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  1. Platinum #160 - A Pixel Story


    Enjoyment - 10/10

    Difficulty - 7.5/10


    This game was a pleasant surprise. Really enjoyable from start to finish and actually has some well designed puzzles. The trophies are pretty easy with the exception of the Challenge room death run. 15 challenge rooms in a random order with 5 lives for each. You might think “wow 5 lives for each, must be pretty fucking easy then”. Well the challenge rooms can be quite difficult at times and since it’s a random order, you can get the harder ones last. I failed some good runs due to that. Here’s my successful run albeit not my best:



    Long story short, if you like platformers regardless of difficulty then get this game. Has some pretty funny references and doesn’t get boring. Easily among the best I’ve played. 

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    2. Darkette


      @Arcesius Thanks haha. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it, there’s not many things I can say I dislike about it really. Hmu if you have a question about any of it when you do decide to play it! Pretty sure I have dementia or some shit so I might forget anyway lol 

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