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  1. Imagine getting a 4 win streak on Fall Guys and losing to Jinxed ;c


    I’m not too tilted though, quite honestly one of the most enjoyable games I’ve played in a while lol. Hopefully the servers stabilise soon enough.

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    2. Darkette


      Managed to redeem myself and get the trophy today with the help of my team!

    3. Atoya


      How hard is the platinum in your opinion?

    4. Darkette


      Hm it’s hard to give an estimate since it is also quite luck based as well as skill. Being with a team definitely lessens the luck factor though since you don’t have literal bots doing things like scoring own goals haha.


    Platinum #120 - Fortnite


    Difficulty - 2/10

    Enjoyment - no 


    I would like to thank @Danny_Johansen for doing almost every aspect of this game with me. Being in party chats with you made this a lot more bearable than if not. Overall this platinum was just a big grind-fest with a hint of RNG thanks to the daily barely ever showing up. The game I believe took us around 500-600 hours, I calculated the way we did things and there’s no real reason it would’ve taken us longer than that at all. That’s probably the average time you’re looking at spending if you do all 1,000 play with others as 3. I say this because if you don’t have 3, you’ll need to rely on randoms to ready up and the game has a prolonged starting timer if they choose not to (which they probably won’t). I wish I could delete this unholy game but for now I must reroll my dailies for the correct one in the hope that I can stack it. Special thanks to Pukawaii for absolutely spoiling us with traps, and blue-delta for building my base for the mist monster grind! Truly appreciated.

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    2. ihadalifeb4this



    3. Darkette


      I am indeed glad it’s over. The game also had a thing for making my PS4 run really loud, so it’s nice not to hear that anymore.

    4. MaximumOverdrive


      Well done! 💯 

  3. Well, I haven’t done one of these in a long ass time.


    Plat #112 & 100% - Vermintide 2


    Difficulty - 8.5/10

    Time - 175h (give or take)


    Damn what a fuckin ride this was, we thought the base game was the hard part but the weaves were something else. The trophy for doing weaves 1-80 takes a whole lot of time and effort. You really need a good and coordinated team to get through it. Next season the weaves get changed a bit and I think getting to 80 will be easier with the new wind rotation, but not easy by any means. The schedules for my team weren’t the best, but I feel we didn’t do too bad at all considering we aren’t seasoned vets at the game. I gave the first game a 7/10 but tbh the difficulty of this one completely shits on the first. Can’t really understand anyone that’d think V1 is harder after doing the weaves. Good luck with weave 63 this season if anyone attempts. By far the most unbalanced weave. If you can get through that and all the game stability issues, you’ll be fine with the rest.


    Finally, thanks to my team for sticking through the whole thing and being easy to communicate with on mic. @BrandedBerserk @Danny_Johansen @Potent_Delusions

    1. Meepy-


      Congratulations on a job well done!

    2. ihadalifeb4this
    3. MaximumOverdrive


      Well done! 💯

  4. Finally started crypt, goodbye 100%. You won’t be missed.

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    2. Paul


      You will earn the platinum trophy eventually. If one person has done it, so can you. 

    3. Darkette


      Words of wisdom, Paul. I want you to motivate me every step of the way

    4. Mori


      Good luck! I am certain you'll get there eventually. 

  5. Platinum #100 - ESO


    Decided to save this for my 100th since I was nearing it, and glad I did. A game I have spent over 1k hours on now (albeit not purely for trophy purposes), and don’t regret it at all. I did the 100% with 2 good friends being @Sergen and Aexzia and couldn’t have asked for a better duo to spend so much time with while pursuing this.


    I also wanted to get my completion to 100% while popping this as I know it won’t last long with the things I plan to start soon.  It’s not a big deal but it’s always nice to see 0 unearned trophies while I can. My break from ESO won’t last very long as it gets some dlc at the end of the month, but shit happens. The dungeons are my favourite part of this game so a few more before the trophy cap is always welcome. A lot of things I can say about this game but won’t go on. Sergen has said most of what I would’ve said anyway. This game has been a blast, but I can say I look forward to moving on from it now. :) 

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    2. ihadalifeb4this
    3. NTGSruler


      Congratz with the 100th!

    4. NaseemJohn


      Amazing achievement, congrats man. 

  6. Just achieved the “Flawless Conqueror” title for beating vMA without dying or exiting the arena in ESO. Completely unrelated to trophies but happy I did it nevertheless, a lot of things made it tricky to do with my build but it also made some stages go in my favour. Shame the weapon drops always suck ass for me, so apart from flawless it was a useless run.



  7. Has editing status replies ever been considered or been a thing? I’m semi-retarded most of the time and type too quickly to realise my mistakes before posting, so when I post it and see how unreadable it is I’m always looking for an edit or delete option. Just out of curiosity.

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    2. DaivRules


      Before the last big site update editing some parts of statuses was a thing, but I don't remember if it was for replies or just initial posts. I know the old statuses had a 500 character limitation, too.

    3. Helmet_time


      I completely and totally understand that problem.  I think half my posts are missing critical words or are otherwise somehow gibberish...

    4. Darkette


      Thanks for the replies, I’ll just make sure I read it myself before posting in future. Would sure be helpful though

  8. Finally got Emperor on ESO after over a week of being screwed out of it. Thanks to everyone on my team that assisted with the final push on the 6 keeps. Reds certainly had some shit luck in kyne the past week, but we got there in the end. 🙂

    1. Galactic Hyper Balls

      Galactic Hyper Balls

      I was just talking about that trophy this morning, Salute to you and thy team



    2. Nyky
    3. MidnightDragon


      You're either amazing, crazy, or both. Can't decide which.

  9. Platinum #83 - Trials Rising


    Enjoyment - 9/10

    Difficulty - 7/10


    Overall this game was really fun and lived up to my expectations. Wish they’d have done more with the trophy list though. I would’ve bumped this up to a 7.5 or 8 but it seemed nothing was as difficult as the final skill game gold medal. Took a while for me get back into it as I was pretty rusty but it was all good in the end, I’ll never play it enough to compete with these trials ninjas like kevinnummer1 though. 


    Easier than fusion so far but I’ll wait for the DLC to make that final decision for myself. A great game with tons of extra stuff to do after the plat. This could’ve easily been one of the hardest plats on psn if they were evil with the diamond medals. 😮

  10. Platinum #81 - Orcs Must Die: Unchained


    Had to jump on the wagon before it closes. The free currencies from the devs made everything simple and easy. The grind however was just so monotonous, I forced myself to do 5% days as I know I would’ve slacked by not setting myself a goal.


    A very tedious game, but not enough to be deserved a 0.09% when there’s games like SO4 out there. My next few games shall be more enjoyable than this one. 🙃 

  11. Platinum #80 - BADLAND


    Difficulty - 7.5/10


    Finally after many share play resets this game is done thanks to the help of my partner @SADCM_PT, and Floris for making it possible.


    This game really wouldn’t be that bad but thanks to it being local co-op only, it means you need a dedicated partner irl or to have someone that can help via share play for its full length. The difficulty really depends on how well you and your partner play together with hopefully a stable connection. Had this game been solo only, i’d had given this a 4/10 and wouldn’t think twice. It’s quite a pushover in comparison.


    Cant say I’ll ever get a 0.01% plat again, so it was a very rewarding effort. Good luck to those who want to tackle it, boosting sessions wont really help with you this one.

  12. Plat #78 - Ultra Street Fighter IV (PS4)


    This one was pretty tough for me, especially as a welcome to the fighter genre. Although some trials were a huge pain I’d still give the game around an 8~8.5/10. It certainly had its difficult trials but no single trial took exceptionally long to beat besides Viper 22 (4 hours).


    My total game time displayed was 142:51, about 10-15 afk hours can be knocked off that though but it is what it is. I certainly enjoyed a lot of aspects from this game though besides the tedious grinds. Definitely one I’m happy to have done, I’ll be doing the ps3 stack and it’s vanilla version for sure but I’ll need a break for now.

  13. Finally got the Dredgen Triumph Seal in Destiny 2. Took way too long honestly. I probably should’ve just went for Wayfarer but oh well. The RNG grind is over at last.



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    2. Lorajet


      Well congrats on the Seal!  

    3. lilpain97


      Nice job I have seen you on this game a fair amount recently 

    4. Darkette


      @lilpain97 Yeah, that all stops now haha. I’ll just be doing my weeklies until I’m at 100%. Kinda burnt out from grinding the same game mode for 4 weeks

  14. Platinum #74 - Twisted Metal


    Difficulty - 4/10 with the glitch 


    I’m glad I got this done before closure, mainly thanks to @Yuichiro-Akuhei & @Sergen for idling for me. The game was really easy with the glitch, though the obstacle course at the end still raped me pretty hard. Could’ve had this done a lot sooner but I had to do all the online grinding twice due to accidentally starting the digital version at some point, so that was great fun. The rarity is so low for something that can be so easily exploited and boosted without too many issues. Without the glitch it would be a pretty damn hard game. 


    The randoms aren’t as toxic as people make them sound either. If anything, the problem is trophy hunters trying to leech off your lobbies not knowing they need to be host. Most randoms actually left with a polite message. :) 



  15. Platinum #71 - Super Monkey Ball: Banana Splitz


    Enjoyment - 8/10

    Difficulty - 8/10


    Thjs game was really fun and challenging from pretty early in. The difficulty spike is pretty weird for the base game. No continues was easily the hardest part but very doable when you have the individual levels down. Some levels are pure shit though like the end of 6-10. Doing all the later levels with the shitty motion sensor on the vita was pretty awkward but I got lucky on the final level. So yeh, really fun game but some parts of it get tedious. 

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    2. JorgeSleep


      Well done, mate! 😀

    3. Darkette


      Thanks everyone <3 

    4. Spaz


      You go from piss easy games that anybody can complete to extremely difficult games that only a select few will have the dedication to go after. Then you go back to piss easy games again and then to more extremely difficult games.


      There's barely any medium difficulty games like most Call of Dutys, Battlefields, Metal Gear Solid or anything like that.


      If you ever go for Atari Classics Vols 1 and 2, and the Capcom Arcade Cabinet and finish them let me know.

  16. Zen Pinball 2 is finally at 100% on PS4. Cheesed a lot of it but still pushed myself, no cheesing is possible on PS3 so that will truly test me. At least I got a fastest achiever out of it too :P 

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    2. marvelboy10


      Great job! 👍

    3. Darkette


      @Spaz you can make back-ups whenever you want. PS3 has a copy lock so you can only use a back-up from ps plus once every 24 hours, which is almost useless for this game. So I won’t be using it.

    4. ShonenCat


      Congratz! :yay:

  17. Platinum #67 - The Fight


    Enjoyment - 7/10

    Difficulty - 4-5/10


    This game was different. It’s actually a pretty fun game, I expected worse going into it. Only part that even needed any real strategy was the survivor trophy. The rest was just me punching away. I also got 3rd fastest which is cool, not that I was even going for it.

  18. Platinum #66 - Super Dungeon Bros.


    Enjoyment - non-existent/10

    Difficulty - 2/10


    Never encountered a game filled with so many bugs and issues. I’d be here forever listing this game’s faults. The grinds were also needlessly tedious, but that’s mostly due to another issue which forces you to do it in one sitting. So yeah, shit game. Thanks to @Mesopithecus for his tips and to @Danny_Johansen & @Yuichiro-Akuhei for making this piece of shit more entertaining. :P 

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    2. ShonenCat


      Congratz! :yay:

    3. Honor_Hand


      lol sounds like the game was a total piece of trash 😅


      Congrats on the Platinum though. 👍

    4. marvelboy10


      Great job! 👍

  19. Platinum #65 ~ Space Hulk: Deathwing.


    Enjoyment - 7/10

    Difficulty - 2/10


    Super easy and fun game if doing with friends. The stuff you have to do on your own is really easy. The game has too many grinds though and overall has a lot of issues that need fixing. Weapon balancing is definitely one of them.

  20. Actually really enjoying Zen Pinball 2 even though I suck at it right now (‘: 


    I guess it doesn’t help that I’m starting with the ps3 version with no save exploit, gonna have to git gud for this one. 

    1. Spaz


      Pretty giant undertaking. 


      But with Nuclear Throne under your belt, shouldn’t be an issue. 

  21. Plat #59 - Starhawk


    Enjoyment - 6/10

    Difficulty - 2/10


    I didn’t even plan to do this so soon but the server closure pretty much bent my arm. This only took around 30-35 hours and I have no idea why the rarity is what it is. I only gave this a 2 since I glitched my way through Mercenary which completely trivialised that trophy for me. The story on easy took about 5 hours, if that. So not much enjoyment to be had considering the rest was self boosting. I guess prospector was fun for a good 5 minutes. Having to do 7 more wins due to it glitching was kinda weird too. But yeah, if you’re looking for a sub 1% plat, which takes little to no effort at all, get Starhawk on disc.

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    2. MaximumOverdrive


      Well done! 💯

    3. Saionji


      Good job, I think the gameplay was pretty awesome. I think the rarity is so low because when the game released they banned a lot of people for boosting in this game so everything had to be done legit. After awhile the game got old and they didnt care anymore.

    4. Darkette


      @Mami Tomoe I actually really liked the gameplay too, it’s a lot different to anything else I’ve played. Ah that makes sense about the banning, I’m sure it wouldn’t have been so easy to boost with populated servers either. Thanks for clarifying 

  22. Platinum #58 - Trackmania Turbo


    Enjoyment - 9/10

    Difficulty - 8/10


    Overall I loved this game. I definitely don’t consider myself good at racers but I only struggled with a handful of tracks (178 can go fuck itself). Missed opportunity for one of the hardest plats on psn though, super solo mode trophies would be a real killer.


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    2. Darkette


      @Mori I haven’t unfortunately, Crypt might be a rough start actually lol. Maybe I’ll play some lighter ones like DJ Max respect or Xonic first. Unless there’s any others you can recommend? It’s all new for me so any recommendations would be great! :) 

    3. DamagingRob


      Nice work!

    4. Mori


      @Dark I am a complete stranger to this genre, wherefore I am still hesitent.

      .. well I've played some Guitar Hero at a friends house over 10 years ago, if you would count that into the same genre as Necrodancer.

      If I find a more similiar game to it, I'll let you know. But the chances are rather slim.

  23. Platinum #56 - Warhammer: Vermintide


    Difficulty 8/10

    Enjoyment 8.5/10


    Definitely not an easy 100%. Requires a pretty skillful and dedicated team to get through this. There’s a lot of flaws like the terrible loot system, but the satisfaction of doing the challenges it provides and the overall fun of the co-op made it seem minor. I’d definitely recommend this game, but only if you know a team that’ll get through it with you too. It’s not a game you should go in solo. 

  24. Platinum #50 - Nuclear Throne


    Difficulty - 8.5/10

    Enjoyment - 9/10 (besides the grind)


    So my final active time was 244 hours which is quite huge for what the game consists of. Wasn’t as hard as I expected though, but I did cheese one of the harder trophies. (Which still wasn’t exactly easy to pull off). Anywho, here’s my final crown and run on this game, nothing at all special, but I skim through my crowns at the end.



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    2. S_y_n_e_IR_g_Y


      Awesome! :)

      How do you cheese one of the harter trophys? :)

    3. Darkette


      @S_y_n_e_IR_g_Y “Unstoppable” can be earnt by farming a bunch of corpses in the labs. But you need a really good setup with 6-7 corpses in an obscure area to do it correctly. Otherwise you do the single corpse method that takes like 4 more hours. I got very lucky setting up my farming spot because the technomancer never got close enough to interfere. It takes a lot of RNG to set it up like I did and it’s very easy for it to go wrong. I definitely wouldn’t have stuck with it had I messed it up. Doing it the normal way makes it the hardest trophy in the game though, so pick your poison. I don’t have the effort in me to make a trophy guide for the game, but I know a lot to knock about 100 hours off of the  time it should actually take. Just message me if you decide to play it.

    4. S_y_n_e_IR_g_Y


      Ok thanks a Lot :)

  25. “Vault Raider” in NT has been earnt. Just 108 more crowns and I’m done lol, I’ve done the harder characters first so now it’s just a matter of time. Will be my last update until I have the plat, which seems like it’ll be about 2 weeks. Guess I’m guaranteed a 2nd fastest spot. :P 

    1. Yuichiro-Akuhei


      nice job, I also really wanna play this game! 

    2. Darkette


      You should, it’s a great game! Just be prepared to put in a lot of time for the platinum. It definitely has its difficulty too but you can cheese the hardest trophy a little, making it all about an 8.5-9/10 for me.