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  1. Shame the owners overshadows the difficulty of the game, easily one of the hardest trophy lists I’ve ever seen. Beating insane is quite difficult on its own, but the trophies are on another level.
  2. Late joining lobbies since the xp amount is equal for everyone, make the most of double xp etc. I usually host one or two double xp missions and then join the rest after that. You can mission select a double xp mission on another console and set it to private so you have another one for when the event ends too.
  3. It’s not, I’m not sure why he keeps saying that. He has quite a habit for misinformation on games and posting for the sake of posting lol. It’ll be 200-300h max based off of my own personal experience and from info on TA.
  4. take a nap bro
  5. Thought I’d make a thread so we could all post our furthest Mein Leben runs, as well as sharing tips etc for difficult sections. Please no petition talk though, we’ve got like 70 other threads for that.
  6. I’m posting this as an addition to what has been provided in the .org thread years ago, I’ll link it below. The files there allow you to automate the double fabs and 2/3 mics for the triple fabs. The purpose of this thread is to provide a way in which you can use YouTube sound frequencies to harmonise the third mic. I’ll add the user’s channel below who has 1 hour frequencies for every hz needed in this list. You’ll be switching between them a lot so I suggest favouriting what you need for your song and switching between them in there, or if your internet isn’t good and it buffers then you could download a shortened version of it. There’s plenty of videos out there. Links: https://www.playstationtrophies.org/forum/topic/20930-premade-vocals-mp3s-for-doubletriple-fab-trophies/ https://youtube.com/channel/UCpjaNuSwh1g2Z6D_Gjpkirg Before you start: “/“ means it requires 2 frequencies to complete the fab. Half being the first frequency, second half being the other. The numbers below the frequencies correlate to how many triple fabs you use the corresponding frequency for. Once you’ve passed the required number just adjust to the next frequency. Frequencies: And your bird can sing - 252hz > 392hz USSR - 258hz > 310hz x3 Birthday - 235hz > 248hz > 200hz Boys - 333hz > 250hz x2 Day tripper - 230hz > 350hz > 230hz > 210hz Dear prudence - 345hz > 315hz > 252hz > 345hz > 315hz > 345hz > 315hz DYWTKAS - 252hz Don’t let me down - 350hz/400hz Drive my car - 252hz > 200hz x2 Getting better - 301hz > 252hz > 330hz > (252hz > 350hz x5) Good morning - 370hz Hello goodbye - 242hz > 340hz x3 > 385hz > 310hz Helter Skelter - 225hz > 140hz > 225hz > 200hz > 260hz > 180hz Here comes the sun - 255hz > 135hz > 255hz I feel fine - (310hz/212hz > 310hz > 212hz x2) > 310/212hz I wanna be your man - 280hz I want you - 310hz If I needed someone - 270hz Lucy - 320hz Octopus’ Garden - (198hz > 241hz x3) 198hz > 290hz > 198hz > 175hz Paperback writer - 290hz > 350hz > 290hz > 305hz > 290hz > 350hz > 305hz > 290hz > 350hz > 290hz Sgt Pepper - 330hz > 355hz/220hz > 355hz Taxman - 235hz > 310hz Twist and shout - 330hz > 391hz > 230hz > 391hz > 330hz > 230hz WMGGW - 235hz Yellow Submarine - (291hz/205hz > 205hz x7) Required triple fabs with said Hz: And your bird can sing = 4, 3 USSR = 1, 1, 3, 1, 2, 2 Birthday = 1, 3, 2 Boys = 12, 1, 9, 1 Day Tripper = 5, 1, 2, 2 Dear Prudence = 3, 3, 1, 3, 1, 2, 1 Drive my car = 8, 1, 7, 4 Getting better = 3, 2, 1, 2, 2, 1, 1, 4, 2, 1, 1, 1, 1 Hello goodbye = 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 8 Helter skelter = 2.5, 0.5, 3, 2, 5, 2 Here comes the sun = 10, 5, 9 I feel fine = 2, 3, 1, 2, 3, 1, 2 Octopus garden = 3, 1, 2, 2, 2, 1, 2, 1, 2, 2 Paperback writer = 1, 2, 2, 3, 1, 1, 4, 1, 1, 1 Sgt pepper = 7, 1, 11 Taxman = 4, 5 Twist and shout = 16, 1, 1, 1, 11, 1 That’s all! I suggest pasting the frequencies next to the notations of the song you’re doing so you don’t get confused. This took me quite a while to figure out without having to sing a word of the songs. Testing in practice mode would set it on a different octave than going from verse to verse so it was quite annoying. If you’re like me and can’t sing for shit, spare your lungs and give this a go!
  7. is it really that hard to grasp the concept of liking a game outside of trophies? You aren’t anyone to judge them for how they spend their time, if they enjoy it then they have no reason to stop playing. I could understand if you had some good proof of them trying to block trophies for you by spiting you as a teammate or something, then you could have an argument. In this case it’s just a PvP game and they’re playing it how it was intended. The first hour of boosting some bland ass trophy is also the same as boosting the 10,000th hour of it for another game. The way trophy hunters play games is in no way appealing to most players out there, so seeing you judge how others have fun on a game is certainly interesting to say the least.
  8. A trophy hunter of all people telling someone to get a life lmao, you’re joking I assume.
  9. Platinum #160 - A Pixel Story


    Enjoyment - 10/10

    Difficulty - 7.5/10


    This game was a pleasant surprise. Really enjoyable from start to finish and actually has some well designed puzzles. The trophies are pretty easy with the exception of the Challenge room death run. 15 challenge rooms in a random order with 5 lives for each. You might think “wow 5 lives for each, must be pretty fucking easy then”. Well the challenge rooms can be quite difficult at times and since it’s a random order, you can get the harder ones last. I failed some good runs due to that. Here’s my successful run albeit not my best:



    Long story short, if you like platformers regardless of difficulty then get this game. Has some pretty funny references and doesn’t get boring. Easily among the best I’ve played. 

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      @Arcesius Thanks haha. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it, there’s not many things I can say I dislike about it really. Hmu if you have a question about any of it when you do decide to play it! Pretty sure I have dementia or some shit so I might forget anyway lol 

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  10. Thanks for this. Never would’ve found the bayou castle by myself lol..
  11. Edit: Done now. Realised EU and NA have different exchange markets, NA having far more chips to buy than what EU has.
  12. I did two sets of 50 then quit to check on it. It does take a while, longer than you would first expect haha. I think doing 400 at once gave me fuck all at a low level so don’t go overboard like that I’d say. the 1000 kills popped late for me as well. The fire trophy is best done in the arcade level with fire btw. Not sure if you’ve done it already. Just shotgun jump twice and run into it. You gain 4-5s each time. The trophy only triggers in mp so once you hit 15m, jump in mp and it’ll pop once you touch the fire.
  13. Easiest green bat of all time, thank you.
  14. You can save scum them all. Just make a backup before any fight and then load it if you fail the requirements. Pretty much negates any difficulty that could’ve been had in this trophy list.
  15. I think he means not to quit or change hat after 150 and instead do 400 before leaving the actual game. He only had 3 cups and “400 rounds” in his results so I assume he did the same thing. I have no idea how he got so many eggs just from that though. Weird stuff. For me and a friend we both had 5 and 5 by doing 2 rounds of 400 and changing hat inbetween. I’m not entirely sure how this egg hatching shit works at all lol. Luckily the solution should work for anyone at level 7 though.
  16. I’m pretty sure you have to be level 7 first. I wasn’t getting any eggs until that point. Do the 400 rounds as he mentioned then press triangle at the results to “change hat” which puts you back at character selection. At this point I had 5 eggs so I’m unsure if 400 more are actually needed - but in any case it’s best to just do it since it works. Do the 400 rounds again in the same manner and change hat again, at this point you’ll be returned to the main screen and have like 10 eggs, thus popping the trophy. Killing yourself and the other duck is mandatory because the points carry over between rounds. You don’t want either character to hit 50 points until you’re doing the final 50 for the cup. I just did it this way: - Kill both players with a grenade and get the grey duck to 49 points. (50/150) - Kill both players with a grenade and get white to 49 points. (100/150) - White duck wins. (150/150)
  17. The trophy popped for me with 33 platinum, 5 dev and 1 silver. I was cleaning up since chancy’s hat didn’t unlock it for me and it popped when I got platinum on the second to last challenge. Really is a mystery, but I’m kinda glad it made me platinum everything as it was enjoyable to go through.
  18. That’s a fair enough reply, I didn’t actually check any of the Activison cases since I just assume they all say the same 30 day shit. Even Sony were announcing shutting Warhawk with hardly any notice until it was brought to their attention that it should actually be 90 days. Companies just won’t give a shit enough to abide by it unless they have to. I would say It’s just common decency to let your fans know that one of their favourite games is about to be shut off forever. It wouldn’t hurt them to just give a heads up when they even have a page listing their terminated online services.
  19. Couldn’t have said it better myself 👌 Quite fine arguments you present here. It’ll be truly shocking if an EA employee reads your posts and dismisses them. Keep up the good fight, we’ll shut them down in no time. 😎
  20. Activision didn’t give any warning whatsoever, Fuse isn’t some one in a million game that got shut without a warning. GH5, Metallica, Van Halen, DJ Hero 1 & 2. Wolfenstein shut a while after but it still didn’t get any warning iirc. It just shut and then appeared on that useless shutdown list.
  21. Well I guess i needed to vent because the trophy actually just popped for me in Lionspire hahaha. Honestly have no fucking clue as i did nothing different to my other attempts on the bridge of this map, but whatever. If anyone else is having the same misfortune as I had, then I suggest leaving it for last and only work on it when you’re at the bridge section of Lionspire. Don’t overdo it like i did. Happy hunting Edit: Personally I found the best way was to choose vanguard and to jump into the fire twice as it puts you right below 25hp. From there just go in swinging and hope you get 2 kills before some prick uses a trumpet.
  22. The amount of times I’ve fulfilled the requirements for this trophy is stupid by now. I’ve tried the suggested locations like the bridge at Lionspire and the section just before it, but nothing. I’m on average doing this 3-5 times a match. Only thing I can do is keep trying but I’m slowly losing the will for this. It’s the same issue for Xbox as well. On a separate note - I did manage to talk to a dev on their discord about it and they let me know they’ve acknowledged it now. Time will tell if and when it gets fixed.
  23. Ah yeah I didn’t explain that part too well. Basically A7 and B7 are the trophy earners, so the first match they play is against eachother in the qualifiers. When I say A7 intentionally loses to B6, that’s only so you can play against B7 again for their qualifiers. I’ll go edit it
  24. Me and @Yuichiro-Akuhei have had countless successful tries without getting it, but another friend got it without any problem. Not sure how to fix it since we’ve tried many methods.
  25. Anyone else having issues with the 2 kills under 25 health? I’ve achieved this on over 5 separate occasions with no trophy.