalanced exactly.
  7. Shouldn’t be flagged just for having the software regardless. Would the person who reported this be more satisfied if you had formatted another vita 19 times for it? Henkaku on Vita is useful for many things that Sony should’ve implemented themselves, there shouldn’t be skepticism about one’s list just because they have it. Cheating on ps3 is as simple as plugging a usb into a computer and downloading a save, but nobody is suspicious about people just because they have a USB lol.
  8. For more clarification, I tried this again on my other vita and it didn’t pop when I went to the first touchscreen level (star lab 4), and it doesn’t pop retroactively if you go back and do star lab 1. I believe skipping the first star lab causes it to glitch out, so people should get that out of the way first to avoid this issue. Hopefully no one has been flagged for this as it’s one of them things I can see people flagging for.
  9. Noticed it didn’t pop for me on time either when I was getting the touchscreen trophy out of the way. I’ll try on a new save to see if it pops, glad to see it isn’t just a me issue. Edit: Installed the game again and it popped after doing the first star lab on a clean save. Not the slightest idea what caused it to not pop the first time.
  10. Thanks for this thread, it was greatly helpful for us. We were actually confused as to why the player couldn’t accept my challenges at first, but it turned out his local save does actually need a bronze on the desired level before being able to accept. Simply unlocking it like you say isn’t enough.
  11. Pretty much everything you wrote was just a copy paste of what everyone cries about. “AlL lUcK nO sKiLl” Having nothing to prove but digging through my profile is certainly some heavy contradiction I would say. This reminds me of the time you said emperor on eso was easy despite luck being a big factor, but now you’re sitting on the opposite side of the table. Only difference was that you had to beg your way for that one LOL! Maybe instead of typing like a condescending big boi over the forums, you should actually look at your trophy list and recall that you’ve only done easy overrated games. It’s nothing personal bro, just helping you get a better sense of mind when you chime in with your ego.
  12. You must have some real issues with your self image if you think the skill has just blasted up after a week of clawz having done it. There has always been SBM, that has been known information for quite a while. Needn't you worry though, getting 20 wins after 500 qualifies tells me that it wouldn’t have had much an impact on you
  13. Damn, you’re mighty brave to question a professional trophy hunter like that
  14. I checked my screenshot and the trophy popped as I won a Hex match, so I remembered wrong lol. I wouldn’t say that is suspicious then.
  15. Edit: Seems “Big Air” pops at the end of any round in the game but not the exact moment it should.