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  1. Platinum #81 - Orcs Must Die: Unchained


    Had to jump on the wagon before it closes. The free currencies from the devs made everything simple and easy. The grind however was just so monotonous, I forced myself to do 5% days as I know I would’ve slacked by not setting myself a goal.


    A very tedious game, but not enough to be deserved a 0.09% when there’s games like SO4 out there. My next few games shall be more enjoyable than this one. 🙃 

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    2. NaseemJohn


      Congrats. I abandoned the fuck outta this game when i heard how much of a grind it was. 

    3. Darkette


      It’s about 175-200 hours now, obviously still a big grind but seeing everywhere say 400 hours has probably turned more people off than it should’ve.

    4. DamagingRob
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